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The Knights Templar

To know about the Templar's, you must first know what it is to be a Templar. Every Templar, from the lowliest Squire to the Grand Master and Templar God himself, has the same 5 traits. Each of these traits are fundamental to a Templar's being, their actions, and their beliefs. Without any one of these traits, they are not a true Templar, and as such will be quickly rooted out and expelled from the Order.

What makes a Templar:


Honor is at the very core of each and every Templar. Every action and every motive of a Templar is inspired by honor. To feed the hungry, to protect the helpless, and to strike down the wicked. All of these things are done with honorable intentions. A Templar will never commit an act that would bring dishonor to themselves or the Order, unless their was some higher purpose for it that could Honorably justify the action.


Valor is the driving force behind Templar's and their actions, pushing them fearlessly into the face of danger. No matter what the obstacle, Valor will lead a Templar to victory, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Without Valor, there is fear, and with fear, comes defeat. However, even Valor is not blind. Discretion truly is the better part of Valor.


Discretion is the better part of Valor. This rings true with Discipline as well. From doing your duty and standing your ground, even against impossible odds, to simply following routine orders, Discipline is a vital trait in any warrior. It is what separates the reckless and foolhardy from the cautious and powerful.


Courage, the only of the five traits which can not be taught. Discipline can be drilled into you; Strength can be grasped and pursued; Valor can come from seeing ones enemies up close; And Honor is but a point of view, obtainable by all who wish to embrace it. In such a way, Courage could be called the most valuable trait, as it is the only one which must be present to shape a true Templar. Courage is what drives one self, not for the greater good, not into the face of danger, but into ones own ambitions. If their heart is pure, and their intentions noble, Courage will bring about Greatness in ones self.


Strength, the most important trait of a Templar. Without Strength; Courage, Valor, Discipline, and Honor mean nothing, as one will not have the strength to always see them through, despite their intentions. With Strength comes the ability to mold the world to ones will; A valuable yet dangerous trait. With Honor, and Discipline, comes the ability to shape a better world. To surpass ones foes, and to overcome any obstacle. This is what Strength is all about, and is what each and every Templar will possess.

Now, you know what it is to be a Templar. But you have yet to know who they are. The Laws and Doctrines that guide all Templars are just as fundamental to their being as who they themselves are; their own personal beliefs, values, and ambitions.

The Laws and Doctrines of the Knights Templar:

The First Doctrine

Save the innocent. Those who have not proven themselves to be bandits, murderer's, thieves, corrupted, or heretic's are to be saved. Whether this means protecting them, feeding them, or housing them, a Templar is bound by the Order's Doctrines to save the innocent.

The Second Doctrine

Provide for the Order. Every Templar is required to provide for the Order in some form or another. If one continues to be a burden upon on the order, not providing equally for what they consume, then they lack strength, and are not a true Templar.

The Third Doctrine

Show no fear. There is a fine line between discretion, and cowardness. A True Templar will never show cowardness, and will always face a challenge head on.

The First Law

Do not take more than you need from the Order. Spare what you can, and only take what you need, and no Templar shall ever have need of something which we do not already possess.

The Second Law

Do not scar the landscape. As new and strange as this land is, we can not scar it's landscape, as this is our new home. Any damage you do to it, you must repair.

The Third Law

Do not jump to conclusions. Explore a situation fully before making a decision. The first side of a story you hear is not always the truth. We are here to bring Order to the land, not to create more chaos.

What the Knights Templar have to offer:

For those willing to take up the Templar banner, fight the good fight, and do so while following our Codes, Laws, and Doctrines, there is much to be offered:


Every Templar is given a spacious plot of land in any available area of their choosing. They may build their own home upon it, or they may have one built for them. Should one choose to construct their own home, they will have access to the Templar stockpile for any reasonable construction supplies.


Every Templar is equipped with anything they need for their duties, and their personal pursuits. Weapons, armor, and tools. Anything they desire that is easily with in the Templar's current position to give, they shall have.


You will find yourself amongst friends with your fellow Templars. We look out for our own no matter what, so long as you abide by our Codes, Laws, and Doctrines. We will not bend to any foe, no matter how powerful, if it means sacrificing one of our own.


There shall be many attractions, sites, games, and other forms of entertainment for all Templars to enjoy as we establish them. Archery contests, the Arena, our training facilities, the tavern, and a stage for traveling bards, minstrels, and jesters, just to name a few.

The Wealth of the Order:

With in the Codes, Laws, and Doctrines of the Order, Templars will have access to the entire wealth of the Order. Supplies, equipment, construction materials, food, luxuries with in reason, and anything else they may desire that is not frivolously extravagant.
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