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    Using Minecraft's Elytra, I built my base in a big mountain. When you fly in, it activates tripwires that open a 3x5 piston door. Thats my secret enterance.

    Then I built a machine that puts my armor on a hook and takes off my elytra. It puts on a beacon when I'm in the building too :D

    Then I have some carrot and potato farms, the potatoes are auto-cooked. I also have:
    - Hopper network, auto storing my stuff

    - A sorting system for my chests.

    - Redstone lamp indicators, telling me how full my system is.

    - An item request system

    - Auto crafting system

    - Auto lighting, using the new observers.

    - Auto farms, farming iron and gold and redstone. Its auto smelted and sorted.

    Thats it, so far.

    OH, and I have a slime block launcher, that is just for fun :D

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    Hello my good friends and unknown people :D
    You probally don't know me, and I probally don't know you, but if your like me, when the latest Minecraft version came out, 1.10.2, I was instantly looking at what to do with it :o

    Anyways, this is why this post exists!

    I thought it would be handy for some people, never modded 1.10.2 before,
    or mabye new to modding altogether! This guide will hopefully help you!

    Ok, so this is what to do: FOR WINDOWS!

    Step One: Installing Minecraft 1.10.2 and Minecraft Forge.

    Under "Download Latest", choose "Installer-win".
    What to download
    When downloaded, go to your launcher and click "New profile". Choose a name, and set the version to
    "Latest", or "1.10.2". Whatever you wanna do. NOTE: You need to run the new profile at least once!
    Finally run the downloaded file, and click "Install".
    Where to click to make a new profile
    When its done, there will be a new profile called: "Forge".
    Yay! Your now ready to mod!

    Step Two: Finding, Downloading and Installing mods!
    This is the most fun step!
    You'll need a page that hosts mods. These two has the best mods:
    Or google: "minecraft 1.10.2 mods".
    Make sure when downloading your getting the 1.10.2 version!

    Ok, so you'll probally download *.jar or *.zip files.
    Go to the start menu:
    Windows XP: Start > Run > type "%appdata% > hit "ENTER" > .minecraft > Create folder: "mods"
    Windows Vista / 7: Start > search for %appdata% > Same above /\
    Windows 8: Start > start typing "%appdata% > Same as above /\ x2

    Ok, so put your .jars and .zips in the mods folder!

    Step Three: testing and having fun!

    Ok, so launch minecraft. STOP! Choose the "Forge" profile. If you don't launch with that, the mods won't work :(

    Hopefully if it goes right, you will see a Mojang logo with a loading bar saying something like "Preparing mods". I really forgot what it says :\

    Ok, so now make a world! And enjoy your freedom!

    Extra Infomation:
    Some mods need core mods, otherwise: more mods; like Storage Drawers needs a mod called Chameleon.

    Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and now know how to mod! This is pretty much the same for lower Minecraft versions too!

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    posted a message on I met an amazing girl on minecraft

    If you both like each other keep a good friendship going :D Thats all you

    can do until your older.

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