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    Is it still too late to make a whitelist application?

    If not:
    IGN?: Tribubb
    Staff or Tester?: Tester
    Age?: 15
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    Minecraft Name: Tribubb

    Why Join?: I am good at fighting Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders, Endermen, etc...
    I am at fighting at building and was hoping to find a good server...
    (I might not be able to go on all the time. My minecraft also says Login Failed so I play offline. I'll get it fixed)


    Name: Triden

    Triden is from the past. 10,000 years. Venus was facing extinction. Triden was only 10 when the planet was drifting too close to the sun. One day, he ran into the Planet's Capital Palace, killed everyone that stood in his way and he took a divine gem capable of time travel. He had been teleported into a block like world... It was green... Like Earth... He searched around... and found a medieval village. Triden had red eyes, as time travelling 10,000 years changed his eye colour from vivid purple to blood red. They thought that he was a vampire... So they attacked him.

    He Deflected all (except a thrust to the leg) attacks and then held a hostage. He threatened to kill him if they did not listen to his story. They all Believed him once they saw the gem.

    Triden took only a week until he could move normally again. He stayed there, for three years telling people about life on Ancient, Realistic Venus and the village was surprised for what there was on Venus.

    Once Triden was 13, at midnight on his birthday, the town was very dark.It was covered in zombies and they were easy for him to kill. He Recognised Some People. Everyone was a zombie...

    He was now alone. And the only person alive. He wandered in one direction until...

    Skills: Sword ,Bow ,Flint and Steel ,Fishing Rod...
    Appearance: Black Jacket going down the back of his legs to his knees, not coevring and front of his knees, a dark grey long sleeved shirt under it. Lighter Gray Pants and Black Shoes. Black Hair and Red Eyes.

    I act older than nearly (99.8%) everyone in my age group so I won't steal or grief
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