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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks

    Word sir, word. I'll make time soon.

    In other news, I know I shouldn't be just handing this out all willy-nilly, but here's a thread that's extraordinarily secret and totally relevant. ;)

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    Can you keep a secret? Yeah? Cool. *whisper* *whisper* ...and that's how I learned that Endermites actually taste like chocolate.

    St...steelworks? Tinkers' Steelworks? You... you mean that old thing? Sure. I know a thing or two. But let's keep this strictly between you, me, and that Creeper behind you. Truth is, I've wanted to renovate the whole thing for quite some time even before I vanished. So here lately I've been doing just that. Rather than update and refactor what's present, I've decided to begin at ground zero. New direction, new code, new textures, new smells, the whole shabang!

    That new mod smell comes with a price: Steelworks and Tinkers' Construct are going their separate ways. Sure, they'll still hang out and have fun together, it's just that Steelworks needs some time to be its own mod, see other mods, and get totally intoxicated and dance like a jackass then hurl all over the dance floor without worrying about embarrassing TCon.

    At this point you're probably typing in the reply box: "ya ya we get it ur making that stupid steel thing agin big deal y u waste space in totally srs 4um 4 mod discuchin??" The old thread isn't very relevant to the new mod, and I'm not ready to begin a new mod thread. This thread is simply an excuse to post updates, pictures, lols, and cereal mascots as some weird form of documentation leading up to the release of the mod. I like to think we had lots of fun in the old thread spitballing ideas back and forward, and I learned a ton about... well, lots of things! So to revive the tradition, here we go again.


    Update #1:

    Firstly, I had to get some of the basics layed out. I started with limestone, the generation of limestone deposits (exactly like vanilla's generation of granite and such - at least until limestone caverns is a thing). Then, I tossed in the old storage blocks for sugar, charcoal, gunpowder, and now bone (needs work <_<). Scorched stone is being replaced with a little something called Vitristone. It's like vitrified stone, except we're tossing reality out the window - kinda like how limestone is slightly green :3). The textures for vitristone are only slightly retouched scorched stone for now. Then steel ingots and nuggets were added, although those need some serious work. Image incoming!

    As of now vitristone is the primary crafting component for the High Oven and others, and will be crafted using a combination of limestone dust, redstone dust, clay, and gravel.

    Secondly, let's start making our own steel with everyday household ingredients. I added lapis to mine. It provides a nice hue, pleasant scent, and makes it slightly more enchantable.

    Third, let's talk about adventure. I like it. So to this end, let's add a little more adventure. ;)

    Not pictured (or fully coded, for that matter): Rustmites and Rusteaters. If you're familiar with the Rust Monster from D&D, you should get the idea.

    There you have it folks, a general idea what this thing is becoming. Some things (steam turbines, what?!) will not be returning, while other planned things (lockpicking, locks, chains(?)) are being scratched. Other returning features will be different, but in a good way.

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    Quote from kalez»

    I swear to god that I have not been stalking you, but funny that I check this forum shortly after once again you re-emerge :P

    Glad to see you alive and well, sir.

    Likewise ol' chap! Long time no see! Hope the wife and chillins are doing well. We'll have to establish a dialog soon.

    Quote from xeronut»

    I actually only just bought a N3DS for Black Friday this year. I can has no WiiU (put that open-world Zelda on it and I'll open a vein for one though). Can I be your friend with my kiddie handheld anyway? :D

    Sure thing! (I don't have a 3/2DS though. >_>)
    I'll draw a portrait of you on Miiverse.


    As I mentioned in my last post, work on Steelworks has indeed resumed for Minecraft 1.8, starting from absolute scratch. This means that it is being decoupled from Tinkers Construct. Don't freak! When the time comes, it will still interact with TCon as it did in the past, it's just that I don't enjoy being limited or constrained by other mods. So basically I'm going the Thermal Expansion route. The High Oven is evolving too. I'm going to make it so that there is no need for a GUI. It'll still be present, but not necessary. Some other stuff too - but I'm not going to spoil it here.

    It'll also be nicer to look at. I've sharpened my spriting skills in my absence (was working on a game, made a ton a sprites and tiles, scrapped it), and I'm really looking forward to all the cool animations and such that can be done relatively simply with the new blockstate stuff. So, all that said, I'm thinking the initial release will probably be ready in a few months. There's lots to be done. It's already shaping up to look and feel like a much more organic and mature mod though - I think you guys will appreciate the direction we're moving into.

    Totally pointless half-related edit:

    Here's a small early sample of some of the stuff I was working on for a Zelda-like game involving various tribal lores and dream worlds.

    Actual gameplay:
    And this next one is... well... I'm a big MegaMan nerd. And yes, there is a half-done engine supporting these too. In both instances I grew frustrated with mapping because Unity (and GameMaker, for that matter). Too lazy to make my own these days.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks

    So, a little update~

    Initially, I wanted to port my frogs out of the thing they were in and make them a standalone thing. This of course prompted me to create a new dev workspace and such. I forgot how complicated it can be to get the perfect setup. As I was doing so, referencing to my old 1.6.4 environment, I started poking through the code and realized how much I missed working on this thing. So basically the frogs got the middle finger and Steelworks progress shall resume.

    I've still got to setup a new environment, and with that, I think I may reboot it entirely, starting from the @Mod up. That doesn't mean old code won't be reused - far from it. With the recent ports and updates provided by ephys and others, I'm sure there's better code in there now than the slop I provided. The thing is, while I had a lot of good ideas pooled together with you guys, there was a lack of concentrated focus on my part from one concept to the next, so I never quite felt like any one feature felt as good as it should. I was just eager to push new content. So with that said, by rebooting (...Steelworks: Reforged? Eh? Eh? EH?!) the project I can freely make fundamental changes to things without blowing up anyone's world. Because you know they were just about to finish that 1:1 Castle Rock.

    Don't expect anything soon. I've got to reintroduce myself to the ropes and hope I don't make too many knots. When it's ready, I believe it'll deserve a new topic and such. The current one is soooo 2014.


    Totally off topic now but anyone who may feel the need to pulverize me in Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Tekken, pretty much all the multiplayer games on the Wii U, my NNID is: tooples, my friends list says: Friends 0/100. Plus, I've got some pretty good Mario levels, too. :3

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    Quote from SQUIDHEADSS»

    Technically, If you heated it in a vacuum, it would melt, but the moment it was exposed to oxygen, it would explode.

    I know exactly how that feels.

    Quote from xeronut»

    And I'm also pretty sure this was the plot of a somewhat recent sci-fi flick.

    Oh yeah? Well I'll bet it didn't have middle-age mutant pig nazis. Because mine totally did.

    Quote from xeronut»
    Chicks dig it when you play keyboard with your face.

    Your band name should'a been "Bobbing For Apples".

    Quote from xeronut»
    S'what makes 'em so heavy, holmes. Also, explains the broken teeth

    If you're chewin' on iron then you're made out of steel.


    You know, it occurred to me earlier how striking it was that someone took it upon themself to update this little mod. That's pretty cool. Good feels. I then remembered I had this little guy I was working on as part of something bigger. A had a few other things going on in the background that I didn't announce.

    This was pre-bunnies, and I never finished their behavior.

    This about sums it up, though.

    (Annotations not included)

    Hmmm... curiosity rising.

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    Quote from xeronut»
    Glad to see you all alive and stuff (unless you're a doppelganger posting as Toops, in which case please quit playin' games with my heart (my heart)).

    I can assure you that I am tooootally not Twops. Besides, Twops probably would recognize embarassing 90s pop, and sing the next line. You ...should have known from the start.

    Quote from xeronut »
    When you pour so much of your time into something, it's normal to get burned out from time to time; guess it just hit you harder than others, which is cool.

    I had a lot of other stuff going on as well, so it's... yeah. Life. The bad part was I was actually getting insomnia from overthinking stuff. When I fell asleep, I would dream Minecraft worlds and physics, which isn't the worst thing ever. I mean, at least I wasn't naked.

    Also, glad to see you're alive and presumably well! Unless of course you're a doppleganger too, and this whole forum's userbase was replaced by lifelife robotic humanoids and the only way to live beyond the age of 25 is to eek out a humble life as a miner deep beneath the Earth's surface where the subterranean cannibal cartel have established a reputable trade in human kidneys and tonsils. If that's the case, then... iikip optupac ocrok rok nevada pblpblpblllllt.

    Quote from xeronut »
    Even if you don't mod anymore, feel free to get on here and BS with us. Seriously, if we get bored, this could turn into one of those RP threads where you bounce around stuff like "If I were still modding.. I'd make steel golems do the Harlem Shake if they get attacked by silverfish!" or we'd debate the nutritional value of steel-coated beef jerky

    That would instantly make Minecraft 2015 GotY
    You know what I'm surprised we haven't seen yet? This mod ported to Minecraft.

    Steel Bacon is the name of my band, brah.

    Quote from xeronut »
    My favorite saying is, "Never do two things partially; do one thing fully, and whatever you don't get done, screw it - someone else will pick up the slack."

    There's iron in them words.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks

    Why hello, forum perusers. Been a long time since we rock and rolled.

    It's cool if I resurrect this long-dead topic for the sake of apology, yes?


    So long story short, I got burnt out on Minecraft something hard. I spent a lot more time thinking about the game than I felt was healthy. I needed to put more focus on other things. The sort of things any man reaching 30 (and beyond) should consider, really. I would say I may have bit off more than I could chew, but I don't believe that. I've completed bigger projects in a shorter span of time. I really did enjoy my time working on this mod and I'm happy to see it continued to be updated. Hats off to you, Ephys!

    I would love to say I've returned to modding, but as of now that's not my intention. Just wanted to apologize to the community and those I've worked with - and probably disappointed. I have thought about it; kinda miss the feels. As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun with the forum posts and updates. A lot of you guys were really fun to bounce ideas off of.

    So with that said, if we speak again, expect more absurdity. If not then... well, expect... ...less ...?

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from Indicia

    hey, while playing Agrarian Skies, I found this bug that makes my game crash every time I load my save, I posted it on the agrarian skies bug report forum - But thought I should share it here.

    Should be fixed as of
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    Quote from jordyj98765

    -snip- steel golem -snip- going super fast and ape crazy on enemies -snip-. The way the legs are made give me a cool idea though. -snip- steel golem -snip- go into a gorilla stance then when riding -snip-. Also you should make it so if an enemy is in the air that they can hover by shooting steam from they're bottoms. -snip- let them hover for like 2 or 3 seconds -snip-. Also let the player manually do that whenever on the steel golem.-snip-

    You're actually pretty close. ;)

    Quote from jordyj98765

    -snip- an amazing idea. you should put an anvil in the basin then cover the anvil in steel and make a "forger" -FRIGGIN EPIC SNIP-

    Against, pretty close. A lot of this will be covered in the blacksmithing system plans.
    Also, thanks to Dylan, we now have textures to do modifiable steel armor properly - which will be renamed Guardian Armor for ~reasons~

    Quote from wiiv

    If you ever do that, I think Imps from natura should try to convert pigmen to their cause. And Steel Golem shouldn't be too happy about their propaganda and they probably should start cooking some mashed Imp flesh bonanza. ;)

    Totally legit. :3

    Quote from HiScore2

    The high oven has something I'd like to call a glitch (don't know if it is or not) but you need a 3x3x4 High oven to make a piece of steel. -snip- And also, I don't know if this will be added, but you should put in some "Secret" or "Easter egg" metals that don't show up in N.E.I, or don't have a visible recipe. -snip-

    The former issue has been fixed as of the above release.
    As for secret metals and all that jazz: ...something like that. Though, not quite. Variable steel will eventually be a thing. The idea is that you'll be able to make steel out of lots of different things, and the things you use and even temperature its cooked at determines its properties, traits, available modifier slots, and even color.

    Quote from Namorax

    I have another question: My Highoven produces slag but I am not able to pip it out of the oven. Unless I show up from time to time it gets stuffed with it and stops smelting down my ores.
    EDIT: I treid building several tanks. -snip-

    For the slag issue, ...I got nothin'. That's pretty odd... actually, I must say, both issues seem pretty odd. I could see the first being an erroneously placed duct somehow pulling from your output duct, but that honestly shouldn't happen anyway. As for tanks, that's... odd. I hate to pin it on other mods, but really I can't think of any other potential source - though that doesn't seem likely, either. Well, there's always the new update... that might remedy things for ya'.

    Quote from LazyLeopard

    Just wanted to say that I enjoy the Steelworks mod and I'm looking forward to using High Ovens to run my steam engines. :P

    Thanks for the great work and prompt bug fixes.

    I plan on having steam pipes in the next update, so keep your eyes on the horizon and thanks for playing. :3

    Quote from The_Arcanian

    Some observations/bug reports while playing with the deep tanks. (Sorry for any repetitions from other posts, just being thorough):

    Why, such a splendid report! Fortunately, most of these (drain-related) bugs should be taken care of in the update I just posted. There's still some issues for sure, but we're pretty close to the Deep Tank being solid now. Much appreciated, again, and do not hesitate to file more fantastic reports in the future!
    Also, good idea on the controller grey~blue. I'll put it on the todo list.

    Quote from Toops

    Good news, everyone!
    It feels so good to be a gangsta!

    Oh, you sly dog, you.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Good news, everyone!
    It feels so good to be a gangsta!

    Mod updated. Links in OP.

    • 3x3x3 High Oven max temperature is now 2,000c
    • Sand consumption reduced to 1 block
    • Various material dissipation rates reduced slightly
    • Bucket 'O Steam may now be acquired with the casting table
    • Deep Tank may now use any OreDictionary glass
    • Deep Tank walls may now be composed of scorched bricks and drains
    • WAILA tooltip now displays the current total fluid and max (ex 1000mB / 8000mB Total)
    • Russian language support
    • Really fixes Limestone worldgen crash
    • Fixed several potential NPEs in High Oven//Deep Tank structure
    • Drains no longer accept fluids if master tank is full
    • Steel armor couldn't be repaired on an anvil
    Or if you prefer, in video format (including a couple FAQS!):
    (At some point, I derp not realizing the lever that was activating the oven was disabling the duct, so harharhar.)
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from DrakkenRex

    Okay, not sure what happened to my last post, but there is an issue I feel you should look into regarding limestone world gen with a BoP biome map

    Oddly enough, somehow only half the fix was implemented! So it succeeded in initial testing, but didn't pass the grade later. In any case, we've got it fixed now (thanks joshie!), and the next hotfix release will be put out shortly, possibly tonight.

    Quote from Namorax

    on the other hand, the Deep Tank is no longer able to form: Various materials and sizes (3x3x5, 5x5x5, 7x7x5) all refuse to form a Deep Tank, the Controller only tells me its an invalid structure.

    How... odd. I suspect something may be off with your Deep Tank structure. That said, the aforementioned fix will also include some Deep Tank polish for further structural fixes.

    Quote from Mathe172

    How do I get the High oven to produce steam reliably? At the moment, I try to pull the steam out with fluiducts (water is blacklisted) but most of the time, the water gets put at the bottom, blocking the steam from getting out. Does anyone have a workaround for this problem?

    At the moment, part of the problem with the High Oven's steam production is two-fold: pipes and faucets always want to pull out the bottom fluid, and if the tank is full of water, it can't produce steam because there's no room for it to move things around.
    So, I have three things in mind to remedy this:
    1. Steam pipes, which will be connected to top-facing drains and automatically pull steam out.
    2. Scorched Analyzer, a structure block which allows you to determine how many items a slot contains or how much fluid is in the tank using redstone, akin to comparators.
    3. Generally rewriting how steam is produced.
    Until then, there is a workaround. In the server on play on, my steam room uses two High Ovens hooked up to a single aqueous accumulator. The High Ovens will produce steam faster than the accumulator can pump water in, thus the steam drops to the bottom of the tank before more water is pumped in, and from there it is ejected into a fluidduct (with water blacklisted just in case) where it is transferred to a Deep Tank, and from there to Steam Engines. Actually, I think I have a screenshot...
    The key is that little control panel with the levers: most notably, it's important to remember to shut off the accumulator when the ovens are inactive or below steam production temperature so that they don't get flooded with water.

    Quote from Dylan4ever

    Sorry for the long lack of ''me'' here, I will try to do the on-body textures soon(ish). However, would you have a problem with a Terrasteel-coloured variant of the same texture to be used for Terrasteel in the Botania mod (your mod has priority since I offered it to you first, but I can freely add this smashing looking texture to Botania to)?

    Got 'em! They're beautiful. ;_;
    I don't have a problem if Vazkii doesn't!

    Quote from Enosphorous

    Hey, Toopsie, were you planning on making Scorched faucets? TCon Seared faucets stick out on High Ovens and Deep Tanks like a sore thumb to me, and I can't get over it.

    I would be glad to take that upon myself, send a pull request for you on GitHub, if you'd like.

    For some odd reason, every time someone makes a suggestion via IRC, the next day or so, it's mirrored on the forums - for visa versa!
    And yes'ir, I'll most certainly make this a reality. If you'd like to contribute however, go right ahead. I'm working on finishing up the next hotfix ( so that I can get back to working on content. The develop branch (for is where all the new things go - unfortunately this means that I believe both the High Oven and Deep Tank are currently borked on that branch due to some big logic backend changes. Still, scorched faucets could be tested against the smeltery. :3

    Quote from SegFaulter

    Is it known that turning to the page past "known oxidizers" in the book will cause a crash in the latest version? (And TConstruct v1.5.3d3) Crash log:

    Oh, now that's a new one!
    Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

    Quote from Caleb_Bomb

    Also this my first post, yay! :)

    Welcome to the forums!

    Quote from Pixelated

    Oh yeah, does this not work with ExtraTic?

    Tried to melt down some Osmium to no effect.

    At the moment, no, but after speaking with Glassmaker a few days back, I believe he's working on it. :)


    There was going to be more replies in this post, but it's time for work! My apologies to those I've missed~
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from Pixelated

    Is there something to make any kind of TSteelwork brick work as a deep tank Corner block?

    Having all glass sides are kinda ugly.

    I was thinking about this too recently. I suppose I could work something out.

    Quote from ByblosHex

    I'm not sure what's going on. But my High Oven is unresponsive. -snip- It has Blocks of Coal in the fuel box. -snip-

    Try charcoal or charcoal blocks. ;)
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from deandip

    3rd edit: I derped in the construction and thought the inside of the tank was suppose to be filled with glass too. Now I realize it should be hollow.

    Quote from zohan_502

    I was building a Deep Tank and replaced a scorched bricks with a scorched drain and it seems like that cause a crash of the entire server.
    It's the FTB Agrarian Skies pack but through testing it seems to be that that's what's crashing it.

    Here's the full crash report. Hope this helps.

    Whoa whoa buddy, try wrapping crash reports in spoiler tags next time, like so...
    [spoiler]Text goes here.[/spoiler]

    This has been fixed, the version in the OP of this thread fixes the error, unfortunately since it's on a server the server will need to update as well. That said, I didn't think so many people would attempt to place a scorched duct in the deep tank's structure so I didn't bump the version and upload to CurseForge. So what I'm going to have to do tonight is just that - make it a proper release.


    And I realized I forgot to actually hit the post button, but that's cool too.

    Here's the official fix. It also fixes another minor thing.
    I'll update the OP later. It's currently being uploaded to CurseForge as well, so it should presumably be in the next version of AgS.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from wiiv

    So, will pigmen be added to the nether? Nether Villages? Or will they be protective of the crazed rotten pigmen?

    The latter.
    Though, at some point, the former may become a reality, because it totally should. Actually, before I started Steelworks, that was what I was planning - nether villages with pigmen villagers. I may end up shoving it into Natura, though.

    Quote from deandip

    I don't suppose molten liquids from a tinker's construct smeltery are able to be stored in a deep tank, right? Because I just pumped all my molten liquid from a TC smeltery into a deep tank and it disappeared.

    Quote from Foxmaniac

    It is supposed to work... First time i did build my Deep Tank it didn't seem to work either, luckely i was trying it with some Lava from a portable tank, at the time figured lava was not supported by the tank... But i broke the tank down, and builded it up at another location different Glass bloks(skipped the use of seared glass like in the picture), size(bigger) etc.. And it works like a charm...-snip-

    Exactly. It should work with any and all forge-registered fluid, and like the High Oven, it's also based on the smeltery's code. If you had fluids in it before, and they disappeared, I suspect it may have been due to an update, though this probably shouldn't have happened anyway. Another thing I'm hearing about recently is problems with most multiblock structures which are positioned between chunks, so I'll look into that.

    And it appears I've found a bug myself while testing - for some very strange reason, the deep tank is expecting vanilla glass only for the middle of top and bottom layers, yet the walls can naturally be composed of any glass. The next release will feature much more solid logic backing both the high oven and deep tank structures. :)
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    Quote from KimiroDragon

    Very much awesome.
    Will they spawn naturally (in the Nether)? o:
    And uhm... Shouldn't something that's basically 5000 kg of steel, ardite and ham on legs be a wee bit slower? XD
    What kind of drops will they give?
    Can I fire them out of TNT cannons?

    Nether spawning: yes. To top it off, they will be protective of pigmen if naturally nether spawned, but universally terrified of all spiders.

    Slower: yes. The idea is that they will actually move about the same rate as iron golems (they would have be even slower if it was a biped) but when it comes time to get serious and throw some mobs around, they rush in like it's free tee-shirt day.

    Drops: an undetermined random amount steel ingots and cooked porkchops, and always a solid block of ardite.

    TNT Cannon:

    Quote from Foxmaniac

    Also pretty Epic Steel Golem :) awsome Artwork ;)

    Thanks! The modelling and texture actually took longer than the code.
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