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    posted a message on Tribe Wars [Tactical PvP, Dedicated]
    IGN: Torrent1
    Location: Washington USA
    Time Zone: PST
    Play Times: Mornings 5am-10am and late nights 6pm-midnight
    Previous Server(s): none
    Reason for leaving: N/A
    Previous PvP Experience:Counter strike source, freelancer, maple story
    Any other information you'd like to include about yourself: I truly wish to add to this grand idea and be apart of it
    I accept the rules in their entirety and understand that they can change at any time: yes
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    posted a message on [Dedicated][RP/PVP][Protected] Imperial Alliance[50 slot]
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 4 months?
    Why do you want to play on our server: I would love to play on a organized PVP sever and also to be apart of a larger community
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