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    posted a message on In a Big Country

    is the base seed for my new find.

    the numerical is 1434907484

    I did Cheats on and Starting Chest, I don't think it matters if you do.. make sure its Large Biomes.

    EDIT: This is for Version: 1.11.2 on PC

    Upon spawning, to west of you is a village and lots of sheep.. all the sheep... I hate sheep.

    But! To the east through the desert is another village with a temple near it.. almost a straight line from the West Plains village.

    South of the Plains village is another temple in the desert.. That is all I have found in about 10min of just goofing about.

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    posted a message on My Survival island seed for Minecraft 1.7.5 (No longer a seed)
    Quote from Callumke

    I started this seed yesterday, and I'm so impressed!! I'll upload pics tomorrow :) There are huge cave systems, loads of diamonds, and two mooshroom biomes a good boat ride away ... It took me ages to get some cows and mooshrooms back from there using wheat and bringing them to my island ... If you get a compass, head north from the spawn (according to the compass) there should be a mooshroom biome soonish. That's where you can get cows, if you are prepared to swim back herding them there!! :) Thanks for the seed !! :)

    You do understand that the compass does not indicate North/South/East/or west.. it just points to Spawn.
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