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    Quote from JozMC»

    Simply amazing.. LOVE IT!!

    I'm surprised why this doesn't have more replies yet.. it's a really high-quality map!

    Probably because some people don't look for maps in the forums anymore it's popular in minecraftmaps.com though.

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    Holiday Agent: The Winterrowd is the first part of the Holiday Agent adventure map series. In this map, you will play as an agent on a mission during Christmas holiday.

    There are some disturbances on the North Pole, find out what's happening and get to the bottom of this.

    Holiday Agent: The Winterrowd is an Adventure Map composed of agent stuffs, fighting villains and saving Santa? The map features the following:

    • Storyline
    • Objectives
    • Custom items
    • Custom mobs
    • 4 mini boss fights
    • 1 boss fight

    The map will take 1-2 hours to complete. The map is vanilla, no mods required. The map includes a modified resource pack. Most of the textures are from SphaxBdCraft and John Smith Legacy. If you are streaming this map please notify me/put the link in the comments below so I can include it in the description. Report to me if there are bugs/problems in the map so i can update it immediately.

    Version 1.1 changelogs

    + fixed dialogues
    + added markers
    + added more signs
    + added item lores.
    + changed the auto pilot lever
    + USP-S is now a short range gun
    + fixed flare gun sometimes wasting usp bullets
    + removed lift and replace ladders in the underground workshop.
    + replaced wooden doors with iron doors in the General Maxim and Zaine's boss rooms.
    + night vision goggles with sensors now detect enemies within 1000 block radius
    + removed side barriers surrounding the underground workshop
    + fixed the portal turning off

    MAP version 1.1 DOWNLOAD













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    Welcome to Breeder. You will start off with two rabbits, one male and one female and by moving the male to the female using a lead you

    will initiate a "breeding session". After a short gestation(pregnancy) period a baby rabbit will emerge when the baby rabbit becomes adult rabbit,

    it too may involved in a "breeding session"... so on and so forth. sounds easy eh.. Here's a few do's and don'ts..


    1. breed males to females

    2. move them out of the way of meteors

    3. move them away from the electric fence

    4. breed 8 rabbits to win the game


    1. breed males to males (they're not that inclined)

    2. breed from "glowing" pregnant rabbits (it's their hormones don't ask)

    3. let baby rabbits go near the electric fence

    4. feed the rabbits (they don't need to eat as they're not real)

    TIP: males and females have name tags.

    If you record on this map please could you insert your video link in my posts in Forum MC, Planet MC or MC Adventure maps.Thanks! :)






    More Screenshots

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    This is the Zero Gravity Spleef in a space station in outer space..., its a 1.9 mini-game which consists of the levitation effect that were added in the 1.9 update. The goal of the game is to be the last player standing in the arena, and you must kill the remaining players by digging them into the lava 4 levels below the arena. However, there is a twist, after the 1st player fell in the lava, the gravity will be disabled and you need to now dig upwards while floating in midair to make them float out of the arena and will therefore kill them.The mini-game can hold 4 players max and 2 players min. The players will be given an unbreakable shovel and 16 snowballs as weapon against each other. Jumping in the arena is the same as jumping in the moon so you can use that to not fall in the next layer. Wins every game will be recorded and shown in scoreboard sidebar. The winner of the last game will get a special golden shovel with knockback resistance as trophy.


    - Peaceful Difficulty

    - Adventure Gamemode

    - PvP Enabled
    - Command Blocks Enabled
    - Monsters Disabled
    - Animals Disabled

    - 1.9 VERSION minimum

    Current Map Version: 1.0

    Please report here if there are any problems and bugs :)

    Send your videos here so I can post it...

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ButterNCreamz


    -CLICK ME!-

    Map Screenshots

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    Amazing! Stackable doors :D
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    Bumping this up
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    Minecraft Slime Boss Battle

    It's Joachim's birthday! Oh wait damn Joachim just had too much sweg and now he's a mindless killer! Can you save Joachim from too much sweg? Subscribe?
    :Diamond: Features:Diamond:
    - 3 levels of Hardcore parkour
    - targettable weakspots
    - boss health bar
    - Life counter
    - fiery slimeballs
    - goeey pots
    - slime bullets
    - Party slimes
    - resettable gameplay
    - big cake
    - custom weapons
    - might contain goo trail

    :-(o): Subscribe:-(o):

    :GoldBar: Downloads:GoldBar:

    :Frame: Photos:Frame:




    Bomb Shelter

    Boss Battle

    Me with Slime Head

    :ph34r: Teleportations:ph34r:

    spawn: 199 104 -398
    boss battle: 197 111 -377

    :Spider: Bug Fixes and Updates:Spider:
    - version 1.0
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    Cool resoucrpack :3
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]MineVideo![45K+ DL's][REQUIRES FORGE]
    A very useful mod :)
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    Can I use the structures of this map for my adventure parkour map? :D
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