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    Impossible to say regarding a release date, unfortunately.

    Coding progress has begun, but we are currently in need of coders. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote from ArkalyteX»

    Woah this is epic, and a very nice and unique idea of a dimension mod. I just saw king kong skull island not too long ago, and it seems like an amazing place for a dimension mod now that I think about it lol.

    I'm just curious as to how this would work, since it's an island I'd imagine its going to be a big pre-made island surrounding by never ending ocean correct? Or maybe you can have a storm that is impassable or auto kills you if you enter it that borders the water around the island.

    Also how would King Kong himself work, does he spawn at a specific spot or does he just roam the island randomly (I imagine making him roam around the entire island would be difficult to code, I'm not a coder myself but just assuming)

    First of all, thank you. :)

    As for how the dimension will be structured, think of something like the Tropicraft dimension, or even the regular overworld: A full, randomly generated world with a variety of different biomes (including both land and sea based ones).

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    Out of the Fog is a brand new mod currently in development for version 1.12.2, that's based on the various different King Kong movies and their expanded lore.
    It introduces Tanah Tengkorak, a brand new explorable dimension that is home to the many incredible creatures, biomes, native tribes and ancient ruins of Skull Island.

    22 new mobs (including a tribe of humans) will be introduced in the first update, along with the new dimension and a handful of its new biomes.
    All models, textures and animation sets for update 1 - and in fact a large chunk of the future content also - are done and ready for implementation.

    Some of update 1's content (a few mobs, a crop, and some miscellaneous items and blocks) has already been implemented, however we are still in need of help with the coding.

    In the screenshot section below are some examples of our work, and of the mod's current progress. If you have experience with coding and are interested in joining us, please let us know.

    Our discord:

    We also have a Deviantart page, which can be found here:

    -Screenshots and gifs-

    In-game screenshots (our progress so far):

    Vastatosaurus rex:

    Cabbage palm (new crop):


    Native farmer (1933 tribe) among "Plant Mega Pack" plants:

    Clam animation test:

    Bloodfish animation test:

    A selection of some of our modelled and textured creatures:

    Megaprimatus kong (silverback):

    Vastatosaurus rex:

    Skull Crawler:


    Giant Snake (from the 1976 King Kong):



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    Hello ! Although meager addition for a long waiting time: /. It's a shame to have made some choices, which have lost 90% of the players. The
    mod is cruelly lacking in biodiversity, there are fewer dinosaurs than
    in 1.7.10, and after several years of patience, the mod comes out ... In
    1.10. No real AI innovations, and apart from the vegetation, few novelties I find. It
    seemed like a good start, but personally, when I saw the enormous
    potential of your version in 1.8.9, and when I see what it will probably
    end (your activity decreases, and I do not think that it will go further), I find it a pity. The most interesting in the mod was realism and biodiversity, and one of the two elements was lost. You bet on quality, but the content of the updates is poor, and the potential little exploited. If I were you, I would try to make the 1.8.9 version playable and definitive! The
    dinosaurs are superb, and everything is quite complete, unfortunately,
    there is still a lot of bug (some carnivores do not attack, the
    Indominus does not jump the blocks, and the creation of dinosaurs is too
    complicated). Make sure not to spoil this potential, these models, and all this work! It would be a shame, you had gone so far: / ...
    (Translated by Google Translate)

    We do have plans for improved AI, improved behaviour, and of course a wide range of creatures (representing most "levels" of the food chain, particularly among aquatics), and we would love to add all of this in as soon as possible.
    However, by far the biggest factor that's limiting us is the lack of available coders (at the moment we only have one active coder, and he's currently having trouble with fixing one of the major bugs in the latest release). If you know anyone who could help us, please let us know.
    Thank you for your constructive criticism. :)

    This has probably been answered in the past before, but when will all of the creatures that used to be in the mod be added back? couldn't find it in the thread.

    Yes. All (or at VERY least, most) of the prerelease creatures will be returning, along with a lot of brand new ones. However, due to the coder situation, it's difficult to say exactly when.
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    Quote from Badamb»

    Hey I made a series of short videos looking at the JurassiCraft crafting recipes. If anyone would like to see a tutorial for anything else let me know!

    This is the first video of the series but should lead to the others:

    JurassiCraft 2.0 Crafting Guide: How to craft Iron Blades, Iron Rod, Basic Circuit, Advanced Circuit

    Thank you. That's much appreciated. :)
    Quote from AaronH012»

    This maybe a dumb question but will this backported to 1.7.10 just asking.

    I'm sorry, but that's not happening. 1.7.10 is too old, and we must move on.
    Quote from yosupimadog»

    Hello, I briefly recall there being a command/gamerule for 1.7.10 which removed the need to feed your dinosaurs. Does anyone here mind sharing it with me?

    Well, I'm afraid there isn't currently anything for that. However, we do intend to add a config option for it at some point.
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    Quote from Dinoramsey»

    Can you add a option in the config file to make the non tamable dinosaurs tamable pls?

    Well, there aren't currently any plans for that, but it's an interesting idea...
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    Hi, I have got the impression that you at the very least know the dev's.

    I put out a request on the MMD discord channel for help for this mod (hope that's ok) and LordCazsius said that the dev's were rude and unfocused (he's the author of Jurassicraft 2).

    Is this true from your perspective? Is there any way that aid can be put towards this?

    I don't like people badmouthing others and I find it hard to believe that Alex (the dev) is a rude and unfocused person.

    Actually, LordCazsius isn't the author/owner of Jurassicraft 2. I am, along with Gegy1000 and Cody Rex.

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    I have had this problem for a while, but basically I would really love to have some custom mobs set up on my server using the Jurassicraft dino models as the skins, models and animations are sooooooooo good. Sadly when I look up for their model in custom npcs model directory, their entity shows up but when I select it, its there but not visible, almost as if it cant actually load the model. I basically end up with an invisible T rex and I only know its there because of its name tag. I usually wouldnt bother with this but I looooovveee the models sooooooooosooooooo much from Jurassicraft to leave it be XD if anyone could lead in me in the right direction, it would be appreciated c: idek whether the dino's entity class files are in a different format compared to others or something, my java is quite appalling. But yeah, would really appreciate any help

    jurassicraft podrian to do aside from jurassicraft2.0.5 another one jurassicraft with the models ofall the alpha, beta, is reread for minecraft 1.7.10like deinosuchus or oviraptor that is the old modelslike was before jurassicraft but that the old modelsare not so realistic only as jurassicraft without so many animations

    Hi. Honestly, I've had similar thoughts about compatibility between Jurassicraft and Custom NPCs. I'll discuss this with the rest of the team.

    As for the Deinosuchus, Oviraptor and others, don't worry. We'll be adding all (or at very least most) of the old creatures back into the mod with upgraded models. However, for simplicity with coding and overall workload, we'll be releasing new creatures (and other stuff) in waves over time. The next update for JC with new major content will be update 2.1.0.

    Also, please don't post multiple messages in a row like that, as the moderators don't like it when people do that. There should be an option to edit your older messages if you wish to add to them. :)

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    Quote from MonsterGZilla»

    Hello in the "old blueprint" what are those about are all of those dinosaur coming to the mod I hope so of course with (better animation, models and AI)

    (please respond when you have the chance)

    Eventually, yes. :) Or at least, most of them. However, we'll also be adding some creatures not currently seen in the blueprints.
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    Quote from deltadromious»

    work more hard. add more dinosaurs. you arnet doing a good job. i don see lots for dines. add microrapter pacysefalosuaras and megenura

    Patience, my friend. More will come.

    (PS: Nice try ;) )
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    Quote from MokahTGS»

    Is there a way to retrogen fossil ore that's built into the mod?

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "retrogen". Could you explain, please?

    Just wanted to share these pictures of my retuxture of the Jeep, using a few assets from a JP/JW texture pack(and recoloring them to match my theme) I've had on my pc, as well as a few of my own little details. I've decided on an orange theme for my park. Would love some feedback!

    Looks fantastic! :D I'd love to see more of the park.

    Quote from hanksabutt»

    Will there be custom made biomes or like a time machine sort of thing so you dont have to live with the vanilla minecraft biomes and such?

    Well, there aren't currently any plans for that, and it doesn't seem very likely. Sorry. Perhaps you could look around for some kind of biome mod (like Bomes O' Plenty or something like that) for MC 1.9.4 or 1.10.2 and use that? :)

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    Quote from WolfRaptor»

    Ok, That is understandable. since they were a bit, crazy, to say the least. As for the gliding glitch, It seems to ocasionally occur when i log on, Luckily it stopped for me, although if it starts up again, ill prob post on here. Also, although i like the feeder, maybe you could add in feeders like those from JP:OG? Ones that dispense goats and cows or haybales and paleobales? Maybe they could help the hunt/play thing that i think was rumored? Also, it would be cool if you added in dino variantations, like jp3 Spino and jp3 toy spino, and jp3 rex and tlw rex and rexy? EDIT: Also, could you possibly add in either a taming config, for which dinosaurs can be tamed or not, or a force tame command? I wanna tame a rex.

    Ok. If it ever causes your game to crash (not guaranteed, but you never know), be sure to show us the crashlog, please, as that gives Gegy and the other coders the best idea of what's going on. Thanks for letting us know.

    Well, I know the one you mean (JPOG is one of my all-time favourite games), although the current feeder is able to dispense the bales provided in the mod, at least as dropped items. Believe it or not, we haven't really discussed the live feeder very much. At least for now, I'd recommend setting up an ordinary dispenser (filled with farm animal spawn eggs) and maybe hooking it up to some kind of daylight sensor or tripwire system.

    As for Rexy and the TLW Buck? They're already in-game, as the default rex skins. Most of the shots of the female rex in TLW were in the dark, and from what I understand, Stan Winston Studios basically just re-used the pre-existing Rexy puppet as her, so... yeah. :P Same with the Spino, really. The one we saw in JP3 is literally the only example we have of a Spinosaurus in the JP series. That being said, there has been some talk of adding the scarred Rexy from JW as a type of alternate skin... but of course, I can't really say much more on that subject right now. ;)

    As for taming the rex, I'm afraid that's not very likely. Maybe not impossible though...

    Quote from JeeF147»

    On another note:

    I've been digging and digging the whole day, close to 10 thousand blocks digged, most of them around layer 11. Found a stack of diamonds, 17 stacks of gypsum powder, twigs and other stuff, but only ONE fossil. Am I extremely unlucky or there's a bug here? Are they supposed to be really this rare?

    Maybe you guys could reduce a bit the number of gypsum powder blocks and increase a tad the amount of fossils.

    I think it may partly be bad luck (the rest of the team tested the mod in survival, and they were able to gather enough to make a dinosaur no problem), but also due to the arrangement of the fossils. They follow an imitation of "real world logic", i.e. older fossils generate further down, younger fossils higher up, and so on. Layer 11 is pretty deep... have you tried excavating higher up?
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    Quote from WolfRaptor»

    Hey, my female tyrannosaurus glides around on the floor, help? Also do you plan on adding in chaos effect dinosaurs or just film and novel canon ones and more?

    Not entirely sure what's causing that tbh. Does the problem persist when you logout of/close the game and then re-open it?

    As for Chaos Effect dinosaurs... I'm sorry, but no. Granted, Indominus rex miiight not be the only hybrid we've considered adding, but we're not going to go completely bonkers with them like the CE toyline did. :P
    But yes, we'll be sticking to the movie and novel canon for the most part, with a few other miscellaneous creatures.

    And regarding the animation glitches/model freakouts, that's also on our to-fix list.

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    Quote from JeeF147»

    It's my greatest wish, to have dinos as mobs that can hunt you down and kill you, as the mobs in Minecraft are not scary at all. I think this would add a huge amount of immersion into Minecraft, changing it a bit from a sandbox more in the direction of a real survival game. I love dinos and would be awesome being chased by a raptor or a t-rex while trying to build your house early in game.

    Well, carnivores will attack players, but normally only when hungry or attacked. We've also improved their running speeds somewhat compared to previous releases, so they should be quite dangerous.
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    Hi. I recently installed the Utility Mobs mod on my singleplayer game, and I'm really liking it so far!

    However, I've encountered what I think might be a glitch or something. For some reason the "healing aura" of the Melon Golems doesn't seem to be working. I made two of them inside a room, and after taking a bit of unrelated fall damage, I decided to try and use the golems to heal myself.

    Unfortunately though, the golems aren't doing anything, even when I'm in the same room and standing right next to them. No regen at all.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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