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    Guys the updated ip for his server is
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    Now maintained by micomico
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    Quote from jaxfyre

    Username: jaxfyre
    Age: 15
    Faction: Forest
    Class: Ninja
    What do you expect from us?*: I expect a server that lives up to it's title, with hardcore pvp and pve that challenges me and my friend. I also expect this server to be righteous and uncorrupted by rule breaking children. Lastly, i expect that the rules of this server be enforced to everyone, no matter how close they are with the staff.
    What should we expect from you*?: From me, you can expect me to be a loyal and rule-abiding player who is active everyday. You should also expect me to help out with the faction community. Lastly, you should expect maturity and a sense of responsible behaviour from me inside the server and on any website or thread relative to the server.
    Have you voted for us yet?: Ofcourse, i will continue to vote for "Redstone Rising" every day if i get accepted.

    PS: "Ready to die"

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    Quote from Jsoccer1234

    Having my internet down for the past 5 days has been a pain. Anyway I went back and read some posts people have been making. I don't want pvp and griefing to ever go away. Pvp I can stand a little more than griefing but still... Anyway Ethelon, BattleCraft... I don't like that server one bit. Never even played on it, the people there just seem like major douchebags to me. Also I agree with what someone said(I forget who) that the old community was alot better and more mature than now. Wish some of those people would come back :sad.gif:

    I'll be trying out "Moon" to see if it will be any good, and from what I've heard from Monkah it should be great.

    with the state of this server? PFF there never gonna come back, and if they do it will be for like 30 min then they will leave

    the only reason i still stay here are the fragments of that old community that are still left

    you are all inflicted with pvp addiction and need to back off from it and see that there is other things in minecraft besides swinging a sword , destroying buildings, xraying people and pouring lava on top of people

    i think most people xray mostly bc other people do and its the only way to keep up with the flow

    think about it, how do you know all these people got these FULL SETS of diamond armor and swords legitly? i mean really if the xraying is soooo bad, they wouldnt have enough time to even mine those diamonds without having lava poured on top of them

    azrooh i have a wounderful idea, reimplement greifalert, but make it run for ores like gold/diamond, then we can see how fast these people are actually mining these, and if its too fast, question them, and nothing past that extent becuase your too ocd and dont wanna give us /tp to prove they are xrayin
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    Quote from ReceptiveRaptor

    I can come here to vent rage I may have and just generally do what I like.

    >Get Stone Sword.
    >Kill someone.
    >Get their items.
    >Feel calm somehow...

    yes and you also ruin it for people who arent releasing their rage and accualy want to play for fun instead, Gtfo and look at the peaceful and good times on pages 30+ , az i know you might of planned for it to be like this, but then why did you ban greifing in the first place?....

    also az, if i start up a server with our old rules like before the pvp came into play, would you put it on the front page?, like put
    "old style, no grief and pvp if you want:IP"
    ofc i cant make one right now but i can after June 2nd when i get better net

    this server used to be good :/ i keep remembering old times and i can never forget them. But sometimes you just have to move on... :/
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    Quote from Chocolateguy1440

    Just because it's PvP doesn't mean you can't be social, it just means you can kill people =P It's not "Un-playable" for new people because you can't kill in spawn, and most people don't stay around spawn to kill people with no armor or anything. Also, since the maximum amount of players is 30 and on the old map we had atleast 15 people on most of the time,I don't think there was that big of a drop until we got a small 360x360 map with a griefed city in the middle.

    i remember times when azrooh had to have a reserved list for mods because this server had like 30-35 on constantly
    i have never seen this server full in about 3-4 months
    also the community wasn't full of a'holes back then ,it was full of actually nice people
    People who used to play actively but now mostly dont play and only come on once in a blue moon, if you're lucky:

    Azrooh, your server had become a community full of Immature people and i don't think you realize this

    did M&B inspire the pvp aspect of this server?

    also, this server is honestly becoming like Call of duty, you cannot go 10 minutes without someone complaining
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    like 112 views no replies? why are you all ignoring me :/ its good for my first mod right?
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