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Hello and welcome to my page. I am Tripp, or if you would prefer, my real name is Simon. I am currently unemployed and looking for work, and I am doing a short course in Lab skills in 2013. I spend most of my free time here, on these forums, and online chatting with my friends.

I am a very friendly and understanding person, always happy to chat and love helping even those that I don't know. If you get to know me more, you may find that I am a very affectionate person as well. Do not be afraid to send me a message for whatever reason.

~ Interests ~

Out of all things, I love dragons the most. They are majestic, beautiful, and caring creatures. Misunderstood by most. They may seem fierce but it is only in defence from the harsh world we live in.

I am interested in Science to learn how amazing Nature is, so I understand more while I am Cycling in this wonderful world we live in.

~ How am I ~

I am currently in a generally good mood, and eager about the coming months. And I am very happy with my friends. Last I was here I had dragons on my mind.

~ Friends ~

I would like to give special mention to all my friends that put up with and helped me through some tough times, some from these forums and others not. Yoshi, Sina, Cetus, Giik, Lubi, Wuffy, Rayn, and Bona.

And to my close, more personal friends. Yoshi, Viccy and Rayn.

And finally, to you, the lovely people who have taken the time to read all of this.
Thank you.

~ Contact ~

You can contact me through PMs on this website, or if you would prefer i have Skype, Steam and E-Mail.

I generally keep my steam and skype clear, so if you don't talk at all with me on them i may remove you, and i probably won't add you unless you give me a heads up beforehand through PM.

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Interests Dragons, Nature and all the wonders around us.

Contact Methods

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