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    posted a message on HowTo - Build a Barn
    Wow im surprised that this thread made it to this year haha, just as a general response to everyone.

    All of the builds I did when I did this series, was simply meant for newer/beginner builders and just a basic idea to get people started, inspire, or just give a bored player something to do.

    Yes, this build is bulky, square, boring, etc. HOWEVER back in June of 2011 people didnt really use half slabs and stairs to decorate and add character to builds. As far as buildings went anything that wasnt just square at the time seemed strange and unorthodox. But now. Wonderful things have happened with design and building in Minecraft over time.

    Im glad most of you enjoyed this build. Thanks for the support
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    posted a message on Assassins' Stronghold
    Soon? Here's a bump for my overwhelming excitement.
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    posted a message on Assassins' Stronghold
    Would there happen to be a download of this map in its current stage?

    :Diamond: Good stuff mate
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    posted a message on CampCraft v 5 Coming Soon for 1.8.9/1.9
    Good to see how popular this mod has become :wink.gif:

    Congrats :wink.gif:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on GroovyCraft!
    Interesting. Il have to try it out

    Now is it called GroovyCraft or GroozyCraft
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    posted a message on Step-by-Step Collection Thread
    We all miss these :sad.gif:

    Ive built all these builds probably on every server ive been on with haha
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    posted a message on **Creative Shock Gaming** Premium host 7GB 1.8.1 Creative open build [24/7] [Multiverse] [Logblock antigrief] [Craftbukkit] [Ess
    This server is THE BEST!

    Such great and friendly staff and plenty of land to build on in the Creative World and your new Survival is excellent! I like how before it was released several cities were built so I have a place to hide at night so the creepers dont get me! :laugh.gif:

    Posted 18 November 2011 - 08:04 PM

    It's a good server... Could use another admin *hint* *hint* :wink.gif: But good server join it.... Now!... STOP READING THIS AND JOIN!

    Are you talking about the Mod+ named, I think it was, [King](The_Enforcer)? Because he was really helpful and so nice to help me join the server :cool.gif:

    Keep the Server Going! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on 1.8 Server 2 worlds Survival and Creative 24/7
    When joining before you can become a builder and use commands you will need to go to our Website and Register, then fill out a Builder App

    Please answer all question truthfully, and yes you DO need to answer all questions. After you finish your application please ask a staff member on the server to check it.

    Please View Our Server Rules!

    NOTE: You must be a member for at least 2 weeks before applying for Builder+ and you need to be a member for at least 4 weeks (31 days) to apply for staff!

    Happy Gaming
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    posted a message on HowTo - Build a Dock
    I understand everyones point of view. Yes this is a really simple build, but someone wanted to know how to make a small dock and this was an easy way to do it that can be replicated just as easy...

    Im done making these tutorials any way. They take way to long and I just dont like doing them any more.

    Thanks for standing up for me though Lipeckiz :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Ive played Minecraft since the day 1.3_01 came out. I didnt buy the game until 1.7 when Notch got married...

    Why waste your money on something you potentially wont like at all. I tried it, became addicted and bought it...

    I believe there is nothing wrong with piracy. Everyone knows the risks when getting into it..

    Ive had to change ISPs and format all my computers to get my internet back on multiple times...

    Pirating is not stealing. Someone originally stole the game and made it available to the public for however much a month you pay for your internet.
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    posted a message on Kingdom Of You: Realistic PvPRPG [24/7][Heroes][Towny]
    It would be nice if when I get lost in the abandoned mine to be able to use /spawn to get back but other then that been fun!

    Oh, and I placed a crafting table on the ground in a cave and it was protected by Towny so it wouldnt let me place it and it didnt give it back? Is that supposed to happen?
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    posted a message on I need a cape skin!
    I didnt even know you could have capes on your MC skins... im interested to know as well

    EDIT: that cape was give to everyone attending MineCon i dont think you can (unless someone has made a mod?)

    EDIT2: Cape Mod - (Possibly Outdated)
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    posted a message on Tons of ravines and tons of abandoned mine shafts!
    What seed?
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    posted a message on Enderman Erosion - The Effects of Endermen In A Geological Time Frame
    They do place the blocks. Im on a flatmap building a castle and overnight there was missing stone from one of my walls and i found it a short distance away on the ground
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    posted a message on Step-by-Step Castle Wall Design
    This is great, I look forward to seeing more of these

    Keep it up :wink.gif:

    Have a Diamond :Diamond:
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