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    posted a message on 1.8 with plugins! Your friendly neighborhood survival (with an economy) server! 24/7, great staff, super friendly! :)

    Hello, I tried to get on your website to register. However, your registering engine will not except either of my two valid email address. Any help would be very appreciated!

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    posted a message on [Minecrack-Like] [Dragon's Summit SMP] ( OPEN ) 1.7.9
    How old are you?: 15

    What is your timezone? CST

    Are you mature enough to follow the rules? Yes. I am pretty mature.
    How often will you be on the server if you are whitelisted?: I'm a binge MC player, I'll probably play at least a hour a day. Or 6.... no in between. =)

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Since before hunger! (The adventure update)

    Will you accept full responsibilty if you break the rules?(the punishment will be a ban.): Yes.

    What is your ign? Altair85 (Planning on changing it once Mojang allows it)

    Do you have a skype that you are able to use(required)? yes. TonySharter

    Why you want to join?: I've been looking for a minecrack type server ever since I discovered minecrack. I've tried non-white list server with a ton of plugins that "prevent" griefing but they never do or they do a poor job of it. This server apeals to me because its using the honor system, instead of a ton of plugins. Well the answer, you might say is to make my own server, but unfortunately my friends are not into minecraft as I am. Example; I'll build a iron golem farm while they'll make a dirt shack. So they answer is I really would like to be on a server with committed MC players.

    Why we should pick you? I am a well rounded MC player. I can build pretty well, do redstone, make farms, PvP, and pretty much do anything well.

    Do you have a youtube channel and will be recording(not required, help with getting in though)? No. I am very self conscious about my voice since I was bullied for it. But the short answer is No.

    Are you technical with minecraft (meaning do you know how to use crazy commands and is familar with MCedit, also not required but will help with getting whitelisted?: Yes I have worked with commandblocks/ setting up deathcouters on scoreboards/working with MC edit

    Rate yourself from 1-10 AND show me some of your work! (required) Strong 8 (It's unfinished but im still pretty proud of it)
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    posted a message on Official Crafting Dead Mod
    Hey! Could I please get just the mod? I'm working on a zombie mod pack and would really like to use this mod!
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    posted a message on Official Crafting Dead Mod
    Hey dude, I would like to use this mod in a modpack.
    Would that be ok?
    Please let me know thanks dude!
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    posted a message on Official Crafting Dead Mod
    Hey man AWESOME mod but when I play it get boring with the same small structures. So my idea is to add CITYS ya CITYS. There could be three different types of citys; town, city, and metropolis. Each would have different size and loot.
    I am a decent map builder I would not mind building them for you. :)

    So please let me know thanks.
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders for a Zombie Survival Server
    Name: Altair85
    Age: 13
    Skill: 9-10
    Skype: no
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    posted a message on HELP! MineCraft moding on macs
    Hey every one I need help. I have been trying to install mods on my mac a 10.5.8. I have nothing on it no modloader or WinRAR nothing so if someone could help me that would be great.
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