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    posted a message on Spawn near a surface dungeon!
    I found one in a desert area that was filled in with sand except for a small area filled with zombies. Completely visible from the surface.

    Minecraft is always generating neat surprises.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Patch 1.6.6 Released
    Quote from WildToast

    Herobrine was Real idiots!!!!!!!!!! You keep saying its untrue now your wrong

    Calling people idiots is hardly a way to bring them over to your side. How do you expect to make any friends.

    Also, your post kinda makes you seem crazy. When I picture what you might look like as a person you look like you smell like pee...
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    posted a message on Please help: saving chunks/black screen
    I am having the same problem, but am using Too Many Items. Last time I left the game it was snowing and I was standing on top of an igloo. I have other worlds that load and run fine and can even start new worlds. This is the only world that crashes.

    Yes I have updated Too Many Items.
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