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    posted a message on Can silk touch mine spawners?
    Jeb needs to make it so we can
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    posted a message on Change Your Minecraft Name? Possibly In The Future
    Yea, hopefully the spammers stop spamming soon about their usernameI think maybe you should pay a small price for this feature. Like 2 dollars or something.
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    posted a message on Minecraft just isnt the same anymore?
    Another complainer -.- Look we don't need anymore ok.... If you think Minecraft is boring... Play another game. Just don't post your complainant here. No offense but no one cares.

    Again, no offense
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    posted a message on Don't worry

    Everyone is getting errors on their server when they try to connect. Please calm down. It will be fixed soon. There are a few possibilities why this is happening:

    A new update coming
    A cord came out of somewhere

    Ok, thats it guys. Please, no more posts on this 502 bad way or whatever. No one knows when it will be up. Remember, be patient and no more posts, just wait!
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    posted a message on [Surv] [1.0.0] A Mouses View
    Hi there everyone.

    I have just created the most hardest map ever! Its a survival map. You are stuck in a forest of HUGE trees.

    Story Line:
    You are a mouse living in an old little cottage with not a lot of food! You were starving! But then, humans move in. You didn't know what they were so you hid. At night you snuck into the cupboard where there was more food then the eye can see. So you started chomping away when you heard footsteps. There it was, a giant, scary human. He caught you and put you into a cage. The next morning, they put you out into the wild. You now have to search for a new home



    The first Lets Play of the map

    Most chests are in big trees
    Looking at the signs at spawn, the house is South East of it.
    There are hidden chests in some places
    Whats to see next

    More items to find(Another layer on the house)
    More traps
    More chests
    More items at spawn
    More stone

    Make a cobblestone generator
    Complete the map without dying
    Get a way to the nether
    If you make a video on this map, then please leave the link here so I can add it to the video section. Enjoy!
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    posted a message on Code for spolier
    Quote from william2405


    { and } = [ and ]

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    posted a message on Code for spolier
    Hi guys

    Ok, right now im posting my map but i need spoilers to not make the page as big

    Can someone tell me the code please?
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    posted a message on Notch didn't steal your mods!
    Hey guys

    Ok, so i've seen that letter to notch about how he stole everyones mods... Wrong!

    1.its his game and he can steal take the idea or even the coding if he wants without getting in trouble
    2.if he takes it, he obviously thinks its a good idea to add to the game.

    And i make my point. Its his game, his work and practely your stealing from him!
    Comment if u agree
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    posted a message on How to not be a noob at Minecraft
    Hi guys

    Me and Cameron making a funny video on how to not be a noob at Minecraft. Enjoy

    Please rate, sub and comment
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    posted a message on [Tut] How to make a TNT cannon
    Hey guys!

    Its me again. Today me and cameron were on minecraft and doin some tutorials. SO heres one on how to make a TNT cannon! Enjoy! :biggrin.gif:
    Hope you guys liked it. Remember to rate, sub and comment :smile.gif:
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