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    posted a message on ♥♥♥ Furnace Penitentiary 1.4.7 ♥♥♥ [Endless Fun, No Whitelist, 99.99% Bug Free, Great Staff, VIP Ranks]
    In-game Name: forpeas
    How old are you? 13
    What is your timezone? (GMT)?North american eastern time zone
    What times can you guard? Mostly 12 hours a day.
    Any things I should know about? Not really
    How long have you played on FURNACE (DON'T DELETE THIS! DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PLAYING FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS): I have been playing for 8 days
    What Rank are You in the server?: Elite
    Do you have experience with prison servers? Which ones?: Blade's Prison server and Black Water
    Do you have experience guarding?: I Haven't been a guard but i know what has to be done.
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner at LEAST 3 times???: More than 3 times
    Do you have a past of constantly breaking rules on our server? If so, why! Honesty is the best Policy: I have not broke any rules, i only been jailed once because i thought the dude quit being a guard.
    Why should we choose you? Because i would make a good guard. i basically already guard, its just not official yet.
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    posted a message on Minecraft QuestWorld Commtarie Playthrough!
    Hello People! Come Check Out My New Channel MrMineCrafter, I Do Alot Of Game's such As Terraria, Minecraft, Stranded II, Happy Wheel's And Much More! But Because I Just Strated I Only Have A Few Video's Of Minecraft! So Come Check Out My Channel! The Only Video's I Have Up Right Now Is A QuestWorld Playthrough, But More Will Come Soon!

    My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMinecrafter58/videos

    My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MrMinecrafter

    And If You Please Could Comment/Rate/Subscribe i Would Be Very Much Greatful! :D
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2]LosmCraft
    May I use This Texture Pack For My Adventure Map I Will Give Full Credit And Send You The Link When I Finsh The Map
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    posted a message on Looking for map partners
    Sup Bro, I Would Be Yerr Partner, But I Haz Cracked Minecraft, So You Would Have to Make It Cracked, And Im 13. And Im Making My Own Map, So We Can Play That Aswell When It's Finshed
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    posted a message on A Ninja's Revenge Series
    First Map: A Ninja's Revenge 1 Prison Escape
    Demo Coming And Full Game Coming Soon!

    You Go On A Mission For Your Master, But Find Out It Was A Set Up And Get Sent To A Prison On The Ocean, Your Goal Is To Escape And Get Back To Ninja Island.

    Second Map: A Ninja's Revenge 2 Ninja Training
    Demo And Full Game Coming Soon!

    After You Escape Prison You Get Back To Ninja Island And You Were Kicked Out, You Must Train Once More And Earn Ninja Rank Once More.

    Third Map: A Ninja's Revenge 3 Moredaki's Revenge!
    Demo And Full Game Coming Soon!

    You Finish Your Training And A Few Mission's, Now Your On A Adventure Looking For Kill'Zor, Your Master, To Get What You Wanted For 3 Year's, Revenge

    I Hope You Will Download These Map's And Support Me So I Can Make More Map's BTW You Will Need To Download This:


    And Enjoy The Other Map's For This Wonderful Mod As Well
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    posted a message on Andy's Crew
    Hello, This Is My Adventure Map, Andys Crew, Sadly I Have No Screenshots Yet :sad.gif: Demo Coming Soon :biggrin.gif:
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