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    posted a message on Midnight Roleplays ( Warrior Cats RP Server ) *NEED STAFF*
    Nickname:Mr.Tiggs or Tiggles.
    Rank applying for:maybe admin or anything else.
    Experience:im an admin on a new server called squidcraft and i can build a neat spawn or really cool houses
    Why you want to be staff:because i love building and helping out on servers. (i'm even going to make my own server soon) but that's gonna be like next year or something.
    How many Warriors books have you read:around 11 (i do play a game called warlords and i love the buildings so i got inspired by that)
    Other:i hope you like my application. Its ok if you dont choose me. (By the way i'm really young im around 11-16 when you see this
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