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    Hey, I'm a big fan of Gerudoku and it's great to see it's still being worked on to this day. From the screenshots it looks like you've been doing an amazing job! One small problem though is that when I download the resource pack and I put it in my resource packs folder, select it, then hop into a world none of the textures apart from the hud and some mobs work. I'm just wondering if this is a known problem and if there is a fix as I can't find anything about it. Thanks for your time!

    Pictures of in-game: https://imgur.com/a/soH8Lez

    EDIT: I just realised that newer messages appear at the last page on a thread. I barely use this site apart from downloading resource pack, etc. Sorry about that. I see that you're still waiting to get around to Gerudoku. I feel stupid and if there's a delete button for replies I can't find it so, welp.

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