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    posted a message on ★-Endless Rage-★
    ING: Trumavarium

    - And my friend wants to join aswell, although he doesn't have an account here. Please approv him too!

    ING2: Pasilainen

    Thank you. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    In game Name: Trumavarium
    Age: 17
    Country/Timezone: Sweden / GMT +1:00
    Why you want to play here: It seems very good. As it says, it got no lag - which is awesome. I've been searching for a PVP and RP server which is stable and good overall for a quite a time now. Hopefully this might be the best server so far.
    What you expect of this server: I expect a good administration and solid hardware of course. I can only hope that the members will be serious and nice too.
    How did you hear about us?: I've been a common member of the old Hakaslak server. After some time I couldn't join and stuff, so that was quite sad. But finally it's back up!
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    posted a message on FunCraft [99%UpTime][Towns][hMod][PvP][PvE][RP]
    IGN: Trumavarium

    Age: 17.

    Faction: None.

    Why you want to join: I'm a good roleplayer and a friendly player overall. Although I'm from Sweden, I am very good with the English language and I know how to type - which some people can't. Anyways, ..
    I would like to join since the information of the server sounds pretty cool. I've been playing on quite many servers. Both my own server (I'm hosting for my friends) and others. Redstone and building is my thing to do. I can build almost anything that comes to my head. Though materials is the problem in that certain sense. So - please whitelist me!

    New Faction: None.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft 🌟 Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer 🌟 THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010) Heroes RPG!
    In-Game Name: Trumavarium
    Location/Age: I live in Sweden and I'm 17 years old.
    Banned before: No.
    Referral: No.
    Why should you be accepted into Herocraft: In my way to both roleplay and be friendly to others are above the standards. I truly know how to act or how to behave under any circumstance and situation. The main reason why I want to join and why I should be "accepted" is that I've been playing many roleplaying games and such. I'm also good when it comes to building and construction.
    Addn. Info: Not at the moment.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Middle-Earth [Moria Begins Tomorrow See pg. 54]
    IGN: Trumavarium

    Age: 17.

    Why you want to be whitelisted: I'm a really good roleplayer and I've been roleplaying and building alot in not only MineCraft. An example would be Garry's Mod.

    Any notable achievements in Minecraft: I can build anything in general. Wether if it's underground or up in the air. With any material or style what so ever. Water related matters is my thing too.

    What would you bring to the server: I'm very friendly and I listen to administrators, as for non-admins aswell of course. I know English very well although I'm not English speaking. As long as I am a good roleplayer I think I can give some support for the server. - And at last, I hate when someone or something is unsystematic.
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    posted a message on NorthCraft [RP, PvE, Friendly admins/mods, Whitelist]
    In-game name: Trumavarium
    Experience: I've played roleplay alot before. Both on Garry's Mod, Minecraft and other games. I'm a great builder and roleplayer overall, and I am friendly indeed. Also I am good with the English language.

    I would like to be a shopkeeper. That would be really fun. :smile.gif: Thank you.
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    posted a message on WARNING Did the system time change or is the server overload
    This is a very common issue. As long as you can get "Trumavarium moved wrongly!" when going by boat. It's just a fail command line that can come up at anytime. Either if you're generating land or something.

    As I know - this does not cause issues to your server at all. Even the best servers out there get this certain error report.
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    posted a message on Buxville - as seen on Notch' twitter! [new Hardware!]
    My in-game name is Trumavarium.

    Caste you're interested in most:
    I want to join something within the Trade Caste group.

    Buxville or the Wild:
    I want to stay in Buxville, at least for now. Where I can work/own some sort of trading/gambling property of any kind.

    I've been looking for a roleplay server for a long, long time. Which includes some sort of economical system along with roleplay. This server seem to include everything I've been searching for. The server seems very fun, systematic, serious and awesome overall! Please, let me join!

    (I'm also a good donator.. xD)
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    posted a message on zombiebex's gallery - takin' requests!
    Nice!! :biggrin.gif: Looks like him. xD
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    posted a message on Hakaslak.com - [Dedicated][24/7][IRC][Vent][Vanilla]

    This server is for sure the best server you may find. It's getting even better all the time.
    Great admins, great people, .
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    posted a message on Pixel Art FREEBUILD! [QUICKLY GROWING!!]
    Quote from JayW »

    What is wrong with you? :S
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    posted a message on Share your Creation!
    Miclee wins. Hands down. :tongue.gif: :Pig:
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