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    posted a message on 1.8 Enchantment suggestions
    Well its not just for me.....I was just using that as an example because I know how many Redstone I happen to have. I know most established players have just as much if not more then me on that particular server because we talked about it. I know Redstone blocks don't sell for any price worth the trouble of shipping as well.

    I know that Redstone is worthless on most server markets, or at least any server that has been running for a few months, because of how easy it is to acquire.....anyone can do it with a good fortune pickaxe if they bother. But like I said, I find mines other players all the time down by the bedrock with only redstone left. Whats the point of how common it is when you cannot use what you find. So I was just bringing up a possible use.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Enchantment suggestions
    Ok I am completely incompatible with the way your minds work guys lol. Its not complicated. Its really quite a simple idea.... I'm sorry you think its complicated. <_< But its not, its not even close to as complicated as the brewing system, :huh: and it helps provide some sort of extra use for vast amounts of material you can stockpile. I have 20,000 Redstone on the main server I use.

    This is the only site where this idea its being called complicated......and I have absolutely no clue as to why you even begin to think its complicated. Its simpler then the already existing brewing system I say again, and no more complicated then the myriads of crafting recipes. :blink:

    span> but this thread suggests bumping up the use to '32 lapis' for a 'tier 2 enchantment' that'd be boosting it up by 16x! Not even being one of the goody-tier 3 enchants people actually go for.

    No, reread that please if you like. I never said tier two, I said the equivalent of tier 30 for 1.8. I also said AS AN EXAMPLE regarding the basic principle of the idea, not for sure, allow me to clarify further if you will: EXAMPLE, ILLUSTRATION, HYPOTHETICAL, POSSIBLE, POTENTIAL, PERHAPS, MIGHT, MAYBE as regards the specific numbers of the material required. I do hope that is clear enough. Also half your post is so poorly written I cannot make sense of what your talking about. 4 Lapiz you say? How about two gold ingots instead, or 8 Redstone, or more considering how much you can have? That is what I mean.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Enchantment suggestions
    When I was five I played the old Unreal Tournaments through, Return to Na Pali and such. It depends on the individual as to how well they do. Also, almost all the people I know who play MC are 13-28 years old.

    They cannot hold back the entire game because a small number will have some issues with what is actually a very simple system already, and even would be if this update was added. Lapiz is already being added as an enchantment ingredient btw, that's inevitable, so what if they add two more potentials? The potion system is much, much more complicated. Should they simplify it>?

    If you cannot understand a feature of a game or dislike it, I suspect you will not use it, such as if you are not a pvper. Again, you cannot hold back the development of an entire game because some people will not like or understand the new features even though there are plenty of guides and people to ask.

    That being said, I would love more enchantments, for instance, adding new combat features that allow for enchantments. Though there's another thing, there's already so many enchantments and tiers and things to remember about what can be combined, should we simplify that or not add any new ones?
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    posted a message on 1.8 Enchantment suggestions
    Well, you do not have to use Gold necessarily depending on what you want to use, if they make it so it just takes differing amounts sure, you would only have to use it if they made it so you needed higher tier material for higher tier enchantment. On most servers gold is pretty worthless though.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Enchantment suggestions
    Now I know most folks are upset that the new enchantment system will be using Lapiz Luzuli, but I would love it if they even went further, allow me to explain how and why.

    Lapiz luzuli is a virtually useless item in Minecraft, used for dye and building blocks. I like how instead of adding a new item, they are increasing an existing items usefulness. It is also very easy to acquire in large quantities assuming you have Fortune 1-3 (Or higher if you mod or donate to a server) and know how to mine efficiently. Hence, it makes sense to increase its usefulness. But, what about more?

    Gold, and Redstone. They picked Lapiz because compared to these, its even less needed in any large quantity. Gold is used for alchemy already, and Redstone for technology. But they can still be more.

    Redstone has a variety of uses yes, but you get so much of it very easily that many players choose to ignore it when mining, its almost like lead or thorium with real mining, a nuisance. Make it an enchantment component. Make it a low tier enchantment component!

    Gold, semi rare, and almost useless, its primary useful function is related to alchemy and Golden/God apples. Make it an high tier enchantment component!

    Let me explain further, there are a few ways to do this-

    1 add two new slots to the enchantment table interface for Gold and Redstone along with Lapiz, each being able to be used in a variety of combinations and values for the enchantment level to save on any one resource. Complicated, not my preferred.

    So, 2, keep the one auxiliary slot for the Enchantment ingredient, but make it cost a certain amount of material for its own given value AND the enchantment tier itself. Basically, as an example, a "level 30" tier or whatever it will be now I forget would cost 64 Redstone or 32 Lapiz, or 16 Gold nuggets or ingots, ingots preferably as Pigmen can be farmed for nuggets quite easily with prot 4 loot 3 and strength pots. Just as an example, worry about specifics later.

    Well different then what we are used to and a little more complicated, this would open up a new market for these little needed resources on servers especially, helping get rid of mass quantities of these virtually useless items.
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    posted a message on ~~~Craftyn Towny~~~ Mob, PVP, and Splegg Arenas + Other Mini Games + NPCs + Shops/Economy ~~~ Come join today!
    Excellent server. Best towny I have ever played on, and the server I have been a player on for the longest.

    I highly recommend this server to Minecraftians, I am the Co-Mayor of a city called Eden, one of the three ancient cities of Craftyn left standing. If you join please give us a look see!
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    posted a message on Why cant anyone make a normal spear plugin?
    I have become so frustrated with trying to find my server a normal..decent...non op well designed spear plugin. Every plugin I check out is ether outdated or ludicrous. Basically the spears are all mighty weapons of mass destruction. Normal spears please?

    Spear features-

    Crafted from- wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond.
    Recipe-Two ideas, one sticks plus three material arranged like a spear head or you make it in two parts, three sticks in a row makes the spear shaft then you put one material above said shaft to get the finished spear.
    Spear advantages- Longer reach then sword, less damage with melee which is left click, can be thrown with right click doing more damage then an arrow but having ether one shot as not stack-able or limited stack, say 16 and no inf enchantment.

    Contrary to popular belief many types of spear can be thrown and well in general javelins and spears served different roles there are numerous types of spears and for simplicity's sake just call it a spear. I am not talking about throwing a 12-18 foot spear with a three pound tip.
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    posted a message on Magic staves/wands, what I would like to see.
    I have searching for a decent magic wand and or staff plugin for a while, but all of the best seem to be for 1.5 versions, and later types do not sound very appealing. What type of staff/wand plugin would I like to see for 1.7.2?

    Well first we need to figure out how to make them not OP. So there are a few options we can try:
    1- Limit use of these items, perhaps only higher ranking players such as nation assistants or perhaps donators. Not my favorite but I like to put all the options on the table.
    2-Make them "costly" requiring higher grade materials to make, but this is difficult do to in game availability of resources, economics and the fact that a determined player can find a way to acquire what they need.
    3-Durability. Adjust the durability to make people not want to "spam magic."
    4-Spell components, for instance make the Staff of Travel (seen below) require Ender pearls, or make the Blazing staff require Blaze powder just like you need arrows to fire your bow. (Unless you have inf enchant) I will list spell components but they are optional, as are the amounts required to use magic.

    Staff of travel
    Craft- Two sticks/eye of Ender
    Use- Teleports you farther and without damage
    Component- Ender pearl

    Witch wand
    Craft-Two sticks/Eye of Ender/One slime ball/one Fermented spider eye
    Use-Casts a long lasting poison on your opponent with left click, and slowness with right
    Component-Spider eye regular

    Craft- Two sticks Eye of Ender and Two Ghast tears
    Use- Heals/ cast regenerate you or a target. Left click is instant heal, right casts regenerate. Fire at your feet to cast it on you.
    Component- Uncertain, Ghast tears perhaps but that would be quite costly, so instead how about glistening melons?

    Blazing Staff
    Craft- Two Blaze rods, Eye of Ender
    Use- Has two attacks, left click fast fire a Blaze type fire ball (Fire charge) and holding down the left mouse button charges the blast into a Ghast like blast with more area effect.
    Component- Blaze powder for 1, 2 requires Blaze powder and Gun powder. If no Gunpowder is present, you can charge to hold but it will only fire attack 1.

    Lightning Rod
    Craft- Two Blaze rods, two iron ingots, two redstone dust, one Nether star.
    Use-Call down a bolt of lightning, can charge like a bow increasing the power of the bolt.
    Component- Redstone dust

    Something else funny to see but not serious would be this......

    The Time staff/staff of lagg
    Craft- Two Blaze rods, One redstone dust, one Nether quartz, one clock
    Use- Causes horrible lagg on target mob/player
    Component- Clocks :steve_lol:
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    posted a message on Speculative thread about 1.7 possible new mobs and features
    Well we know some things about the upcoming (But not close enough, close enough would be a year ago.) 1.7 Minecraft update! We have seen the Mesa biome pictures which look fantastic, I am partial to the mine shaft poking out of the canyon wall, and the other biome features look great as well, such as biome placement (Desert bordering jungle bordering snow tagia well classic Minecraft is still derp.) Frankly everything 1.7 is adding is long overdo but we must be grateful they are adding all of these items. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_features

    Now, I saw nothing about any new mobs except fish, this is disappointing me somewhat. Will there be new mobs? I think it would make a lot of sense to add Jackals and Coyotes officially, Coyotes to the mesa and Jackals to the Savannah. The act and have the same stats as Wolves however they are different colors, much like the multiple types of horse. Add Yeti mobs to the enhanced mountains. They stalk the mountain ranges, hunting sheep. Now I hope that in secret we are getting some new mobs, and those are some basic possibilities.

    Spider webs found in "Dark/black forest biomes", the roofed forest biome.

    Ice stalagmites/stalactites?
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    posted a message on Pigman Villager Nether Villages
    Which is why this would have to be made into a modification for Minecraft, if that is so.
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    posted a message on Pigman Villager Nether Villages
    The Nether could use some work. What creatures could the Pigmen farm?

    Well, how about a Magma cube pen, for Magma cream.

    Add Baking Netherwrack to smooth out its texture for building.
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    posted a message on Abandoned Ships
    Support, add to Mo'Creatures mod we need Mo'Stuff mod.
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    posted a message on Pigman Villager Nether Villages
    Quote from Mr_EyeSpyPie

    A spark of creativity, this really puts your mind to the limit...
    Who would of ever thought of villager pigman....
    True piece of mind, though I couldn't really see
    Villager pigmen being accepted in an update,

    Rather a very popular mod.
    Actually I thought of that a long time ago, before I got involved on the forums. Where did Zombie pigmen come from, where they always zombies? Why not a Zombie pig civilization? But I never did any thing about it. I figured someone else must have thought of it if I had and never bothered to post anything once I got involved on the forums.

    I love this idea, I think it is very much needed, the Nether does not have much too it, not compared to the Overworld. (Though the End is worse) This gives it a lot of character and makes sense.

    I agree with all of your ideas regarding materials, although perhaps you should add gold ore spawning in the Nether, Nether gold, Netherwrack with bits of gold color in it. Unlike the over world Nethergold spawns more often the higher you go, not lower.

    For your library things were were not always written upon paper parchment or papyrus. Stone tablets and clay cylinders were used in ancient times, as were bones, although bones were more for mystical matters. Since paper is not available in the Nether, have them write upon tablets or carve on bones collected from their dead and from Wither Skeletons.

    Adjust the robes of the Pigmen villagers, make them look like not rotted Zombie Pigmen outfits.

    Add Pigmen warriors who wear some armor at times and wield golden swords. They defend villagers in place of Iron Golems. Also give them "tusks" on their faces using white (or gold) coloring.

    Add Pigmen hospital, a unique building which houses captured Zombie Pigmen. With their access to Alchemy supplies they are trying to save their comrades and family members with science. Sadly certain materials are not available in the Nether, perhaps make Golden carrots what cure Zombie Pigmen, allowing you to build your own Village.

    100% support.
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    posted a message on New Decoration blocks
    [NOTE I did search the forums to see if anyone had suggested this already I found nothing]

    So, with the 1.6.2 update Carpets were added. I like them, the make for interesting floors and it is fun to create patterns, or how you can use them to make tables and stools that are not so bulky.

    However I do find it irksome how

    -You cannot place them on stairs without it looking awkward
    -They inter fear with the placement of signs on chests and make you have to put a wool block there, they should be more "permiable" if possible.
    -I would like to be able to place them on walls

    Now, with the addition of carpeting a new idea came to mind well looking upon a stack of leather in my inventory, animal skin decor.

    [This would fit in nicely with the Mo'Creatures mod]

    Being able to place the fur or skin of various animals on your walls or floors, like say idk the out of control population Ocelot, to make jungle homes more authentic, or to allow you to keep a trophy room.

    The ability to make animal skin carpeting, put two animal skins side by side to craft 3 animal colored carpet. Cowskin* rug anyone? Leather padded sofa? Leopard pattern bedspread?

    *change leather drop to Cowskin, which can be made into leather on the craft table

    More heads
    One should be able to collect a wide variety of heads, in fact a head from every mob in game, to make a trophy room.
    [Again Mo'Creatures mod]

    Thatched roofing

    Wheat can now be made into blocks, so you could use it for roofing however it would look a little off in my opinion. So add thatching blocks, two wheat side by side makes 3 thatch, a thin block that can be used for roofing or for siding if you like.

    Stained Glass

    I notice many people use wool or different blocks like Redstone/gold blocks to make Churches and Cathedrals, add Stained glass. Dye with glass on a crafting table, perhaps a glass block in the center with dye surrounding it. Available in block and pane form.
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    posted a message on New Biome- Candy Land
    This reminds me of the ancient game Swarm Assault. There was a Candy type environment with deadly exploding candies, candy shrapnel and a whole lot of giant ants. It was my favorite "biome", and well I think this might make an interesting mini world of its own it does not really fit into Minecraft on a whole.

    However Chocolate and candy should be added to Minecraft, Cocoa beans, Sugar are kind of easy to acquire in massive proportions however there is little purpose for them. Candied carrots, candied apples, ect ect. Add more fruits and mint plants for candy canes more the merrier.
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