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    Quote from NeoHawk144

    Plz open the server i miss it!!!!!!!-AwesomeGuy
    Whenever u can open it :I

    Sorry for the late reply, but our server upgraded to a better host that will put less lag to our server. Our new IP is


    but NOTE THIS IS A TEMPORARY IP and it will change soon.
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    Hello everybody,
    This is the admin for JC Server II, and I'm asking for players to join in my server to start building up a new community. Right now I need a player or 3 to help out and test out our server and give a review about it.

    It's standard bug/grief checking. Basically we'll be asking you to go around and see what you can break and what you can't. We also have a currency/economy mod and we would like you to make sure the shops work and such.

    The First 2
    If you help we will provide you with $100 in our minecraft currency adn a house in the city currently vauled at $10,000.

    If you would like to help out with the testing please reply and I'll give you the IP.
    Members who joined the awesome community
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