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    Eyo everyone, I a poor douchebag here am hosting a modded Minecraft server with Aternos because I don't have many friends and can't pay online :D[/p]
    There are around 80-90 mods that are for the most part vanilla+ or vanilla-friendly and make the gameplay experience seem like Skyrim or Dark Souls or whatever RPG game you like.[/p]
    Before you complain about me using Aternos, I personally find Aternos to be the easiest one to use and one eighth of the mods in the pack are optimisation mods so don't expect much lag.[/p]
    Discord server invite link (both IP and modpack links are in there)[/p]
    Fun fact the only thing that isn't so vanilla about the pack is the sheer amount of detail inside of caves. I went all out trying to make caves better without copying 1.17 update[/p]
    and no i'm not gonna bother making a fancier ad[/p]
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