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    posted a message on Random nether portals?? (From gfaqs)
    Quote from dofo

    posting.php?mode=reply&f=3&t=105197# images/icons/misc/radioactive.gif :ironore: :coalore: :goldore: :Iron: :GP: :GoldBar: :DORE: + :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Zombie: = [].I think :tnt: is to hard to craft,but I cant find the discussion of that. :sponge: is funny and :ironore: and [size=xx-large] and :goldore: and :obsidian: are just awesome.but [opbloc] just sucks images/icons/misc/radioactive.gif [size=xx-large]

    Cool story. Needs more dragons and stuff.

    Anyway, I never knew random portals were possible, but that's very cool! :D I guess it's kind of one of those little things that make caving exciting, like finding silverfish blocks randomly, which I have done.
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    posted a message on 13w03a Ready for Testing
    Oooooh! Sweet.
    Just thing what JL2579 will do. ;P
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    posted a message on Dragon Dance, Cartoon RPG (Updated 3/10)
    I see that you have Tekkit compatibility, and I'm hoping you aren't too far along with it. I like this texture pack a lot, but don't bother making a Tekkit version. You're probably already aware of this, but Tekkit is no longer being updated. It's done. If you really want to make a modded version, go with FTB. :) Just a suggestion.
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    posted a message on Record Diamond Hit!
    My highest was 13, but that was back in Alpha. Diamond spawns have changed a bit since.
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    posted a message on [RPG/ADV] - A Day in Tuscarora - (from the guys that made Deja Vu!)
    I'm working on an RPG map myself. A very original one. I've always loved map making but never really found Minecraft's blocks and mechanics suitable to make an actual Role-Playing Game. But with the recent month's additions of Command Blocks and more customizations, I feel like that's really changed. I'll try this map to take a break from building. :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Mob Dismemberment [v1]
    I decided to put the mod to it's limits, and see just how gory it can get.

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    posted a message on How did u find out about minecraft
    Youtube while browsing through ROBLOX videos. :( I know, I can't believe I played that game...
    Anyway, that was in Alpha 1.1 I believe.
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    posted a message on Neather stars
    Tihs tpic is ful uf bad speel.

    Anyway, yes, that is the only way you can really get a nether star, but it can be made more of an efficient process. These processes take a long time themselves though, and I only suggest trying them if you want multiple beacons.

    Alright, so here's the fastest way of spawning wither skeletons. Find a nether fort and find a place where there are lots of places where wither skeletons can spawn. Take away all of the blocks in that area except for the actual blocks that they can spawn in (so take the walls away and keep the floors). Make multiple levels in the same place to allow for more spawning spots, make them 2-3 blocks apart vertically. Remember to keep all the area in and around the spawning platform clear.

    Honestly, this isn't a great explanation and I'm probably missing out some things that could help, but try this out if you want.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    You need to get a 1.2.4 version of Minecraft then! :P
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] The ST4R Server [Vanilla] [Prank Wars] -Serious Survival With Trusted Players-
    Quote from baimezan

    Baim here. I just wanted to say today I tried to connect and I was not whitelisted. Now, I do not demand to be whitelisted again. I actually don't really have time for minecraft. I got accepted in a TF2 competitive team, and I accept this very seriously, so I have been practising competitive alot. Also, I picked up GW2 and I am a big fan of the MMOs, so I have been playing it alot. Most of the time I play minecraft, I play on pvp.tc.oc which is practicly PvP/RFW maps. I actually say zusezuse and Cyclio there few times.
    Anyways. Just wanted to say that I am not dead or stuff. Have a g'day man

    I know what oc.tc is! :D Yeaah, this server went down a while ago sadly. But I'm still around. Admin on CounterCraft, leader of a Race For Wool team... That's pretty much what I'm up to now.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]

    Sorry this post is going to be bloody longer than any other post I've made... but if it helps you guys get SPC to work "correctly" in 1.4.2, then it was worth it. Follow the instructions TO THE LETTER, and you'll be fine. But, in case something goes bad, I don't take the responsibility for it... by following these instructions, you acknowledge that you are doing this of your own free will, and take responsibility for any errors, or loss of files, or whatever other crazy crap modding your Minecraft client can cause, and won't come back here screaming for my head.

    *Ahem* That said, I present to you a "MCPatcher Tutorial" for how to use SPC 1.4.2 Dev with all the functionality of 1.3.2 restored (including //set 0)!


    Step 1: Delete the minecraft.jar file in your .minecraft/bin folder. You will want a FRESH copy of Minecraft to work with. Trust me. You might even need to delete your .minecraft/mods folder, if you end up with conflicting mods from previous installations.

    Step 2: Run your ~default~ Minecraft client, and under the "Options" button, click the "Force update!" button. Let Minecraft download the required files to give you a "vanilla" copy of the minecraft.jar file.

    Step 3: Download MCPatcher:

    Step 4: Download SPC142-devPT1.zip:

    Step 5: Download SPC142-devPT2.zip:

    Step 6: Download worldedit-5.4.4-SNAPSHOT.zip:

    I suggest you download the files somewhere you won't lose them, and will be EASY to get to. I suggest "C:/Minecraft/Mods/SPC".

    Step 7: Run MCPatcher, as is. You will have "HD Textures", "HD Font", "Random Mobs", "Custom Colors", "Connected Textures", "Better Skies", and "Better Glass" checked.

    Step 8: Click the "Test" button. Minecraft will load up. If you don't get a blackscreen, awesomeface.jpg. Exit that version of Minecraft, and click the "Patch" button. Test Minecraft via your normal client. You should be golden. No blackscreens... nothing.

    >You now have support for HD Texture Packs. Exit MCPatcher (for now).

    Step 9: Go to .minecraft/bin/ and extract the worldedit-5.4.4-SNAPSHOT.zip file there. You'll end up with a WorldEdit.jar file. You need this. You don't need to keep the worldedit-5.4.4-SNAPSHOT.zip file in your /bin folder... I'd suggest not leaving it there.

    Step 10: Run MCPatcher again. Don't check/uncheck anything. Just leave things well enough alone. Seriously, if you don't know what you're doing, don't touch a thing.

    Step 11: Under the "Mods" menu tab, click "Add", and locate the "SPC142-devPT1.zip" file, and click "Open". It should pop up a bunch of "Files to insert". Just click "OK" and nothing else. Move "SPC142-devPT1" up to the top of the list, and click the checkbox next to it.

    >>Your MCPatcher screen should look similar to this (ignore the fact that I have other mods "installed", only have checked what I do):

    Step 12: Click "Test", to make certain that you don't get a black screen. Assuming you didn't see any errors, exit the test client, and click "Patch". Now check again, with your default client, and you should see the friendly "SPC" greeting message when you log into your world. I suggest you test the more common commands like //wand (to see if you get a wand) and "//set <block>" in a small section of the world. This way you can be sure as to whether or not your WorldEdit commands work, or were even installed. If you haven't gotten a black screen, or errors, move on to Step 13.

    >You have now installed the contents of "spc_4.3dev.zip" successfully. Exit MCPatcher again.

    Step 13: Run MCPatcher for the third time (yeah, this is annoying, I know... but it's the safest way to do this, sorry).

    Step 14: Now it's time to add "SPC142-devPT2.zip". Do it the same way you added "SPC142-devPT1.zip". Move SPC142-devPT2 up to the second position in the patch list (just below SPC142-devPT1), and check it. LEAVE BOTH versions of "SPC" checked from this point onward. I know it doesn't make sense, but it's what I did, and it worked. Leave them checked, even when you want to add other mods to the patcher.

    In fact, as a side note, you can add other mods that you want, in the same way you've added SPC. However, make certain that you backup your .minecraft folder contents before you do. And make sure they are compatible with MCPatcher, and that you follow any extra instructions on your mod's page.

    >>Your MCPatcher will now look like this (minus my extra installed mod patches):

    Step 15: Click "Test", again, to make certain that you don't get a black screen. Assuming you didn't see any errors, exit the test client, and click "Patch". You WILL get a message screaming at you about conflicting patches (either when testing, or patching). THIS IS NORMAL. Click "Yes" and it will overwrite the WorldEdit folder, according to Axxon's community fix. Trust me, it works like this. It doesn't seem like it should, but it does.

    >>The angry MCPatcher conflict error will look like this:

    Step 16: Now check, yet again, with your default client, and you should see the friendly "SPC" greeting message when you log into your world. Use //wand to get your wand tool, and select a section of the map, and do "//set 0". You should now be able to create Air Blocks again. This ALSO completely restores full //undo and //cut functionality.

    IF you've gotten errors during this process... I... don't really know how to fix them for you. I'm still a bit green when it comes to modding, and more-so with MCPatcher. This worked a treat for me, on Windows Vista, but other Operating Systems (and most assuredly on a MAC) might give you some issues.

    This is the work of legends. Thanks friend.
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    posted a message on [1.15.1] The "BETTER THAN DEFAULT" resource upgrade - v2.6
    I really like some aspects of this! If it's okay with you, I might take just SOME textures from this and add them to my vanilla texture pack. I don't like all the blocks, but some things (like the redstone and mobs and such) I would love to add! Of course I won't release this. It's just for personal use. xD
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    posted a message on Odd LAN Server issue
    It's funny how you're trying to get people to think you saw Herobrine.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Great! Thanks for the work Simo.
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    posted a message on MINIGAME: King of the Castle (King of the Hill) - 1.4 Snapshot [Downloadable]
    Awesome map! Just played it with only 4 people (including you Mr Maker) and I really enjoyed it! It plays differently than other PvP maps and makes for a really cool and unique battle! Can't wait to play it with more players.
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