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    posted a message on Ice Cream Citadel - MC Eternal (1.12.2 Modded) - 18+ - Survival - Brand New Map

    Hey everyone, I just opened up a brand new server with some buds running MC Eternal! On a dedicated server hosted in Virginia, up 24 hours with staff on very different schedules. We're looking to bring some fresh faces in and meet new people. The map is brand new and virtually untouched.

    Some pictures from our humble, completely untamed world:

    Brief overview of the rules/guidelines:

    1.We are an 18+ community.

    2. No griefing, stealing, etc. PvP is enabled, but we're not a PvP server.

    3. There are no banned items, but please take server health into consideration at all times. If you're unfamiliar with mods, ask us what counts as "unhealthy".

    4. Respect your in-game neighbors and fellow community members.

    Whether you're experienced with mods, completely unfamiliar with them, or haven't played since old school Tekkit, you're welcome to join us! If you're interested in checking us out, please apply below with the following application, and I'll get right back to you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them as well.

    Experience with modded Minecraft:

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    posted a message on New KrakenCraft Server! (FTB Infinity Evolved normal mode)

    Hey, Im interested in joining! A smaller community like this seems nice. I've been playing MC for over 5 years, and my favorite modpack has to be The 1.7.10 Pack on Technic.

    Skype: wheresmytortada

    Age: 19

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    posted a message on Pioneers of the New World • Brand New Modded Survival • Challenging and Community Focused PvE
    Quote from SilvanElf»

    IGN: 20

    Age: SilvanElf

    Location: Denmark

    Why you wish to join: Seems like a cool idea, and I'm interested. Hoping to make some new friends as well (:

    Quote from Green428GG»

    IGN: Green428GG

    Age: 16

    Location: Florida, USA

    Why you wish to join: It would be fun to stream on twitch, and I want to be apart of a community that isnt vanilla minecraft.

    Hey guys, thanks for applying! You've been accepted! I'll PM you the details shortly.
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    posted a message on (not running) [Direwolf20 1.4.1][1.7.10][20 slots][whitelisted]

    In game name: Tortada
    Age: 18
    Experience with Mods: Very familiar with some, not familiar at all with most.
    How often would you plan to play: I would definitely say almost every day I could be on. I'm trying to move more into chill games, hence my return to Minecraft...and I don't own a lot of "chillout" games.

    Thanks for considering!

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    posted a message on "Divided Kingdom" Server Project (Looking for Beta Testers and Builders)
    Quote from fire200212»
    Hello, I see you're looking, or you might be, for Builders, I'm a representative of a small build team called Kronos Build Team. We have a website and if you are indeed looking, you can contact me on Skype (fire.200212) and we can situate a deal. http://kronosbuildteam.wix.com/kronosbuildteam - I hope you see our services are fit to you!

    We thank you for the offer! We're doing just fine without needing to pay, though.

    We are still looking for more people!
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    posted a message on "Divided Kingdom" Server Project (Looking for Beta Testers and Builders)
    Quote from Somebodyy»
    IGN: Gregory_kyle

    Age: 35

    What made you want to apply? The reason I wanted to apply is mainly because I enjoy playing RPG related games, I've been playing them for nearly 10+ years, from other server like wynncraft, it really made me intrigued to player other rpg servers. I would really enjoy Beta testing and having some fun as well.

    Skype (Required): Kidz0ndidz

    Hey, thanks for applying! We're happy to say you've been accepted. Welcome to the team!
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    posted a message on NEW Vanilla Mindcrack-like server. Welcome To HydroCrack
    Username- Tortada

    Reason you want to join- I am looking for a smaller, fun, community-oriented server.


    How long you have played? Since Beta 1.2

    Random info- I thoroughly enjoy building, especially when it takes a bit of work for the materials.
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    posted a message on <<<DirtBlock SMP Server>>> [WhiteList][24/7][Youtube][16+][NEW]
    IGN: Tortada

    Age: 17

    Skype: wheresmytortada

    Timezone or Country: Eastern Standard Time, United States

    Why do you want to join DirtBlock?: Im looking for a fun survival server to play on. Usually playing survival I'm on vanilla servers with no plugins whatsoever. I was never big on the minigames and such, but you've gotta try new things, right?

    What can you bring to DirtBlock?: I can bring a friendly, mature attitude and a sense of humor. I'm also not a half-bad builder and a I'm a general Minecraft jack-of-all-trades.

    YouTube channel (Optional) and will you record (also optional): I do in fact have a Youtube channel...with no videos on it. I've wanted to try recording videos at some point, but I never got to it. So, in short, I'll possibly record and if I do I can send my channel.

    Will you be interested in the community activities?: For the most part, sure. It honestly depends on the activities. Group builds and such I'm always happy to be in, but as previously mentioned minigames aren't my thing.

    Do you agree with our rules?: Yes, of course. Its all common sense stuff.

    Have you ever been banned on other servers? If so, what for? (Don't worry if you have, you can still get on the server): In my years of Minecraft, I've never been banned from a single server.
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    posted a message on Fox Craft 100% vanilla || New map || 1.7.* || Whitelist || Professional || 24/7 SSD Hosting || Forum ||
    I just thought I would post a brief review of the server after my couple-week stay.

    First off, allow me to say that I've never found myself so happily dedicated to a community. Everybody is friendly, fun, and interested in nothing but chilling and enjoying themselves. There have been no arguments or disagreements that I am aware of. Some incidents of theft but all were reversed and those responsible were brought to justice. We all get along, work together, and get things done. Ive gotten a great community together in my village of Norrhaven where we all work together on making the community better. Everybody is willing to put in effort to assist each other. Simply put, we at Foxcraft all have tons of fun.

    In terms of player security you will not find a better server. If you are griefed or stolen from, me or another staff member can find who did it, reverse any damage, and make sure the player is dealt with. Its very simple and we're all willing to help.

    When not to join the server? If you have a punkish attitude that will ruin everyone's fun, if you're a thief or griefer, or if you are offended by bad language. We do not have rules against offensive language. If you are a young child or a parent please take that into account before applying.

    If you're mature and Im online when you first join, hit me up about joining Norrhaven!
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    posted a message on Astarion RPG server needs builders, moderators etc.
    Writer Application

    -IGN:-Real Name: My IGN is Tortada, my actual name is Noah.

    -Age: 17

    -How mature you are + explain: Well, I don't know whats really expected in terms of explaining my maturity. Im 17, Ive always been mature for my age, and, put simply, Im not a young child who's going to muck up your project.

    -Tell something about yourself: Well, describing myself is by far what Im worst at. I guess Ill start with the fact that Im 17 years old and a New England native. Im a senior at my local high school where I love Science, History, and English (Writing in particular). Some good things about me are my dedication, my maturity, and my willingness to help others. Some negatives about me are the fact I can lack motivation when Im not fully into something, and that Im generally sleep-deprived due to my insomnia. Im a huge fan of anime, television shows, the "Thriller" genre of novels (particularly political, military, and covert ops), hockey, and videogames that make you think a little as opposed to running and gunning (Although I like those too).

    -Reason for joining: I like to have a creative outlet for my writing. I've been meaning to write a book but I simply don't have the inspiration for what to do it on, so this would provide a nice setting for some fun, creative writing.

    -Write a story about an historical battle: So, this got kind of long so I really hurried the end. It should serve its purpose, nonetheless.

    "Archers! Forward!"

    Rostov had trained hard for this moment. Even at sixteen years, he easily convinced the recruiter at his village he was old enough to fight. He towered over others in height and had a bulky build, often to the point people felt intimidated by his presence. His reason for joining the Norv army was simple: he wished to see the world and ditch his family's squalid farmstead on the edge of Rockmoss Marsh. What he did not expect was to be sent to the front lines immediately after training. He had hoped for a posting in a far away village, with a warm post at the barracks and plenty of mead available.

    The armies of Mugal Khan had different ideas.

    They had begun marching into Norven with force almost unseen. The northern cities had been sacked and occupied with the citizens being forced to living in brutal conditions. The Norvs decided to make their stand here, at Kostra, and force the invaders back.

    As the barbarian horde prepared their attack, as Rostov was unsure if he was going to make it through the fight. The damp, mosquito-ridden swamp from which he came was beginning to sound cozy. Pondering home, he looked over to his left and right. The soldier to his left was as large as he was, if not larger. He had this horrifying, bloodthirsty glimmer in his eyes that made him look like killing was something he looked forward to. Rostov thanked the heavens this man was fighting on his side. To his right, was a short, almost dwarf of a man cowering and afraid. He wouldnt be much help.


    The Norvs prepared to block the volley of arrows which would come their way any moment, almost simultaneous with their volley.


    The stream of projectiles glistened in the sun as they rose, and then again as they began to arc down.

    Rostov raised his shield just in time, as an arrow pierced through it only inches from his skull. To his left, the behemoth of a comrade lay there, two arrows in his chest. The weakling to his right remained unscathed, just as the order came down.

    "Infantry! Cavalry! Forward!"

    The cavalry charged ahead, quickly rushing ahead of the infantry as they also pushed forward. It was not long before Rostov heard the screams and bloodshed from the front lines making first contact. He prepared himself knowing the battle would soon begin for him. No less than a minute later, a Mugal raider charged him with a pike taller than the the soldier was. Rostov quickly blocked, and countered immediately with his sword. The swing hit in the neck, which caused instantaneous death for his attacker. This would not be the first, as the fighting raged for half an hour. The minutes felt like hours, but in the end Rostov survived. He looked around to see the pathetic remnants of what were his brothers in arms. He saw the coward from his right, sword in the air with a strong victory cry. He was one of few, but the battle was theirs! There was no doubt in his mind that he would see more war as they pushed to reclaim land that was taken from them. He was confident, though, that he would see home again.

    -Skype name or PM me: Skype: wheresmytortada
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