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    Dont need a new item to remove the source block just use a glass bottle.

    Ty Sirlollington and others for your support and ideas. Not just flow up but out, like water in reverse. Yes, limited just like you said. Visible, sure but not blatantly obvious for the toxic gas, more obvious for the explosive gas. Vapors in the air blocks. Oh the explosive gas wouldn't poison you if that helps its just explosive lol although in real life breathing it would most likely be bad. You can walk in it but do not put up a torch.

    Would doors, and iron bars stop gas? I do not think that would be a good idea its not realistic.
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    We all know the danger of mining straight down, and straight up, and making narrow tunnels. Lava, drops, drowning, suffocating, mob attack. Its pretty easy to avoid all danger of death underground as long as you use your head and pay attention. Well how about a new type of threat?

    Canaries come to mind. Miners would lower a Canary into a mineshaft to test for poisonous gasess. A Canary is substanially less tolerant of toxic gas thne we are due to its small mass and delicate constitution. If it died we knew it was unsafe.

    Gas pockets, two types to be specific. Version one is a almost clear bubble type gas like water without the blue, barely noticeible as different from an air block. If a player remains in the gas filled area for too long he begins taking damage.

    1-poison timer starts
    2-in a little bit of time damage
    3-if you leave soon enough after 2, you will be fine
    4-if not, you will have a lingering weakened effect active on you.

    Gas number two.

    A very volitile gas, more visible with an audible hiss well mining, different then a Creeper hiss. This gas will explode if it comes into contact with fire. Torches, Jack'o lanterns, flame, lava, not redstone or redstone torches though. The explosion will be block sized base, depending upon the amount of gas blocks it may only hurt dirt and gravel or it may reach the point to break stone.

    Gas would have source blocks like water or magma/lava, and would disperse in air blocks over a certain area.

    Gas pockets would exist in small chambers 1 hollow source block in a random section of earth to much larger gas chambers.

    Gas source blocks could be collected in potion bottles to be used as a weapon, poison gas or explosive gas. A gas Molotove cocktail in a way.

    Note-Expanding on this, add tamed birds or chickens to be used as gas detectors well mining, or utilize cats for this purpose.

    Ideas or comments anyone?
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    As many of my fellow Minecraftians may or may not have noticed there is a severe lack of animal diversity throughout the Minecraft world. We all know the sounds we know the drops, we expect to see pigs and cows in meadows and chickens in jungles for some reason. Animal life must be diversified. Minecraft feels bland to me in that regard.

    Now I am unsure if this will qualify as a wish list because it only concerns one subject, animal mobs in jungles but it does include multiple species. Deserts, winter Biomes, meadows, swamps, mushroom islands and oceans will be covered later.

    Hostile mobs are not discussed here

    Jungle Biomes

    ​Probably my personal favorite biome. Thick foliage makes it hard to see, making it easy to hide. Mighty redwoods can provide a stack and a half of wood, not planks, wood. You can build in trees. Whats not to love?

    Biome specific residents of Jungle Biomes

    And that is it for the list, you see my problem?

    Ocelots are timid yet tamable mobs who will hunt chickens.

    Other creatures commonly found in Jungles
    Chickens seem to be the most common
    Pigs the second most
    Cows the third
    Squid in jungle pools

    Creatures that could be added


    Probably the most obvious mob to add and probably suggested by many people before therefore first on my list.

    Crocodiles would live in Jungle rivers and pools and move very little until prey came nearby which would include: Chickens, Squid, Cows, Pigs, Ocelots, Villagers and players. The rate at which they would hunt is up for debate, perhaps introducing code that speeds up the spawning of animals to compensate, or, make a replacement spawn for each one killed by a Croc. Crocodiles who just fed would be neutral.

    Creepers and undead mobs would not be on the dinner menu.

    Crocodiles would not stray more then 12 blocks from the water.

    Crocodiles can move very quickly for brief periods of time, they could be given a jump attack much like a spider that they use once per battle.

    Drops-Leather, Crocodile skin is very strong. But a new type of armor should not be added so make them drop leather.

    Jump attack


    Spawns in Jungle pools and rivers. Makes crossing jungle rivers actually have possible danger.

    A small mob the spawns in water blocks in groups of 2-8, colored to be near impossible to see in the water. They attack any non undead mob that enters the water all as one.


    Chance to drop a fish when killed

    Does not enter Ocean Biomes or non Jungle rivers

    Giant Mosquito
    Found in larger numbers in Jungle Biomes then other Biomes they hunt anything with living blood, (non aquatic) taking 1/2 to 1 lp in an attack then flying away until hungry again. When attacked they will try to escape rather then fight.

    They will not enter Winter, mushroom Biomes or Ocean Biomes. They will enter meadows, woods, mountains and deserts.

    Spawns in groups of 1-2 in non Jungle biomes, 2-4 in Jungles

    Drops- Only xp

    Not my whole idea list but its good enough and I feel like im pushing the wishlist rule.

    Questions or comments?
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    Thread topic

    I am aware this has probably been discussed before as it is a fairly obvious creature to add to Minecraft following its undead monster theme. Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Skeletons and Wither skeletons. The possibility of Ghosts or Phantoms is another thing I have in mind however since you are supposed to stick to one topic at a time ill talk about only Vampires on this thread. See my later to be started thread, the Master Vampire. But I figured id throw my ideas out there.

    A brief comprehensive Vampiric history

    What is a Vampire? Most people are familiar with Vampires in some form or another, legends of Vampires or Vampiric creatures date back millenia. The Greeks called them Empousai or Empusa, female demons who fed on youthful blood. Around the year 1300 A.D tales about the Succubus and Incubus demons became prevalent. Bram Stokers Dracula is a well known tale, transforming Romania's prince of darkness Vlad the Impaler into the most famous Vampire of all time, Dracula. In the past century or so Vampires have become more romanticized much to my own disdain. Vampires like the Dracula portrayed by Bela Lugosi began the transformation of Vampires from bloodthirsty demonic monsters into suave and attractive figures, humanizing them really, but movies like 30 days of night, Vanhelsing, and Priest maintain the monstrous figure. Such as it should be in my personal opinion.

    Vampires in Minecraft
    An highly hostile Undead mob
    Spawns uncommonly in normal darkness in the regular world, but is primarily found in their own type of dungeon. Spawn rate adjusted for game difficulty level.
    A very strong mob with unique loot and fighting style. Once you acquire a decent blade, Iron or Diamond, especially with enchantments, and some armor no standard mob is a danger to you. Just a nuisance really. A smart player can travel at night and not be attacked at all. The vampire could be added to spice up the dangers of the night time.

    Complicated coding required yes, but would be worth it to see them brought to unlife in the Minecraft world.

    Attributes and capabilities

    Size- 2 blocks high 1 block wide
    Attack-Melee based attack. Easy-6 Normal-8 Hard-10 (Weaponless)
    Hp- Easy-25 Normal-35 Hard-45
    Special attribute-Drains a certain amount of your hp into itself to heal. The amount is based off of damage dealt and therefore off of the difficulty level. This does not mean additional damage, it means life point absorption from the damage level already set, being 1/4-1/2 damage dealt on a dice roll.

    Vampires are an intelligent mob meaning they can open wooden doors, push buttons, climb ladders, and pull levers, and will do so in order to attempt to reach your character if they sense him. Sense meaning if they see you enter a building, they will attempt to follow. However, this also means they can be tricked into harming themselves, as you can set up a trap activated by a button, lever or pressure plate.

    Vampires would have twice the vision distance of other undead mobs.

    Vampires can break wood doors, dirt, gravel, wood fences, and will break torches. They cannot break wooden blocks, iron doors, iron bars, or cobblestone, stone and different bricks.

    On rare occasion a Vampire will wield a sword, stone, iron, or gold. They may also wear armor, up to iron. This is factored into the damage and damage reduction as being intelligent they know how to utilize these items. If you drop a sword or piece of armor near a Vampire they will pick the item up and use them if they are higher tier then their current equipment. The use of a sword does not enhance or hinder the life draining ability, which is factored off of the Vampires base damage.

    Drops-Iron bars, bones, gold bars, armor or sword, bone meal, coal, buckets, misc things. However, their most valuable drop is a 100% drop of at least 1 but up to 5 Vampiric ash's.

    A secondary interesting and unique drop is the bucket of blood. When poured into a cauldron it will draw in Undead mobs and Wolves, including Vampires. The blood is consumed with three contacts, but a mob such as a Zombie will not drink all three, only one. He will linger near the cauldron, and mobs who drink from it will not despawn very quickly. This allows you to sort of xp farm.

    Vampiric ash's-A new in game item dropped by all Vampires. There use is to allow you to "tame" an undead mob, turning them into what is called a Thrall. Zombies, Skeletons or Zombie Pigmen could be turned into your own follower. Similar to the process required to tame wolves or cats, but more dangerous, you hold the ash and right click on a mob when within range to use the ash on them. Dark bubbles will spawn from the undead mob when they have been thralled, and will occasionally bubble up from a thralled undead mob. The process takes 1-5 ash pieces. They do not work on other Vampires. Undead mobs cannot be bred.

    Use the ash in conjunction with the cauldron of blood to make acquiring your very own Undead Thrall all the more easy!

    Slaying the Vampire
    Regular Vampires are melee based, so shooting them with arrows is an excellent way to go but Vampires will seek you out viciously and intelligently so maintain your distance. Arrows also deal less damage then higher tier blades.

    Wood was once living but is now dead, like the Vampire, and can be harmful to them. A wooden sword or tool will do +1/2 its standard combat damage, I.E a wooden sword will do 6 damage instead of 4, the same as an iron sword. However due to the lack of durability and still being weaker then a diamond sword a wooden sword may not be your weapon of choice.

    Vampires are vulnerable to sunlight and take 1/2 more damage then Zombies or Skeletons when exposed and set aflame.

    Welding a weapon enchanted with Smite would be helpful.

    Vampires cannot enter Village churches/Temples, even without a door. They cannot enter Jungle or Desert temples.

    Vampire Appearance

    Black, purple, dark blue or blood red outfits, no squid ward nose as seen on Villagers and Iron Golem's, white fang graphics on face, red, orange or black eyes, dark hair, white flesh. Adding male and female graphical versions would be nice. (With Villagers as well) claws.

    Appearance adjusted by armor.

    Vampire dungeons
    Your average dungeon is a small cobblestone room with a few chests and a mob spawn'er block. A Vampire dungeon would be only slightly different. Found in caves or abandoned mine shafts they are a small (10x10 or so) stone brick or Cobblestone room with one small hallway or two leading off into the cave or mine shaft Your first clue to the existence of this dungeon is the creepy sound you here, and the presence of a unusual number of bats.

    Instead of a Mob spawning block there would be a 3 block long and two wide "coffin" wood, or Sarcophagus, stone, varying. Also 0-3 chests with standard loot. The coffin or Sarcophagus can be activated like a chest, and will cause a Vampire to spawn if he (or she) is not already outside or nearby. If there is no Vampire nearby (within 50 blocks, a Vampire will not venture more then 100 blocks from its dungeon and will attempt to return at night.) a Vampire will be spawned, but once opened it will not spawn another so as to prevent player farming Vampires. Vampires once spawned are stronger willed then other mobs and never de-spawn until killed by whatever means.

    The coffin or Sarcophagus can contain diamonds, emeralds, gold bars, bone meal and or bones, swords up to diamond, enchantment books and possibly more Vampiric ash's. You may access the chest and loot it after the Vampire is spawned however the Vampire will be attacking you well you do this.

    Vampires and Villagers

    Those poor little NPC villagers have so much to deal with. I almost feel bad doing this to them. Almost.

    If a Vampire is within 100 blocks of a Village he will seek out and attack one villager every night, he will not break a door like a Zombie he will simply open it. He will prefer a solitary villager to a group of them.

    If a Villager is present within 20 blocks of his dungeon (say from falling into a cave) he will seek them out.

    There is a small chance that contact with a Vampire will turn a Villager into a Vampire. This new Vampire will stalk the wilds, seeking the shadows in daylight. He will also have the squid ward nose, much like the Zombie villager.

    Well this is all I can think of at this moment. I shall be discussing the Master Vampire boss, Ghosts or spirits at a later time. I open the floor to comments.
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    Wish list? Its a list of suggested updates....in the suggestion section. Hm. Unless they changed the read before posting thread its main point was dont just say "We need new mobs", it said to give more detail. There is no reason for this to be against rules, no logical reason anyways.
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