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    Story Line
    In the streets of Metropolis the gangsters are on the prowl, ready to strike at any moment. There is a fight for power over the city between each gang and the police, the population is flooding and the gang numbers are rising, the gangs are bashing up the cops and the gangs fighting to see who the top dog is. How will you fit into the everlasting war?

    The Premise

    The premise of Gang Wars is quite familiar but unique for those who have ever played on a prison server. You must climb through the ranks, starting off as a recruit, and build your net worth, your kill count, and your playtime in order to move through the ranks. The most exciting aspect of the server is the inclusion of guns and drugs, which can be obtained in various ways and are essential to your advancement through the ranks.

    Gang Ranks

    Gang Recruit(Default): You’re a mean fighter who grew up on the streets. Now you’re looking into criminal deeds. You may be tough, but still new around these parks...

    Gang Member: You are now in a gang but the lowest member of it. You’re doing newbie errands and selling the boss's drugs.

    Gang Trusted: You are a member of a gang you know roam the streets. Dealers and Street-Fighters look up to you. You now wreak havoc on the streets and kick cop butt. You now have access to the Tier 2 mine, and can make higher level guns.

    Gang Advisor: Police officers fear having to deal with you, and lower level gang members cower when you make your presence known. You’re the most trusted advisor of the Gang Leaders and Co-Leaders, and your words and actions are often felt city-wide. You’re within arms reach of gang leadership.

    Gang Co-Leader: You are now an experienced mobster. You've been around a while and have made your way up to a Gang Co-leader. You are feared by cops and idled by the Gangs trusted. You’re a trained killer whom nobody dares to mess with. You now have access the Tier 3 mine, and are capable of making the most destructive guns Metropolis has to offer.

    Gang Leader: You are now at gang leader status. You are the most respected mobster out there. All gang members look up to you for advice and ruling. You've climbed the ladder of success and are now a boss. You destroy cops and lead men to create an empire.

    Police Ranks

    Trainee: You just started as a police member fresh from the roster. Prove to be a great officer and rise to the normal ranks. The available command is /jail.
    Police: The protector of the innocent, you’ve endured the difficulty of being a Trainee on the streets, and can handle yourself in a fight.
    Sergeant: You’ve proven yourself capable of doing everything the job commands, and are seen as a beacon of hope for newer players.
    SrPolice: An experienced member of the Police force and is trusted by many. Gang members are unlikely to approach you unless they’ve got a posse with them.
    Chief: The head of the police who will be equipped in the strongest armor available.

    Server Ranks

    SrSWAT (Owner): The person that deals with all server management.

    SWAT (Administrator): You are a detective of the admins whose job is to investigate the server by playing it. You snoop for clues of abusive cops, hackers and players that refuse to follow the rules. The commands available are /ban /tempban and /mute.

    NOTE: This rank is not apart of the police faction.

    Deputy/Hitman (Moderator): Deputy/Hitman are moderator ranks the difference between the two is that they are apart of different factions. Moderators will have access to /reports to assist in reports, and dealing with chat in general.


    Weapons, drugs, potions and ender pearls are contraband. Ammo is not. Pumpkins, wheat, sugar and melon slices are drugs. You have 5 seconds to drop a contraband item after being asked by a police officer. If you do not comply and are standing in a no-PvP zone, you will be jailed 5-15 minutes. If you do not comply and are standing in a PvP zone, you will be killed. Do not continually taunt a police officer with contraband. You will be jailed for 5 minutes. Police officers are required to kill anybody engaging in battle with the exception of arranged duels. Players who did not fight, but were being attacked should not be killed. The most important rule for a police officer is to always maintain proper gun etiquette.
    All cops cannot get revenge after being killed and must return as if everything is normal. If a cop is certain of a hacker, and there are no admins or moderators online, he/she is required to jail the hacker for a long period of time.

    No hacking clients. Abuse of glitches/exploits is not allowed. Spamming will result in a mute. Hateful and racist comments are not allowed and will result in a mute to a one day ban. Do not advertise other servers or inappropriate websites. Do not abuse places you are allowed to build. Do not disrespect staff. Use common sense. Do not attempt to find a loophole in a rule. Admins are allowed to make judgment calls. Inactive users will have their plots removed after two weeks (one week if it is empty) Do not ask for ranks.
    Helpful information and tips

    Join the server and type /kit starter for some starter equipment. This can only be used once every 24 hours!

    Black markets buy drugs and sell drugs. To find one, look around the city. (There are 3) There are many warp signs in front of spawn that you can use to warp to a safe area. Once you find the bank you can use it to store an unlimited amount of items. Just be careful getting there! Drugs are pumpkins, wheat, sugar and melons. You can use drugs by crouching and right clicking. Do /qa craft to look at the guns menu to craft and look at all the guns


    Police Application:


    Time spent on the server (do /playtime in game):

    Why do you want to be an officer?:

    What’s the most important rule for a police officer?:
    Recommendations (at least one):

    Moderator Application:


    Time spent on the server (do /playtime in game):

    Why do you want to be a moderator?:

    What makes you a more viable moderator than anyone else?:

    Recommendations (at least three and at least one from a Sergeant or higher):

    Important Information:

    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hhaB4SZ
    Open Beta Times: TBA will be posted in the discord.
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