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    posted a message on New Snapshot "Performance Boost" giving bad FPS
    System Specs
    Amd Fx-8300
    8GB DDR3
    Gtx 650 1gb DDR3

    FPS Testing

    1.7.10 averaging 123 fps
    14w30c averaging 275 fps,

    Game Settings

    Fancy Graphics
    Max Smooth Lighting
    Mipmap Level 4
    Unlimited FPS
    16 chunks render distance
    VBOs on for 14w30c
    All Particles on
    VSync off

    Everyone who is experiencing no change make sure v sync is off and your on max framerate.Also make sure you have the newest verison of java.

    Visit to download the latest one: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html
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    posted a message on All Stars Minecraft Survival Trivia.

    Does looting effect iron golems?
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    posted a message on New server similar to that of Mianite
    Age: 17

    Mature: Yes

    IGN: Chillin__Dylan (Double underscore)

    I would probaly wanna be a builder/miner and would love to play on the server with my buddy (goproskier). Also the change to you can steal stuff and kill each apeals greatly to me and would love to try the server out :). I hope to see your on the world of mianite
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    posted a message on Looking for Modded Minecraft server that is white-list (Not Crack pack)
    Hi im am looking for a private modded server that is not crack pack and has a little older players as i am 17. And preferably on a modded minecraft laucher (Atlauncher,Technic Platform) Thank you
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    posted a message on [MindCrack/Hermit Like Server] [100% Vanilla] [14w30c] [24/7] Now Recruiting! [Whitelisted] vanilla server - APPLY NOW
    Here's the application!:
    1. IGN:Chillin__Dylan (Double underscore)
    2. Age: 17
    3. Skype (Optional): Rather not post but will pm
    4. If accepted, what would be the best way to contact you?: Skype
    5. Why do you want to join our server?: I want to join the server because im looking for a good vanilla server to play on with a mature set of people that i can call friends. I also wish to play with my friend Goproskier and build awesome things for the server.
    6. What are your strong points?: Automation and redstone also large scale projects are my specialty.
    7. What are your weaknesses?: I would have to say decoration and design, most people vision there project in there head and how they want it to look not me i have to build it before hand on creative to get the picture!
    8. Best describe your team working abilities: I love to work with a team ill donate as much stuff as i can and as much time i can.
    9. Pictures of previous builds
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    posted a message on Creasigner “Night Shark Craft” Private Vanilla Server 24/7 for Ages 15+ - Enroll to Join Here
    • Your first name: Dylan
    • Your Minecraft username: Chillin__Dylan (Double underscore)
    • About how long have you been playing Minecraft? Beta 1.8 around there!
    • How old are you? 17
    • How often do you play on survival servers? Pretty often but haven't really found the perfect survival sever hoping this one will be it. Most of the ones ive played on have a younger owner who abuses creative and commands.
    • How many other servers do you play survival on? No others i applied for a crack pack server but i will be able to play on both regualry!
    • Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server: I've been banned from a open creative server for using a litttle to much redstone oops.
    • Would you consider yourself the one to complain a lot when something or yours was griefed? No i wouldn't only if it took weeks to build
    • Do you like to have fun and grief or prank every now-and-then? I like to prank people not really into griefing but i can try new things :P
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    posted a message on New Snapshot "Performance Boost" giving bad FPS
    What are your computer specs




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    posted a message on Crackpack War Server Looking for Members
    IGN:Chillin__Dylan (Double underscore)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Skype: dillpickel7333 (I made it when i was 13 gosh)

    Timezone: Mountain standard time

    How big is your knowledge-base of the game?: My knowledge for vanilla is really good, i create wonderful redstone creations. For a knowledge for mod packs such as crackpack it isn't very strong but i wish to learn more about it with other players.

    Favorite Building Block: For vanilla it would be sandstone and netherbrick. For crackpack probably factory blocksl

    Why Should We Choose You For The Server: To be honest im a lone wolf i like to build my own base and stock pile items, but that doesn't mean i will not be active in the community projects ill donate my time my mouse clicks and most of all my items to accomplish the task.

    Are You Mature (Be Honest): I like to think im pretty mature.

    What are your experiences with modded Minecraft?: I played ftb direwolf20 for abit with some friends and tried crackpack but sadly the server shut down so now im here looking for a new awesome community.

    Oh No! Someone Has Pranked You. What Do You Do?: I think its time for a little revenge!

    How Often Would you play on the Server? Probably at least 2 hours a day!
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    posted a message on Delete
    IGN:Chillin__Dylan (Double underscore)


    Why do you want to join?: I would like to join cause i would love to gain more experience with the mod and have a server to play on to learn more about the mod with others and have fun with the mod.

    Experience with FTB?:Ive played abit and have a little experience with the mod.
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    posted a message on 1-16 SMP Vanilla Server 18+
    In Game Name: Chillin__Dylan
    Age: 18
    Strengths: Redstone
    Why do you want to join? the recent server i have been playing on crashed due to the new snapshots, looking for a new one to play one now! and this fits the vanilla void in my minecraft
    Skype: i do have Skype and will give it in game, or pm if i do get whitelisted
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding
    Sorry for the late post but yes they are different computers.And my asked my brother and it does not affect him. Im guessing it's my firewall. I am not using windows firewall im using kasperskys firewall. I will test and see what i come up with.
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    posted a message on DEEP MINES: A Small Vanilla, Mindcrack Style, Server
    In-Game-Name: Chillin__Dylan. My ign name is double underscore by the way.

    Age (14+): 16

    Youtube (if applicable): No Sorry

    MC Experience: Ive been playing since beta i can't remember the exact version but i have quite alot of building experience such as diffrent types of farms and large scale buildings.

    Play Style: Automation if it can be automated i will do it. I also like learning new things about redstone and building redstone contraptions :).

    Other?: Nothing much but if i get accepted my friend will surely apply. Also July 15th best day on earth "aka birth day".
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    posted a message on The Sonix Craft Server | Now Accepting! | 14+
    Youtubers only is a turn off for people so i recommend changing.
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding
    Yes i have changed the server properties and i have multiple people in my family and a server is already created on 25565 so i wish to change.
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding
    I know how to port forward and all but when i try to use a port such as 24545 it doesn't work but 25565 the server runs fine any know what the problem is?
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