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    posted a message on Looking for Staff in my server
    Applying Now!!!
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    posted a message on Looking for ideaman, admins and builders.
    If you think you are good in being a staff and keeping those stupid hackers, able to help the players and other staff, read on!
    Requirements(and application form);
    1) You have to be mature. Don't worry. If you're 12(like me) and you are still mature, no problem. Mature doesn't mean puberty!!! I have hit puberty i am 13 and i am VERY mature~!

    2) You have to be on 3-6 hours a day. I Can handle that i can be on 3-6 hours a day
    3) You NEED to have a appropriate skin! I have seen a lot of admins applying. When they come for trial, they have a naked man as their skin. I mean come on! I DONT have a naked man/woman/ETC. My character is 100% Appropriate
    4(Optional) Good/Average at building? Better chances!(not bias) I am very good at building! just give me a sheet of anything you want me to build and i will do my best!!!! Or if you want me to be creative! Well...Let me handle that ( It'll be appropriate and mature and funny)
    5) Remarks? I DONT have skype
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    posted a message on [Tyrantcraft] Upcoming Server Accepting Everyone!
    IGN: Tropic_x_Legendz
    Age: I am 13 years old
    Position: The position i am looking for is Admin
    Reason for wanting this position: I am a very helpful admin i do NOT abuse my power i follow the rules and make sure other players do too! I want the server to become better
    Experience: I am currently an Admin on the server CodyRealms IP: CodyRealms.Com, it is currently down due to updating
    Contact info:You can contact me on here. i check my account everyday
    What can you bring to the community: Happiness and more fun and a lot more players!!!
    Proof of work: IP : CodyRealms.Com But as i said before the server is down due to updating
    Please take me into consideration
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    posted a message on Need Admins Builders and Moderators for 32 player server 1.6.2
    Name: Matt

    Age: 13

    Premium or non Premium: Premium

    Skype: Dont have one ( i hope this doesnt affect my chances )

    Experience in moderating: Very high experience i use to OWN a server! But i had to shut down...i wasnt able to pay my server had 35+

    Tell me a bit about yourself:I am a great moderator well, im a greate staff member! Im cool, strict when it comes to following rules and i am an extremely nice guy! I play football and study for school for my free time! i am able to spend 5-6 hours a day on the server.
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    posted a message on ******Lookinf For Admins/Mods for New Server Going Public Sunday*****7-12 Jobs needed******
    IGN- Tropic_x_Legendz
    Skype- Dont have one hope it doesnt affect
    experience level- Very High..... scale 1-10=9
    maturity-I have a lot of maturity for a 13 yearl old, i take everything seriously but i am fun!
    hours available a day- 5-6
    other: You will NOT regret hiring me
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    posted a message on Planet Earth Minecraft server NEED TESTERS! And STAFF!
    Staff or tester: Staff [Preferably Admin]
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    posted a message on DiamondCraft Is Looking For Builders,Moderators,SuperMods, and Admins
    IGN: Tropic_x_Legendz
    Real Name: Matt
    Position You Are Applying For: Admin
    Skype Username: Dont have one and i cannot get one
    Do you have a working Mic:No
    Staff Experience: I was a Co-Owner on a server and an admin on multiple servers, with 40+ people, we couldnt afford the monthly payments so it closed
    Have You Been Banned From MC? Yes
    If So Please Explain Why: (the admin was mean will result in a denied application) I was advertising but i was PvPing when i was "advertising" they must've mixed me up with a person.
    Why Should I pick You? I can help build multiple things and i am a very helpful admin, as helpful i mean i tell people to stop what they are doing if it is against the rules, i also will help them learn about ther server if they don't know something..and i will help the spawn a lot
    Hobbies: i play a lot of sports, football and baseball
    Do you know About Plugins, And Server Perms? Yes i am very familiar with many many plugins and if i am not familiar with one i will study and learn it
    What Do you like to do for your free time? play sports and play a little video games
    ​How Will You Benefit DiamondCraft? I can help out the spawn building, and get more players to play on it
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    posted a message on Upheaval PvP is looking for players/Moderators!
    Minecraft Username: Tropic_x_Legendz

    Country & Timezone: USA Pacific Time Zone

    Age: 13

    Experience: (Write about any previous Minecraft and server management experiences you have) I was recently an admin on a server IP: CodyRealms.Com until it corrupted and it hasnt been up for about a month or two.

    Tell us about you: (Write about your hobbies, what you study etc.) I play football, guitar and i like to build alot and help people with whatever they might need...im the admin that is nice but when it comes to hacking or glitching, ETC... I become more serious

    Why we should choose you: (Write about why we should pick you and what you can offer to our staff team)I can offer more players to the server and that can help all of us.. and you should pick me because i am very helpful and nice

    Additional notes: (Write any additional notes you may want to include) I am a great builder, i have a lot of experience building in advanced buildings, mob arenas, pvp arenas and spawn!

    Did you read the staff information page?: (Recommended) Yes i did

    Have you joined the server and played around awhile?: (Recommended) Yes i have

    Have you read our rules?: (Required) I did read the rules.
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    posted a message on X-ray resourse pack 1.6.2
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    posted a message on ♣1.5.2 CodyRealms Need Players!♣
    The server community on CodyRealms need players to join, this is a faction free server, so if you want to build your creations, you are able to on this server!

    Come on and join! IP: CodyRealms.Com

    We need builders, Go to CodyRealms.Enjin.com To apply :)
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    posted a message on New server Need, Players, Staff!
    Hey guys i need players on this server, the more players we get the more staff we will need, so come on down and join LPCRAFTNETWORKS.NET!!! We have hunger games towny and factions!
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    posted a message on CodyRealms Looking for staff!
    Can you please take me into consideration?
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    posted a message on Help Wanted
    PC MC GT: Tropic_x_Legendz
    Reason why i want the Co-Owner job : I really would enjoy helping you're server community i will try to help it grow.
    Reason why i deserve the job: I have experience with the position, i used to be a owner of a server, i do NOT abuse my power and im a very helpful staff member. And also, i know my way around plugins.
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    posted a message on CodyRealms Looking for staff!
    UserName: Tropic_x_Legendz


    How Long You HAve Been PLaying Minecraft: Just about 2 years

    Questions Or Comments: I would really like to be moderator i have a bunch of experience. and i love how you don't judge by age
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    posted a message on ADMINS NEEDED
    Hey i would like to be a staff member and im going to join the server if that's okay...
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