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    Hi there, 25 Male if that matters. Been playing since beta on and off and I’d like to join a lasting and mature server, I can build decent although I’m rusty. Gamertag is Triqwil and discord is triqwil#6522

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    Check out my post or add my gamertag: Triqwil

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    Welcome players of all kinds, to the Realm if Solitude.

    This is a brand new Xbox one Realm.

    The goal is to create a community of genuine humans, make friends and connect through the love of Minecraft. The server hub has been started and is still in progress, but again looking to build a community!

    Build your house in the spawn town, or explore off on your own. It’s up to you!

    18+ with the exception of maturity, all players needed!

    Join the discord to get started: discord.gg/gaa6NmR

    Age: 24

    Gamertag: Triqwil

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