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    Using movecraft, any player can build ships and move them! you can also mount cannons on these ships. On Total war, these cannons are not to be used lightly. with some amazing redstone engineers that have helped make anti-aircraft dispenser weaponry and many compact turrets (which can rotate with a little movecraft magic) players have recreated many new historical battleships, including the Bismarck, USS Iowa, Tirpitz, the Prinz Eugen and many more!

    > > > IP; Totalwar.mc-server.net < < <

    With the server in it's early stages, you can pioneer your creations for a naval, and technological based warfare, where innovation and strategy, will outmatch skill with the sword. Movecraft even allows for contact projectiles. This means that when a TNT block hits a wall, which will be the bridge of your enemy's warship, it will explode immedietly, so instead of having a shot that will just bounce off your enemy's armor if it's flat, your shots can penetrate the enemy's armor and, with a good shot, knock out their turrets!

    Important links:

    http://totalwar-official.enjin.com/home Forums and website! Dynmap ( a live map of the server)

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    Server dynmap:

    Plugins included: Movecraft ( allows you to build ships with blocks and then move your ships), Citizens, Cannons, Traders, and other NPC mods o allow NPC armies and mor eways to customize your fleet of battleships

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