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    posted a message on Better Underwater
    I like the Idea but for the scuba gear you should extend the time a little more including the fact that you would not have enough time to explore the caves and etc. I would at least make it around 15-20 minutes just for that reason.
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    posted a message on Death Phrases for when you die
    It would make the death a little more interesting
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    posted a message on [Fishing] What Fishing really needs... - Now with pictures & mobs! 60+ Supporters
    This looks like a really good idea, like you said fishing is really useless other than for food (if you don't have a breeding farm). But giving more things for fishing makes fishing more interesting.
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    posted a message on Paper from Birch Trees
    Quote from AnonTheMouse

    That's an interesting idea. Birch bark was used in some cultures for paper. On the other hand, I'm a little torn on this (pun unintended) since on the one hand birch trees give less wood than other types, which argues for an added drop, but on the other hand that lesser amount of wood also makes them easier to harvest, and thus ideal for farming...which argues against making them any more useful. Ultimately, I think it would be nice if there were, either with a recipe or a work station, a way to make paper from logs, as modern papers are wood derivatives.

    Agreed 100% with him about the work station idea, but the cutting down and obtaining randomly would kind of be a thing that makes the game easier than is should be. Other than that excellent idea that's how great idea's start!
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    posted a message on Disguise Potions (Disguise Yourself as a Mob!)
    Very Amazing Idea! I like how you can morph people into things just to be fun :P Great Job!
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    posted a message on Require a compass to use F3
    The only reason why I disagree with this is because, when your playing on a server and your lagging a bit, people with optifine use f3 to check the lag spikes, fps, etc. and on a server that is not creative you will have to craft a compass and it will just be a waste of time, even on single player as well, its like saying you need to have a mushroom to use f5. Just a waste of time. the "f" commands are for your own personal use to customize the game to your liking other than that it should not be affiliated with any of the items in game. But if you have a compass in your hand, you can right click and it will show your coordinates, but other than that its useless..
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    posted a message on Suggestions: Dead Biome
    The idea seems alright, but wouldn't it be better to have a whole world/ realm based on basically a dead biome where you can go anytime and kill mobs without waiting for them to spawn at night or in caves, and the green water/ liquid seems alright, but you should make it have a purpose (more brewing potions maybe?), as well as more items, like a new breed of a tree that uses only co2 to grow, and can survive without sun. Also, if you like the realm idea, think about what you will have to craft to get there or what you will have to do. Just a suggestion, but keep up the good work, think! :D
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    posted a message on Dispenser armor
    I like the idea of instant Armour, its yet flawless and extremely quicker than going to inventory, but here's a suggestion to add:

    1.) If you are already wearing Armour, the Armour shooting out goes into your inventory so nothing glitchy or buggy happens.

    Other than that very good suggestion, it should be added to the game for pvp servers. :steve_wink:
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    posted a message on Sandman (With pictures!)
    I like the idea of the sandman, but you should make it where he is hidden in the ground until a certain block radius and he pops out of the ground (giving it more of a stealth approach) other that that very good idea!

    PS: Work on the mob picture, make him more fierce and scary rather than dull.
    PSS: You can use Creepers to blow up other Mobs if you know what you are doing
    Example: Zombies can only walk after their prey and use melee and creepers are a good way to blow up the zombies. :P
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    posted a message on Better villagers
    Quote from nightstriker123

    With the new update and how you can trade with villagers there should also be a way to improve/add new computer villages so you can grow current villages and get some special villagers like the priest. there should also be wandering merchants along with some bandits.
    so please leave a comment and help make this idea better

    Ok Basically what your saying is to have a kind of add-on system to the villages? Where you can expand them add shops, etc. I like the Merchants and bandits idea,but you can always add-on to the village just by using creative mode, and if you are really interested in that kind of stuff as of now, there are "Add-ons" you can add to minecraft to make the game to your specific needs. Other than that good statement, just make sure you reread the post you have and edit it a little, no offense but it kinda hard to read the first few times..
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    posted a message on [More Doors, Curtains, Windows, and Beds] Adding more Texture to the Game!
    More Doors, Curtains, Windows, and Beds


    -Spruce, Jungle, Birch Doors
    -Stone Doors
    -Diamond Doors
    -Gold Doors
    -Obsidian Doors
    -Nether Brick Doors

    [NOTE: Curtains should be added for the main reason of texture/ looks towards the game]
    -Hide(Cow) Curtains
    -Wool w/ gold trim Curtains
    -Wool (Different Colors) Curtains

    -The only thing that should be added to windows is:
    Chapel Windows: Mainly for Servers/ or Player Made Games involving churches.

    -Different types of wool colors should make different types of bed colors, including the wood as well, giving it a more realistic touch to the game.
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    posted a message on No-Hunger Option
    Great idea, it would be nice to play on normal, hard, or expert mode and not have to worry about dying from starvation, and it is possible on peaceful mode, but the hostile mobs do not spawn which takes the fun out of the adventure. Excellent Suggestion!
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    posted a message on Local Village Ghosts
    Quote from linkrock4

    I like it :D but there should be a way for bad ghosts to spawn more often than the good ghosts.

    Ahh alright, like even when hostile mobs attack them they can turn bad, basically saying 2 out 5 turn to bad ghosts or on a random scale, great idea linkrock4, Thanks!
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    posted a message on Local Village Ghosts
    Quote from FrozenPoptartMC

    Don't support.

    Wait for what reason it was only a suggestion giving villagers more abilities/actions?
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    posted a message on Local Village Ghosts
    Main Idea (Local Village Ghosts)
    -Good Ghosts
    -Bad Ghosts

    Good Ghosts:
    As you walk past the cacti in the scorching sun, you stumble upon a village, but it appears to be unattended as if everyone just left. With little food, water, and no shelter, you make your way towards one of the abandoned houses to rest for the night. As the night rolls by you lie in the bed presented to you in the house, and start to fall asleep. Suddenly you wake up with a slight chill only to see a ghost standing in the kitchen watching you. Startled, you jump out of the bed and run outside only to notice a whole village filled with ghosts and now you realize the villagers never left the town at all...

    -If a villager is attacked by a harmful creature (Creeper, Zombie, etc.), it turns into a Good Ghost. (Hostile Mobs have a chance of turning the villager into a Bad Ghost as well; Based on Random Scale)
    (EX: 3 Out of 5 turn into Bad Ghosts)
    -The Ghost's only spawn at night. (Taking the place of a villager that was killed)
    -A Good Ghost unlike a Bad one (Explained later) is friendly (Non-Aggressive) towards player, but aggressive towards Hostile Mobs.

    How to Kill the Good Ghosts:
    -Good Ghosts can only be killed using a certain weapon/tool. (Weapons/Tools Section)
    -Attacking a Good Ghost turns them into a Bad Ghost.

    -Originally since it was a Good Ghost, it drops the item: GoodMan's Pearl (Brewing Section)

    Description of Looks:
    -Good Ghosts look just like a villager, but just a little more pale and cyan/transparent texture look to it. (How a Normal Ghost would look like)

    (No Images Yet....)

    Bad Ghosts:
    [Same Scenario] You walk through the heat of the day and you see a village, but instead filled with people which gets you thinking about all the loot they have in their pockets, so you decide to kill them. After hours of killing it turns to dawn and your tired so you decide to sleep in one of the beds in the house, that was a mistake... Your having a nice pleasant dream but then turns into a nightmare! As you wake up, your in the middle of the road in the town with all these "Dark, Shadowy, looking creatures", then you see nothing.

    -If a villager is attacked by a player or killed by a Hostile Mob (chances based on random scale) it turns into a Bad Ghost.
    -The Ghost's only spawn at night. (Taking the place of a villager that was killed)
    -A Bad Ghost unlike a Good Ghost is Very Aggressive towards players, but not towards Hostile Mobs.

    How to Kill the Bad Ghosts:
    -Bad Ghosts can only be killed using a certain weapon/tool. (Weapons/Tools Section)
    -Unlike Good Ghosts, Bad Ghosts stay the same and never change in attitude.

    -Bad Ghosts drop the item: Evil Eyes Pearl (Brewing Section)

    Description of Looks:
    -A Bad Ghost looks just like the villager, but more dark, shadowy and float in the air with no legs. (Robe is torn on the bottom)

    (No Images Yet....)

    Brewing: (All Base Ingredients are from the Nether) (Modifiers allowed)
    -Using the GoodMan's Pearl and the Evil Eyes Pearl you can brew them to make potions giving you special abilities towards Hostile Mobs.

    GoodMan's Pearl:
    -Used to make an Invisibility Potion. (Granting you the ability to turn Invisible for a certain period of time making Mobs unable to see you)

    How to Make:
    Base Ingredient: Glowstone Dust
    Secondary Ingredient: GoodMan's Pearl
    Modifiers: Redstone Dust, Gunpowder

    Evil Eyes Pearl:
    -Used to make a Teleport Potion by throwing. (Idea still open..suggestions please)

    How to Make:
    Base Ingredient: Nether Wart
    Secondary Ingredient: Evil Eyes Pearl
    Modifiers: Redstone Dust

    -The only way to kill the Ghosts is with a certain weapon called Spectre, which can only hit Ghosts and anything from the Nether. (Does no affect to any Normal Mobs in the Mainland)
    -However the Bone sword does work with any mob but has a low damage rate. (Equivalent to Wood sword) (Durability: 70 uses)

    Description of Looks:
    -Just like enchanting your weapon/tool of your choice it glows, well crafting this sword then enchanting it makes give a pale white look to it.

    Items Needed:
    -Crafting Table
    -2 Bones
    -1 Iron Ingot
    -Enchantment Table
    -At least level 3+ (for enchanting)

    How to Make:
    Just like making any other sword your put the 2 Bones for the blade and the 1 Iron Ingot for the handle to craft a Bone Sword. (Durability: 104 uses) Now comes the enchanting part, take the Bone Sword to an enchantment table and use it on the enchantment table and when enchanting it, it will give you a Spectre.
    (You can use the Bone Sword with any level Enchanting Table, it will just make the sword stronger the higher the level you go)

    Damage Rating:
    -A Bone Sword is equivalent to the Wood sword, but when enchanted the Spectre has the equivalency of an Stone Sword (Level I), Iron Sword (Level II), and Diamond Sword (Level III). (Levels are based on Lower, Moderate, and Higher Enchantment Tables)

    Main Suggestion: After you kill the villagers the buildings start to decay overtime (Being that there is no one there to maintain it), but they do not fully decay away only for the purpose of the Ghosts to roam around in.

    Please let me know if any other changes need to be made

    More Bad Ghosts Idea- LinkRock4- Thanks!
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