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    posted a message on [Challenge Blocks] [SURVIVAL] --- OASIS Survival --- [ OVER 5,000+ DOWNLOADS! ]
    This is the 4th time that those creepers blew up my house at the SAME EXACT CORNER OF THE HOUSE!! Repair is going to be a pain in the #[email protected]

    Nice try, map maker. :P
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    posted a message on [Challenge Blocks] [SURVIVAL] --- OASIS Survival --- [ OVER 5,000+ DOWNLOADS! ]
    I spent some time writing down all of the challenges so that I didn't have to constantly run to the challenge blocks area to see what the challenges are.

    Easy-ish Challenges
    1.) Build a small sandstone hut/shelter
    2.) Craft a Crafting Table
    3.) Build a bed & get a good night’s sleep
    4.) Do not starve or die 2 days & nights in a row
    5.) Dig a well and create infinite water supply
    6.) Catch, cook & eat at least 10 tasty fish
    7.) Eat at least 10 not so tasty Zombie Flesh
    8.) Dig all the way down to the bedrock layer
    9.) Fill a bucket with lava from the Fire Temple
    10.) Make a cobble genny & collect 64+ cobblestone

    Bonus Challenges I
    Bonus Challenge: Find & explore the abandoned mineshaft
    Bonus Challenge: Expand your hut into a small adobe house Which must be at least
    10x10 blocks in size and have at least a bedroom + 1-2 other rooms.
    Bonus Challenge: Make and eat some delicious Mushroom Soup

    Moderate Challenges
    11.) Smelt at least 20 blocks of glass
    12.) Plant & harvest a reed farm (10+ reeds)
    13.) Plant & harvest a wheat field (16+ wheat)
    14.) Milk for bread! Bake 20 loaves of bread
    15.) Find & gather 64 or more cactus blocks
    16.) Plant & harvest a melon patch (16+ melons)
    17.) Reach level 10
    18.) Carve 16 Jack o’Lanterns
    19.) Create 64 Stone Bricks
    20.) Grow a dozen each of red & yellow flowers

    Bonus Challenges II
    Bonus Challenge: Craft some Hardened Clay
    Bonus Challenge: Expand your house into a large mansion 20x20 blocks with multiple
    floors (2+) and rooms must include a basement and/or attic area
    Bonus Challenge: Craft some Bricks

    Challenging Challenges
    21.) Craft an Anvil
    22.) Craft both a compass AND a map
    23.) Grow & harvest 12 GIANT mushrooms
    24.) Paint & hang 20 DIFFERENT paintings
    25.) Build and use a Nether Portal
    26.) Find and fully explore a dungeon
    27.) Baa Baa Blue Sheep – Dye a sheep blue :)
    28.) Lumberjack – Harvest 32+ logs in one day
    29.) Fill with 64 string, bones, arrows & flesh
    30.) Shoot off 12+ different kinds of fireworks

    Devilishly Difficult Challenges
    31.) When Pigs Ride! Ride a Pig in a Minecart… off a cliff!
    32.) Frosty the Sandman ??? Build a Snow Golem
    33.) Killing Spree Kill 4 each of 5 types of mobs in 1 night
    34.) Diamond Knight Make a complete set of Diamond armor + sword
    35.) Creepy Music Get a creeper to drop a Music Disc

    Bonus Clay Challenges
    I.) 10 Black Stained Clay
    II.) 10 Gray Stained Clay
    III.) 10 Light Gray Stained Clay
    IV.) 10 Brown Stained Clay
    V.) 10 Cyan Stained Clay
    VI.) 10 Green Stained Clay
    VII.) 10 Yellow Stained Clay
    VIII.) 10 Lime Stained Clay
    IX.) 10 White Stained Clay
    X.) 10 Purple Stained Clay
    XI.) 10 Magenta Stained Clay
    XII.) 10 Light Blue Stained Clay
    XIII.) 10 Blue Stained Clay
    XIV.) 10 Pink Stained Clay
    XV.) 10 Orange Stained Clay
    XVI.) 10 Red Stained Clay

    Bonus Wool Challenges
    I.) 10 Black Wool
    II.) 10 Gray Wool
    III.) 10 Light Gray Wool
    IV.) 10 Brown Wool
    V.) 10 Cyan Wool
    VI.) 10 Green Wool
    VII.) 10 Yellow Wool
    VIII.) 10 Lime Wool
    IX.) 10 Red Wool
    X.) 10 Orange Wool
    XI.) 10 Pink Wool
    XII.) 10 Blue Wool
    XIII.) 10 Light Blue Wool
    XIV.) 10 Magenta Wool
    XV.) 10 Purple Wool

    FINAL CHALLENGE: Beat EVERY Challenge!

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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w38a Ready For Testing!

    Combining 4 maps through the use of item frames.
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    posted a message on The Ultra-Hardcore Journal
    Quote from TrailNation

    Good luck with your journey! :D
    I'll be checking out your progress.

    I'm still following this thread. :D
    I see you've been progressing quickly.
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    posted a message on What cool stuff have you found in your world recently?
    Yesterday, while traveling far away from my home to mine, I stumbled upon 11 horses. I was surprised by my discovery considering I spent several hours a couple of weeks ago trying to find a horse but wasn't able to find one.

    Quote from MeawMc12345

    DWanna Look At My Channel You Can Play Some Of My Minigames and Maps (Multiplayer Maps) so yeah If You Just Want

    This thread isn't for advertising your content.
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    posted a message on Rubys in minecraft?
    Rubys were going to be the currency of villagers, but it was changed to emeralds.

    A screenshot from Jeb on May 21, 2012.
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    posted a message on Would it be weird if this happened?
    Ha, that would be funny :P
    It could be used by owners/admins on servers to drag rule-breaking players around the map in front of the rest of the players and then take those rule-breaking players to the server's jail.

    An alternative punishment could be to hang the player. Have a fence post at the edge of a cliff, tie the lead on the players neck as well the fence and then punch him off of the cliff. It would be neat if that would cause the player to suffocate like a player does when drowning.
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    posted a message on Can I find horses in old generated world?
    You just got to keep searching chunks that haven't been generated yet til you get lucky. Alternatively, you can regenerate chunks through MCedit.
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