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    posted a message on =======SlimeCraft Survival========= Fun Events | Great Staff | Fun Plugins | Drop Parties
    IGN: TorchicIsland[/b]

    Age: 18[/b]

    Name you would like to go by: Chris[/b]

    Your discord (If you do not have one please get one): TorchicIsland#0946 [/b]

    Will you follow the rules: Of course! why wouldn't I? :)[/b]

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: For almost 4 years[/b]

    What are you best at in Minecraft: I'd have to say i'm best at the survial aspect haha but I am trying to get better with building and redstone[/b]

    What timezone do you live in: Alaska Time[/b]

    Any other information we should know: I'm a very nice person overall as I just try to be friendly. I dont discriminate at all and never will. I also find community servers very fun as it gets people to know each other and I just enjoy playing minecraft with other people and just forming a community with people I don't yet know and hope to know over time.[/b]
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    posted a message on MinceRaft SMP (WhiteList) - For Youtubers - Vanilla (Mindcrack/Hermitcraft Inspired)
    In Game Name (IGN): TorchicIsland

    Age:14 (extremely mature for my age...and turn 15 in 3 weeks)

    Country (MinceRaft Servers are in U.S. West Coast):Us (Alaska)

    LiveStream URL (Not Needed):Dont have one

    Youtube URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TorchicIsland

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 2-3 years

    Career/Student: Highschool Freshman

    What can you bring to the MinceRaft Server? I good aditude and swell personality

    How much can you go onto the MinceRaft Server in 1 week? 2 -3 days with 4-6 hours a day

    Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft Server, if so, why? Nope

    Have you ever played on or ran a Minecraft Whitelisted SMP Server? (If so, why aren't you on it now?) I have played on one before and have actualy also recorded that on my youtube channel. I dont anymore because it seems the community has fallen apart and they have shifted more towards modded and away from vanilla which is the whole reason I joined

    Have you ever watched episodes of Mindcrack or Hermitcraft? If so then tell us how long and who.
    Yes I have watched videos of Mindcrackers and Hermitcrafters. I have watched ethoslab for almost 2 years now, Kingdaddydmac for almost 2, Hypno for about 1, Generick B for about 1.5,and i took a glance at biffas before but not for a while

    Will you be making MinceRaft LetsPlays? yes I will. Thats actualy one of the main reasons I am trying to join.

    How many MinceRaft Videos will you post in 1 week? I can try for 2 min and 5 max

    Are you interested in recording MinceRaft and other games with other MinceRafters? Of course I love to get to know my community like their family. It should be fun to do other games with them as well

    Will you attend community events (Grand Reveals, Wither Kills, Etc.)? Yes I will but cant promise Ill make everyone...I will do my best though :)
    Skype: TorchicIsland
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 Whitelisted Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server for YouTube
    1. What is your Minecraft username? TorchicIsland

    2. How old are you? 14 almost 15

    3. Link to your YouTube channel (no required number of subscribers, just want to make sure you'r legit) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Nti7rDYygkcvllH8CaUg

    4. What is your skype username? If you don't have one, where have you been tbh? Christopher Rice

    5. How often will you get on, and how often will you record? ill get on 4-5 hours..probably record 2-3

    6. Why do you want to play with us? So i can make a SMP Survival series on my youtube channel
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    posted a message on [24/7] [Whitelist] SMP Vanilla Server
    IGN: TorchicIsland

    Location/Timezone: I live in Anchorage Alaska

    Age:14 (15 on april 29)

    Skype (I will PM you if accepted):Christopher Rice or TorchicIsland (i unfortunately don't remember which name its under but i can guarentee its one of those)

    Building /10: 5-7 but my redstone skill makes up for that drastically which is like 10 out of 10

    Strengths in Minecraft: Redstone and partial building

    How long you have been playing: 2-3 years

    Any other information we should know: I plan on using this server for a SMP Survival series on my youtube if im accepted
    Heres my a link to my channel if your interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Nti7rDYygkcvllH8CaUg
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    posted a message on Redux SMP [Looking for Youtubers Only][1.7.2 Generated, Mindcrack fan server, Whitelisted, 100% Survival Vanilla, Apply and make
    In Game Name:TorchicIsland


    Where you are from:Anchorage,AK

    Previous experience in Minecraft: Played single player and multiplayer survival

    Why do you want to join?: My previous server has like no activity anymore and recording on a blank server just dosnt seem...multiplayer you know so id like to join so i can make proper multiplayer minecraft videos for youtube

    Why should we choose you? What makes you unique?: I'm an excellent redstoner especially for my age and i am a so so builder but when i get going i can make pretty amazing things

    How long per day are you able to play on Redux SMP?: maybe 2-3 hours during school...6-7 during summer

    What will you bring to the server?: I can bring my kindness and expirence in redstone

    Bans on record? - [We will check]: None

    Do you agree to follow the rules strictly?:yes

    Anything we should know?: Not really..other than im in high school so during the school year i may not be on that much and i may get a job during the summer which is why i may only play 6-7 hours. I also have a youtube channel which i plan on making a smp lets play on this server for. Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Nti7rDYygkcvllH8CaUg

    My Skype is Christopher Rice

    please contact me on skype if possible if you accept me
    Ill be checking the forums regularly to see if you did as well
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    posted a message on [1.7.4]Vanilla SMP Whitelisted Server 2.0 Recruit-MindCrack/Hermitcraft like



    Age( we do not really care)-15 but very very mature

    Skype-TorchicIsland or Christopher Rice

    Why do you want to join the server and us? I would like to join cause I am planning on making a smp minecraft let's play on my youtube channel

    What is your best skill in Minecraft:

    - Building (0-10):6

    - Mining (0-10):10

    - Redstone (0-10):9

    - Landscaping (0-10):4

    How often will you be online?as often as I can but right now I'm juggling school and work so maybe 2-4 hours a day at the moment

    Will you be willing to help other players? Yes

    Will you donate if the server is kept going? I can't at the moment but would if I could

    What is your play style? (Hermit/MvP/PvP/PvE)- I just play I don't have a particular style

    Will you do stuff not only for you but also for the public? Sure

    Have you read and agree to them? Yes
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    posted a message on Looking For HG Partner To Make Vids With!
    • Hello,Im TorchicIsland and would like to make some hg vids for my youtube so get back to me on skype at TorchicIsland or email me at [email protected]
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    posted a message on FTB Ultimate Server(Whitelist)24/7
    Name (Optional): Chris
    Age:14 but very mature for my age
    When Did You Start Playing Minecraft: 2-3 Years ago
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: because I like to play with a community of people who could possibly become a friend
    What Would You Bring To The Server: I am very expirenced with ftb and am very trustworthy
    Have You Been Banned Before (We'll Check So Don't Lie) No
    What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In FTB: Play with all the mods and just have a good time
    Coke or Pepsi: I like both coke and pepsi cause they both taste the same to me
    Any YouTube/TwitchTV/Other Links: Yes,Youtube is TorchicIsland,Skype is Christopher"TorchicIsland"Rice
    Additional Info/Pictures: I am a very enjoyable person so please accept this app.I hope to make youtube vids of the server in the future
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    posted a message on FTB Commuity server [Whitelisted] (Ultimate Pack) 15 slots
    [Required] IGN: TorchicIsland
    [Required] Skype: TorchicIsland
    [Required] Have you Been banned before?: No
    [+13 Age] Age: 14
    Why you would like to Join? : I would mabye like to make youtube videos and just have fun with a gaming community
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    posted a message on MoltenCraft - Mindcrack like server - UHC Mode
    How long have you played minecraft? 2 years
    Your minecraft specialty:Redstone and a little building
    why you want to join:I would like to play on this server for youtube vids and just to have a little fun
    will you make youtube videos?Yes But Probably not a lp type thing cause I am just now starting my Single Player LP
    Youtube account link:http://www.youtube.com/user/TorchicIsland
    How many hours can you play per week?Until school starts in 3 weeks probably 4-6 hours a day,24-30 a week
    Skype (Required!): TorchicIsland
    Im hoping that you can over look my age because even though im 14 i have the mind of a 19 year old(As My Father and Teachers have stated)Schools coming in real soon so when it does I will sadly have less time to be on the server but I will try to still be on.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Igluu server! Whitelisted vanilla SMP UHC
    Minecraft username:TorchicIsland


    Skype (required):TorchicIsland(When u search for it ,it will be under Christopher Rice

    Why do you want to join (4 sentences or more):
    1.I would like to join so I can have a fun UHC experience for the first time with a fun community
    2.I have a lesser known YouTube Channel(TorchicIsland) and I would like to make a UHC Series on This Server
    3.I love playing Survival mode and i'm hoping that UHC will give it a fun twist
    4.I love to play with others on a community server and this just seems like on of the best ones iv seen so far(other than a few) with the no griefing or no raiding rules

    Please look at my Youtube Channel if u want to get my "Personality" more than i've posted and message me on Skype when you've made your decision.
    I just want you to know that If you let me join, it wont be a mistake nor will I make u Regret it
    Thank You for your time! :)
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    posted a message on 1.6.1 Whitelisted SMP Server [Mindcrack Inspired]
    Hey man, I'm definitely interested in this!

    YouTube Channel: TorchicIsland

    Skype: TorchicIsland or Christopher Rice

    I definitely want to start making minecraft videos, especially on a server as there is room for collaborations which is my preferred recording style.

    My computer is ok for recording so my videos might not come out often but will defiantly come out.
    Let me know if you want me on the server or not, hope to here from you soon!
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