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    My friends and I were trying out some Shaders to use, just to make the game look more detailed and (somewhat) realistic. Due to the mods we're using, we need to stick with 1.12.2. While using them, we've noticed that, in each one of the Shaders, the lighting is incorrect on the inner corners of the blocks (see screenshots, below). This reduces depth from the blocks, and makes it look less realistic. This is something that is done in normal Minecraft, but for some reason we weren't able to make it happen with the Shaders.

    After that, we did a little more digging. We tried using older versions of the game, and found that the issue actually came from Optifine, way back in the days of 1.9.4. The lighting is just fine using Optifine version HD Ultra B6, but move forward one version of Optifine (in the same version of Minercraft!) to HD Ultra D7, and the corner lighting is gone. We tried 1.10 and 1.11, but found that the issue persisted. We also tried it on a different computer. One that didn't have Minecraft, didn't have Forge installed, didn't have optifine installed before, nothing. Really good computer too. But even then the issues still persisted (for reference, the two computers had the following graphics cards: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M, purchased in 2015, and an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super, brand new). We tried using a number of other Shaders from other creators, but no matter which ones we chose, the issue remained. We have therefore determined this to be an issue with Optifine and Optifine alone.

    But the thing is, we haven't been able to figure out what changed to cause this. We looked at the changelog for Ultra D7, but couldn't determine what change may have caused this to happen. We've scoured the video settings of Optifine and the internet and have come back empty-handed. We haven't even found many people who have complained about the issue at all, let alone any solutions. We don't know if it's something that a lot of people have overlooked, or what, but after hours of searching, we've given up and decided to ask for help.

    Does anyone know what's going on here? It's driving us insane.

    Preliminary thanks.

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    posted a message on [Recruiting Builders!] [Building/Project Clan] Republic of Calborough [RoC] [Agion]
    IGN(In Game Name): TriforceP
    Skype(Required): chase.pixley
    Age: 19
    What are your skills?: When it comes to building? Planning is one of my stronger suits, as is terraforming. I also spend a lot of time building up villages.
    Have you worked on a big project before? If so, please provide proof: I have not
    How many hours a day will you be active for?: Not sure what to put for specific times. Similar to Kick, I'm a college student. I should be able to be on most evenings though
    Have you been in any other clans? If so, which one/s?: I have not
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    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Minecraft forum:
    I'm Chase, aka TriforceP, and I'm hear to share with you all Steve's Legacy, an original, full length Minecraft movie (in ten parts because we had the bright idea to try and put them together on the YouTube editor, and that did not work. That will be changed soon enough) by Chiplords Victorious.

    This movie tells the story of Kyra, a girl who finds herself thrown in the middle of an old fight between the people of her city and the evil mobs, led by a creature simply known as The Enderman: the most powerful of his race, and ruler of the mobs. Along with her brother and her mentor, she leaves her hometown to take him down and find Steve, the First Adventurer.

    All music, mods, etc are in the descriptions of the videos, in case anyone starts to wonder

    Well, here it is, comment here or the video to tell us what you think, all that good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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    posted a message on The Legacy Project - New trilogy for Youtube starting this October - Excellence in Minecraft movies

    *Is part of it*

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    posted a message on Server Won't Open
    I downloaded Minecraft_server.1.8.1.jar but it closed as soon as it opened. I tried again with the jar file, and the same thing happened. Ideas?
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    Well, just finished. I got myself 55 snowflakes.

    Filmed it too. Here's the link:

    Anyways, great map rsmalec and co! It was fun to play!
    By the way, anyone else keep the "Slave I" until the end?
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