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    posted a message on Site: http://datsnail.com/ | Survival | Grief-Free | Beta | Factions | & Much more!
    I am posting this because this is a cool website i've found and the staff are nice and the server is fun (Closed Beta at the moment but they are working hartd to get it up and running for us!)
    The main features are :
    1. Factions
    2. Grief-Free
    3. Lockette
    4. Worldedit and guard
    5. Earn ranks not buy them
    6. Community is nice and has much more than minecraft to play
    7. They have their own sep. Servers Cracked && And none cracked
    8. The owner is ixeL
    9. Custom plugins and much more!
    To join register at http://datsnail.com/ And introduce yourself, there will be a new topic opening soon for the server details.
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    Quote from Jkipod

    These Would be the ones I would recommend And you probably should of put this in the server support, But the list of them Are:

    1 Ptweaks
    It Will help if you want about 75 people on a 2 GB server some will Think that's crazy but it will by basically every minute take out the trash and re-organize chunks and saves

    2 Essentials
    Most servers have essentials for basic commands and I would recommend you do the same. There is a lot of essentials jars in the zip but they will do color chat and links, Permissions (Group manager), Allot of basic commands and economy,

    3 World edit and world guard
    You probably know what these are, But for the off chance you don't. They let you protect anything (World Guard). and basically build anything with ease

    4 No cheat Plus allot of servers use this and I don't want to say it will keep out hackers because theirs always a client that will find a way And if you want to own a server you might want to look at http://www.wizardhax...t-hacked-client I know I shouldn't post it, But it keeps you active on all new client because lets all face it Does any one use nodus anymore

    I could recommend more, But you didn't list what type of server you were going to have and that limits to what to say and These will work for any server you plan to make (Unless its a hacking server) You can reply back saying what type of server it is going to be (Aka factions,Towny,survival,hybrid,sky block,mini game type,) then i can try and get back to you with more

    Download link

    Virus Check

    The Virus Check was kinda low to think someone would send you a virus....
    Just saying

    Hope I could help

    Thank you, but i always ask for one because people steal minecraft accounts when they can.
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    I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum/category but I'm posting here because I saw no other place. Please moderator if you see this in the wrong forum please place it in the right forum/section.
    Firstly i'd like to ask a forum member or a very experienced server owner if they could put all the plugins they'd recommend into a zip file and upload and send it too me (With a virustotal paste) Because I'm not quite sure which plugins I want or should get. Thank you for reading this.
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