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Mighty nicccce thread you've got there.... Be a sssshame if someone were to lurk it.

Why hello there, I did not see you!

My name is Trevor, Trevorscow.

Yes I own cows.

Now perhaps you're wondering why I gathered you here today... Well, the fact is: you were drawn here by your own curiosity, now weren't you? Well. You're looking at this, and this is where I describe myself to you, so I will begin explaining myself.

I live in the Milky Way galaxy, on planet Earth, in the Western Hemisphere, in the country of the United States of America on the continent North America.
Now you know precisely where I live! Hooray!
If you require more details, I live somewhere in the middle of the country, in a rural community. You can ask me for even more details, if you REALLY want them. Don't expect me to humor you, however, as I tend to be secretive about my location.

Ah! You are still there? Jolly good! I shall continue!

I am Caucasian, my native tongue is English, and I speak some basic Spanish. I am somewhat muscular for my size, but nothing too impressive, and I wear glasses (thtoopid eyes. I don't like glasses). I used to have a defined Farmer's Tan which was from my "Conservation" job at a lake, but since Summer has ended I whited quickly. I still have a bit of one from as actually living on a small acreage. (Farm)

I adore music. I play tenor and alto saxophones with such a sexiness that you'd thing I'm a sax man! Which, y'know, I kinda am. In addition to playing saxophones pretty well; I also play Guitar passingly well.
I believe that while guitar is easier --and able to do more things-- than many instruments that it is somewhat of an overrated instrument. Seems like a whole bunch of people claim to play guitar but few of them actually play some non-string instrument. Where's the love for other musical instruments?
I'm currently taking a Musical Theory class which I am doing extremely well at, several weeks in.

Hard Rock & Metal are my preferred musical genres. But those are such BROAD genres consisting of many subgenres now, aren't they? Last I checked there are well over 150 Hard Rock subgenres, and dozens (around 50, I believe) of metal genres. I don't particularly have a single subgenre that I like too much more than the others. Guess I'd better name off some well-known bands then.

Some bands that I love (they're really close):
Foo Fighters
Avenged Sevenfold
System of a Down
Dream Theater
Bon Jovi
Stone Sour

There's many more, but those are some of my more recognizable favorites that sum up my likes fairly well. I know what I like. I like a driving heavy melodic tune with quite a bit of variance. While that's not JUST what I like, that IS what I usually like the most.

I also know what I hate, and that would be the exact opposite of that. Aka: I hate the most popular genres of music today. I would put Rap and Pop as the two main genres I dislike. They feel ridiculously hollow, both in terms of musical quality and in terms of their typically shallow lyrics. Ah well. I'm only going to subconsciously judge you somewhat harshly if you like them and hate my music. Don't worry!

More soon to follow!

I s'pose I should write one of these thingymawuts, eh'? Ah, I have a short bio typed up somewhere...

I am a teen male living kinda near the middle of The United States of America, located on the continent of North America.

¿Donde estas tu queso?

Hey, I said it was short, didn't I?

Oh, here's another one! Hooray!
I am some dude in the U.S.A… Namely in the middle… Don’t expect any more personal details

I enjoy reading “Fantasy Epics”, Like Terry Brooks, and Raymond E. Feist.
Playing music, listening to music (Hard rock- Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Etc.).
And also- Wait, I’m obviously here aren’t I? You can figure the last one.
(Hahah, Copy and Paste, laddie!)
(I probably need to write a better general-purpose one soonish kind of.)

Oh- here's an awesome Facebook status I made once; it got a whopping 3 likes.
I recently realized while thinking: that I have some qualities of a good dictator. First, I get an army of about 30 thousand soldiers, next I take over some obscure North Atlantic African country. Then I work at stabilizing the economy by mineral mining, building better roads, and than factory work. All the while, my soldiers are instructed to be very polite and helpful, and work alongside certain things. I give free education for a while, borrowing money and building positive relations with Japan and Thailand. With the economy stabilizing, I promote tourism. With the extra cash I enlarge my army, join NATO, and begin moving North up the coast, either diplomatically or violently. By the time I get to Algeria, I call my empire: *obscurely witty name*. I take Southern Algeria diplomatically. I take the rest with my now large army. I firmly take control of the oil companies. I am now an oil baron. I live modestly for a dictator, preferring to spent the money modernizing my empire. I call my government a "positive dictatorship".
I win a Nobel Peace Prize and begin working at putting the rest of Africa under my sandal.

Promote peace in Africa; send me 50 million dollars so I can field an army.

Incepto ne desistam!

"Let me not stray from my purpose!"

(Close enough to a translation. I just looked it up and thought it was interesting. Let the world know I never claimed to know Latin!)
Interests Minecraft Obviously.

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