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    Alright guys, everything is working now! :)

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    I fixed the Images, but for some Reason I can't post links. Why is that?

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    Ok. I think it has to be unlocked first. We just have to wait.

    Here is the link to my PMC post: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/bedrockium-mod-1710/

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    Here is the link


    I don't know why it's not working

    Almost all my pics got deleted :(

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    UMM i'm not sure what happened to my post

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    Hello Everyone!

    Is Diamond too weak for you? Is a Notch Apple not OP enough?
    Or do you just want to break the surface of the Nether?

    The Bedrockium Mod basically adds a bunch of tools made of Bedrockium, a material even tougher than diamond.

    Blocks and Items:


    The first thing you'd want to do, is make some Bedrock! No big deal right?

    (Don't mind the signature)

    Bedrockium Ore:

    Yes, Bedrockium Ore is crafted, not mined. That makes it extra-rare!

    Bedrockium Ingot:

    Now we're getting to the good stuff! Smelt the Bedrockium ore in a furnace to recieve a Bedrockium Ingot.

    Bedrockium Nugget:

    Not much to say here...

    Bedrockium Rod:

    This strong rod is later used as a crafting component.

    Particle Stabilizer:

    Crafting Component

    Portal Manipulator:

    Crafting Component

    Bedrock Condenser:

    Crafting Component

    Bedrockium Tools and Armor:

    Are crafted like in Vanilla Minecraft. You use sticks for the tools NOT the Bedrockium Rod.

    The tools and the armor have very high durability. The tools dig pretty fast and the armor absorbs most of the damage. The Bedrockium Pickaxe can't break Bedrock though, you need a stronger tool for that.

    Bedrockium Shears (since 1.8.9):

    It works like normal shears do. It just has tons of durability.

    Bedrock Destroyer:

    This is the tool I was talking about! It can break Bedrock by RIGHT CLICKING Bedrock with the tool in hand. You also need to have a STRENGTH II potion active. It has low durability.

    Bedrockium Bow:

    A very strong bow made out of Bedrockium. Pretty straight forward.

    Bedrockium Arrow:

    The respective Arrows for the Bow.

    Bedrockium Block:

    If you ever manage to get that much Bedrockium that you want to store it in Blocks, this is it. It can of course be uncrafted to Bedrockium Ingots.

    Bedrockium Apple:

    If you eat this, you will become the most powerful man(or woman) on the Server!

    Bedrockium TNT:

    1.7 Recipe:

    Recipe since 1.8.9:

    This is probably the reason why some of you are here. The Bedrockium TNT has a pretty big explosion radius, in comparison to normal TNT. BUT WATCH OUT! It does extreme damage! Out of multiple tests, it's not enough to run while jumping to get away. This thing can even kill a Wither or the Enderdragon in ONE HIT!

    Blast Proof Stone:

    1.7 Recipe:

    Recipe since 1.8.9:

    With TNT that destructive, you need some blast proof materials to build your house of. All Blast Proof Blocks are also Witherproof!

    If you break it you get Blast Proof Cobblestone

    Blast Proof Wood:

    1.7 Recipe:

    Recipe since 1.8.9:

    Blast Proof Planks:

    Blast Proof Glass:

    1.7 Recipe:

    Recipe since 1.8.9:

    Blast Proof Glowstone:

    1.7 Recipe:

    Recipe since 1.8.9:

    Blast Proof Stonebricks:

    There's also a chiseled variant.

    Pillar (removed since 1.8.9):

    I don't really know why I made this. I just think it looks nice.

    Blast Proof Stairs and Slabs can be made out of Blast Proof Stone, Stonebricks, Cobblestone and Planks.


    Does what it says on the tin, it sets the time to day when right clicked.


    Sets the time to night when right clicked.


    There is a gray and scary Dimension, which has similarities to the Overworld. The sky is black and the water is red. A lot of mobs spawn there,

    so it's a great place to build a mob farm! But only go there if you are prepared! Diamond Armor is probably not enough in this place! The movement factor of the dimension is 10. That means that, for every block you travel in the dimension, you will have travelled 10 Blocks in the Overworld.

    Portal Creation:

    There's a slime, which carries magical properties. We call it Portalslime.

    If you take that Slime, and surround a Block of Bedrockium with it, you get a Block, which is perfect for our Portal.

    Now, we just need to light it. We use Flint and Bedrockium for that.

    Here are all the Steps visualized:


    Bedrockium Biter:

    Don't judge him by his size! This little guy really packs a punch! He spawns in the Bedrockium Dimension.


    He might not look that scary, but you definitely need to watch out for him! While he doesn't have a lot of health,

    he deals great damage. He becomes invisible when in darkness and spawns in the Bedrockium Dimension.

    Bedrockium Golem:

    Are Iron Golems to weak for you? Then this is the right man for you! He has 3000 health and almost one-hits

    everything. Just don't get in an argument with him...

    You build him like an Iron Golem, but with Bedrockium Blocks. Instead of a pumpkin, you place a Golem Core:

    Golem Core:





    by me

    by SliceOfMeat

    ITALIAN by tomberry87

    Thank you for reading! If you have any Ideas, please leave them in the Comment Section below!

    If you encounter any bugs, report them to me please! If you want to use this mod in a public modpack,

    give appropriate credit.

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    posted a message on Tschipp's Peacefulmod for Minecraft 1.7.10
    For all you Peaceful lovers out there: I present you the Peacefulmod!

    The Peacefulmod makes every single mobdrop obtainable in peaceful and all mobheads!

    It for example adds recipes for String, Slimeballs, Ender Pearls and much more!


    Blocks: Sulfur Ore, Sulfur Block, Fossils

    Items: Golden Rod, Gelatine, Soul Essence, Clear Pearl, Sulfur

    Crafting Recepies:

    Golden Rod:

    Blaze Rod:

    Clear Pearl:

    Ender Pearl:

    (If someone knows how to add more than 5 images, please msg me! This is my first post!)

    I Suggest Installing Not Enough Items to see all the Recepies!


    Download Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10.

    Make sure to run the Game at least once!

    Navigate to your .minecraft folder.

    Drop the downloaded jar file in your mods folder (if you don't have one, create one)

    Dowload Link: http://adf.ly/rBrkb
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