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Well, uhh this is mah time to shine... *starts to sweat at brow* *cough* Hi, I am trocon9000, I live in the USA, I've played minecraft since 1.8 official release, even though I haven't played that long I like to think that I am an experienced minecraft player, I specialize in building, I don't like to build in creative though, I like to work for all of my resources and SLAY EVIL CREEPERS! And I also like to mess around with redstone, nothing too complicated just your every traping your best buddy kinda stuff (heheh). But I like to hang out with other people on servers, and hang out. Besides minecraft I am gonna start soccer, if I have not yet. I try to work with art, but I am not that good. Recently I have had cravings for lemonade, like right now, so uhhh, bye!
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