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    I've got four seeds from Chunkbase that each have a roughly 15,000 x 15,000 block area that I plan to survey. I want to find and compare the neat features of each seed. My first thought was to fly over each one and see what I see (I have Xaero's world map for an in-game big picture as well as Chunkbase screenshots). It took all of 30 minutes for me to get bored. I also realized that this will take hours and I wasn't even paying attention to the land.

    My Solution:

    I want to use a mod (or create one) that allows me to input a list of coordinates for my character to fly to (with some set y level). With this I will be able to make multiple passes over the seed in a zigzag pattern until I've basically rendered the entire area of interest. I plan to record the automated flying by using the replay mod or Streamlabs OBS. Then I'll watch the video back at 2x - 4x speed.

    Because I plan to record the flyover, I'll be able to view any part of the seed as many times as I would like by just scrolling through the video. That makes this plan much better than just flying around and looking for interesting things in my opinion.

    The Problem:

    At the moment, I can't find any mod that does anything like this. I also can't find any documentation on player movement (fabric or forge). The logic seems simple enough and I should be able to manage creating this mod if I just knew how to control the player (i.e. make the player move forward and turn in a certain direction).

    Help Wanted:

    Any mod suggestions, tips on how to move the player with a mod, or even better ideas on surveying these seeds would be very appreciated. ^-^

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