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    First of all, I need to introduce Coestar. You probably have at least heard of him as a Youtuber with a very popular Youtuber series called Coe's Quest. His name is Coe (obviously).

    A while back, Coe and some of his friends were in a Livestream with Notch. A little while through it one of Coe's friends asked Notch if in the future he would allow our Minecraft.net account names to be changed. Notch said yes, but he still hasn't done it or said anything about it that I know of. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this?

    Please reply! Thanks.

    The above text is old... Very old... New text is below, read that instead!

    So yeah... Notch agreed to do this, and apparently it was confirmed that they would make it possible to change your name, but now Notch has stepped down... Do you think Jeb will still develop this?


    Just came back to this years later while looking through all of my past accounts on different websites and hating myself for including "Y U NO" in a sentence. ;-;

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    Why do you care? Just because they're adding horses doesn't mean they're forcing you to use them.

    You're missing the point.
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    posted a message on Famous Minecraft players?
    Define famous... Do they need above a certain subscriber count on Youtube or....
    Anyway, add X to the list.
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    Quote from Missingno_26

    The problem is they aren't creating a "base" anymore, the base was set around 1.7.3. Now, they are adding whatever they want and now, Minecraft looks like a huge mod !

    D: So true! I've never really thought about it, but you're right! Even all of the so-loved enchanting and potions that have been around since 1.9 is a lot like what I would expect from a mod. I don't know... I feel like Notch spent his time creating a perfect, blocky sandbox for the world to play around with. And then Jeb took it and made an Adventure game where things like defeating bosses are somewhat mandatory.

    I am suddenly really not so optimistic about Minecraft right now... But the truth is, I love the game. Every now and then we realize how much stuff has changed, and we might get frustrated. Why did things have to change from such a perfect state? Well because, to be honest, we all would have gotten bored with the things that 1.0 had to offer eventually. And they have to keep us going somehow.
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    posted a message on [32x - 128x] ☠ vonDoomCraft ☠ [Mar 30: Updates and stuff!]
    This is one of my favorite texture packs and I haven't even used it yet! O:
    Amazing work, and very well displayed on your thread as well. That shows dedication. Awesome job.
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    posted a message on have mobs have a higher chance of dropping iteams they have spawned with
    (I haven't read every post, sorry if I'm repeating something)
    They do drop the items they are holding sometimes, and just enough that it makes it a cool, rare appearance. Also, does Minecraft look like a realistic game to you? Just saying.

    I don't support.
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    posted a message on Things to do in Minecraft when you've done everything.
    Quote from Deacon_Blue

    You haven't. There's always a bigger and better building. There's always a more efficient/aesthetically pleasing/interesting farm. There are always improvements you can make.

    True words spoken.

    But I know where you're coming from.
    Although Minecraft is a game where it's literally impossible to do everything, many players do get to a point where they get in a rut. 'I could do that, but I just don't have the motivation.' Contrary to popular belief, Minecraft does take a lot of work. Sometimes we don't want to do that work, sometimes we just want to see and do new stuff.

    If that's your issue, I personally suggest trying an Adventure Map or Mod, or even a custom server. If you think that you've done everything in SSP, it's about time you open the world of the Minecraft Community. It's hundreds times bigger, growing hundreds times faster and has limitless things to do.
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    posted a message on 1 touch block destroy is annoying
    It's technically not 1 touch. It takes about 1 tick for the block to actually get destroyed after you start hitting it. If it wasn't like this then whenever you clicked it would break every block in reach that you're aiming at. THAT would be annoying.
    Also this is a horribly written topic and it's not even a suggestion.
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    posted a message on Beautiful sunset is beautiful.
    I thought this would look great with some enhancements. ;)

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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Great! Thanks for the work Simo.
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