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    The server is called The Republic. We specialize in roleplay but also do parkour, spleef, and player vs player. The server is nearly completed and were going to open it on June 30th. We have 6 staff members, But we need 4 more to complete our team. We have 2 open slots for Builder and one for mod. Moderators enforce the servers rules and help players with any questions or concerns. (Occasionally Build if told so, But not required to). Builders: Build structures and buildings. Discord is required to keep in touch with all staff members (We only text one another. No Phone calls) Applications will close before June 30th. Anyone is welcome to apply and we hope to hear from you soon.

    If you would like to check out the server, here is our information

    IP Address: a48013.leet.cc

    Port: 48013

    Application format



    Rank wanted:

    Reason for applying:

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    I've decided to lower the spots for admin and builder because I think 20 people on the staff is a bit much. I'm not removing any ranks. Moderator will stay the same, I might even add a few spots, since a lot of you applied for that.

    ~Sorry for any Convenience

    Reminder: I will accept and deny application on January 5th! Expect a message on that Day. For those who are interested in applying, you still can.

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