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    I just found a pretty impressive one Lotar , it has floating sand islands, i don't dare touch or reinforce them :3
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    I'm building a kigndom, there isn't too much yet, but I think you may get inspired with something, check it it's in my signature, It still lacks a windmill, a farm, a church, but has a nice market and some houses.
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    Really nice idea, I like it, well balanced, i still don't know about the core, sounds interesting but I'm sure something more medieval can be created, maybe a infinium hourglass? Just saying to keep the atmosphere of the game.
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    I laughed at the descriptions, great work.
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    Portal Corruption
    Propose:Give portals more feeling that they taking you into some other dimension and you aren't the only thing that passes through.
    Explanation:The portal would not only have the current particles floating around and the sound effect. It would also show three stages:
    First- It generate a fog(color purple?) that would act as water but wouldn't hindrance the movement of the player(thanks Whirlpoolwas), this means it would flow out of the portal.
    (Image uploaded, hope you like it ^^)

    Second- The dirt and cobblestone blocks around the portal within a radius of 5~10 blocks would turn into hell mud and red cobblestone respectively. Any other block wouldn't get corrupted and would stay the same.
    Third-A red vine would grow on the Obsidian and the un-corrupted blocks(thanks zophah) this vine could b harvested for sticks and it must be destroyed before the block it has growth on. During this last stage Z-pigmen may appear, but in low numbers,and ghasts occurrences may increase.


    EDIT: also if someone has a better name please say it, this name came out just because nether is the currently only dimension and it has the hellish-like atmosphere.
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    Does the new stackabl version prevent the bucket crash?
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