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    I think it's time for me to retire the screen name "Travuersa". September 20th marked its 5th birthday, and in these 5 years I have put a lot of varied content under this name. And that's the problem. I was a dumb 16-year-old kid when I started this name, and it influenced my actions. I am now an adult, and I need another clean slate to start from.

    I've done this before with a name I started using when I was ruddy 12. When I was almost 16, I decided to disconnect myself from about 4 years of asinine comments, and now it's time for that again.

    I have come up with a new username, and I will not link this new name overtly or directly with "Travuersa". I will, however, continue to use "Travuersa" for things I have already sunk real world money into, such as Minecraft.

    All my current accounts will be logged off, not disabled mind you, and I will create new accounts under this new name. The only way to ever contact me will be through Minecraft on a server which you've probably never heard of.

    I don't remember if there is a rule against having multiple accounts, but I assure you that it will be irrelevant to me as I do not plan on returning here. This use to be a place I enjoyed, but through my new views, I see it as a place of irrelevancy. Posts I've made in the past I now view as puerile and pointless.

    So, I say bye, and hope this new direction will be a liberative action.

    tl;dr: The username "Travuersa" will be discontinued. I will be making new accounts under a different name. That name is not Hetrosexual_Ninja. I will probably never post here again. Bai.
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    Division and multiplication, like addition and subtraction, are inverse operands and should be considered equivalent.

    48 / 2 * (9 + 3) = 48 * (1 / 2) / (1 / (9 + 3)) = 24 / (1 / 12) = 288
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    Quote from likeabos5

    1 bit = 1 Binary Digit
    8 bits = 1 byte
    1000 bytes = 1 kilobyte
    1000 kilobytes = 1 megabyte
    1000 megabytes = 1 gigabyte
    1000 gigabytes = 1 terabyte
    1000 terabytes = 1 petabyte
    1000 petabytes = 1 exabyte
    1000 exabytes = 1 zettabyte
    1000 zettabytes = 1 yottabyte
    1000 yottabyes = 1 Brontobyte
    1000 brontobytes = 1 geopbyte.

    For this, 1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte (and for all other in the form 1000 q = 1 p). Trust me, I'm a computer science major. It makes sense (2^10). Defining a megabyte as 1000 kilobytes is THE MAN's way of selling you smaller harddrives.

    For everything else, citation needed.
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    Quote from MechJunky

    -58 plus or minus the square root of -284 over -32. I don't know whether to add the -58 to the -284. I know what to do after.

    (-58 ± sqrt(-284)) / -32

    Sounds like you're using the quadratic formula. If you got a negative under the radical, that means no real roots exist.

    If you're using imaginary numbers, remember that sqrt(-1) = i, so the problem becomes:
    (-58 ± sqrt(-284)) / -32 = (-58 ± i * sqrt(284)) / -32 = 58 / 32 ± i * sqrt(284) / 32
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    Of course I remember when the hastag was called the 'pound symbol' or the 'number sign' or the 'sharp'. I'm fairly old.

    Frankly, I'm glad it's gotten a better name and a better use. It was a symbol on my keyboard only used after I learned python. Now I can say the only one with no use is "`"/"~" and perhaps "page down".
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    posted a message on Is there anyone on here part of the LGBT community?
    No, I am not part of the LGBQTOMGWTFBBQ community. I dislike the fact that they are proud because of how they naturally are. You shouldn't be proud because you're gay, because that means you think you're better than others.

    See, when white people are proud because they're white, people get offended, and rightfully so. But the LGBQTOMGWTFBBQ community is immune to such offense. Why?

    And then there's the whole "Wow guys, you've really made it a central part of your life that you're gay, and need to tell everyone?" That's almost as strange as having a community of blonde hared, blue eyed people running about and making their blonde hare and blue eyes a central part of their lives.

    All of this reminds me a lot about furries. I don't get involved in that community either because of similar reasons.

    tl;dr: It's offensive to be proud about the way you are naturally.
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    posted a message on Art Thou A Believer?!
    Quote from RunnerX

    I believe in ghosts and stuff. No reason not to.

    Then I assume you believe that I am your almighty savior and you should send me all your money. After all, there's no reason not to.


    Quote from EvilCreeper10

    There are obviously aliens out there. It's impossible that there ISN'T.

    Can you prove it?


    Quote from Strontium

    Aliens would HAVE to exist.

    So I'm assuming what follows is a mathematical proof or a large amount of evidence. It's not? Then no, they don't HAVE to exist.

    I am going to use a four bit binary number to explain the following:
    We of course know binary is a proper base, but say it was just random bits. Of all possible combinations that consist of 1s and 0s compressed into 4 bits, the maximum unique values are 15. Similarly with ANY base.

    16 unique values. You forgot 0. 0 = 0000, 15 = 1111.

    Using a similar knowledge, we can determine that, with a very VERRRRYYYY low chance, an atom composition that is JUST right to live in the current conditions of that area can form. (Its a low chance because of the amount of atoms would be HUGE, and that also has to go along with conditions. I would guess its over Googol Plex.)

    Not sure how you went from 4 combinations of base 2 pick 1 to infinite combinations of base ~100 pick few. But sure, for argument, let's assume that there is a very low chance of an organic substance forming.

    Because the universe is finite, but is expanding, we may have to wait a little while for that combination to appear.

    Statistically probable does not mean it is deterministically true...

    This of course takes energy, which is constant in space with all those supernovas going off and various other things happening.

    Entropy is increasing.

    Buuuuuutttttt I may be completely wrong. Part of the idea came from the following video by Numberphile:
    [lol, numberphile]

    That's a complete 180 from your confidence at the beginning of your post.
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    posted a message on Art Thou A Believer?!

    As for aliens who explicitly haven't visited our planet, I understand the logical thinking behind the hypothesis that they exist, but without evidence we can't say they DO exist.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]worlds won't load/save, slow load times
    Welp, my next guess it to clear your .minecraft folder (BACK UP YOUR SAVES) and re-download the thing. I don't get a stats_travuersa_unsent.tmp when I play, so I think the game is doing something funky for one reason on another, possibly because of a mod.
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    posted a message on I'm not happy that roses are gone.
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Well, what are you actually getting if you update? A couple of new derpy flowers, a couple of new derpy fish. Some admittedly cool biomes, but honestly, did we really need them? There have already been mods with better biomes. And the oceans are shrunk, so if you wanted a world with giant oceans (and any possibility of finding mushroom biomes) you had better not update.

    So you're trivializing new flowers, fish, and terrain gen changes because they changed what the rose was? Seriously? What's wrong with using a resource pack again?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]worlds won't load/save, slow load times
    Knowing absolutely nothing and giving a wild guess, I would recommend deleting the files in "C:\Users\SycoX17\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\stats". It's just stats for achievements.
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    posted a message on Has anyone noticed that the weather has been screwed up lately?
    It was spring this summer? Are you sure? Because I remember sweating my body off working in that heat. Sure, we got a break for a few days in August, but those days don't make a trend.

    Also, it was almost cold enough to wear a jacket the other day.
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    posted a message on Apples contain trace amounts of cyanide
    Lots of stuff contain things that can kill you: Honey, air, plastic bottles. The important thing to remember is that a miniscule amount of something deadly isn't deadly.
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.6/1.7] Horizontal Pack [2013 Sept 8]
    I really should have pushed an update in August. But I didn't. Massive update incoming.


    Change log to 1.6 V4
    Desaturated foliage and grass (This may be changed depending on the upcoming changes).
    Changed creepers to match above desaturation.
    Added top of log textures for pine, birch, and jungle.
    Added melon stems.
    Added note blocks.
    Finished bat.
    Added black outlines to potion effect icons + minor tweaks.
    Changed end portal.
    Changed end portal blocks.
    New villager mad particle.
    Updated flint and steel with the new iron ingot texture.
    Fixed a misplaced pixel on all 3 cow textures.
    Sunset light made warmer.
    Moon light made colder.
    Reeds item changed to compensate for 1.7 changes.
    Podzol added.
    1.7 flowers added. The rose bush is kinda placeholder but I like it, so it might stay.
    Added dandelion and rose texturing. The rose will stay a rose because poppies are terrifying.
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    Quote from 4captainpixel

    I already have GIMP version 2.8.6, in fact that is what I primarily use;

    Why do you want to use Photoshop then?

    and hasn't it always been free?


    Also, would you mind telling me how you 'normalized' those drawings and what program you used?

    GIMP 2.6.12 (although I imagine it's basically the same on 2.8.6)

    Colors -> auto -> normalize (turns the brightest bit into white and the darkest bit into black);
    or you can do manually, which is what I did. You can tune the result a bit better, but it takes more time:
    Colors -> brightness-contrast -> Edit these settings as levels -> Mess with the sliders.

    All of my work is hand done ,however, I do edit so that it looks good on a screen as well. My biggest problem is making the colouring look better (solid) in the computer; I use colour pencils and I don't like how patchy it looks. I know I could get Prismacolor pencils, but let's be honest, how many of you are caring around 180$ for colour pencils? If anyone can help me out and give me a walk through or something on how to do that, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Well, you can do what I do, which is create a bunch of paths and have them draw new black lines on an alpha layer, and then use the magic wand (aa off, threshold = 254) to select the areas you want to color. Then paste the color on a new alpha layer. The color layer should be under the lines layer.

    Alternatively, you could go over your pencil lines with a black marker (felt tipped preferably), desaturate your scan (Colors -> desaturate), and then increase the contrast and decrease the brightness equally (Colors -> brightness-contrast) until basically only your lines are left.

    Copy this layer and make a new layer of all black. Right click this layer and "add layer mask". Paste your lines layer and invert its colors (Colors -> invert). Anchor the paste, right click the black layer, and select "apply layer mask".

    This creates a layer of just lines that you can now use the magic wand (aa on, threshold depends on the selection) to select the black areas as described above.
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