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    Started this project a few months back and it now consists of four or five villages, a town and a city which is shown here. I have called it 'Jemora' after the Kingdom, a name derived from crystal shares that dot the landscape. The city has four village bells and about 200 villagers at this point, which is nearly enough but more are coming. Its defenses have been honed over time to defeat heavy raids with a minimum of effort, and market gathering to points near the bell to maximize the raid rewards. The markets also act as large storage areas. The geographic area of the whole Kingdom is quite small, so I hope I can update adjoining regions in 1.20. Lots of nice roads, bridges and safe houses between the settlements. I have added crystal shards across much of the landscape to give it a unique feel, and I will be making them bigger and more of them, because they will look super nice when the Cherry tree comes out and cam be planted around them :)

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