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    posted a message on Trydar Builds Minecraft - Creeper Jungle Temple - with download!
    Trydar Builds Minecraft - Creeper Jungle Temple - with download!

    made this small project for fun. let me know what you think of it!

    download link - http://www.mediafire...ngle_Temple.rar

    I also make other builds, videos and texture packs.

    video demo:


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    Trydar's Castle - Building the Dream

    hi there, my name is Trydar, and I love building castles. I build other things too, but castles are my favorite things to build in minecraft, and I want to share this with you all.

    my style is different from what you may be used to tho, all my buildings are practical and structurally sound, meaning that I design with an eye for realism and scale, but with only a pinch of fantasy. many of my building elements and techniques are as authentic as I can make them.

    I also don't believe in over texturing my builds. some guys go overboard with this, but I prefer to keep the sharp, clean lines that keep the structure looking more solid and undamaged. minecraft is a very blocky game after all, and there is only so much you can do with the parts we have.

    but anyhow, here are ten selected screenshots of my castle as it stands now. and before you ask, yes there will be a download when its finished, but not before. if you are interested in keeping up with my progress and seeing more of the castle (and my other projects), I also make a video series called Medieval Minecraft, which you can view on my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/trydar9k


    double arched bridge over the river:

    the castle at night:

    these are some of my interiors, its not all just about the facade:

    I also have made a custom worldpainter map of a large chain of islands where I will do most of my creative building work. here is a teaser pic of a mountain near my castle. there are many other interesting terrain features, but I will post more pics and update the thread as I expand and build on new islands as my series progresses.

    there is also a graveyard, and if you would like to be a part of the world (at least in spirit) let me know and ill mark a sign and place it on your very own tombstone. this is just my attempt to make things more fun and interactive. =)

    comments appreciated. let me know if you like my work =)


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    posted a message on School starts, server stops
    wait, when did kids stop playing games all the time and get serious about their schoolwork? have I been sucked into a strange, parallel world?

    noticed the same thing on my sever too tho.

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    posted a message on What do you miss about the old minecraft?
    but, the game is not that old. its too soon to start being a minecraft hipster, pining for the halcyon days of vanilla minecraft 1.0..

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    posted a message on HELP! how can I copy/paste a selection of blocks?
    I will try singleplayercommands, tanks for the suggestion.

    I still think minecraft should have copy/paste as a basic feature tho.
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