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    posted a message on No Bonemeal Nerf in Creative Mode
    What if someone wants their crops to be at different stages? They might want all the wheat to only be half grown. But I guess it would end up growing all the way anyway so I guess it's not a big deal.

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    posted a message on What do you call those food shanks in the hunger bar?
    I have seen people call them all sorts of things. I personally like hunger points.
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    posted a message on Riverhide peak : The hidden civilisation (a 30 and more hours full RPG) Alpha avaliable
    Me and my brother are working on a huge non-linear RPG like this as well. The multiple answering system that you are speaking of is something that I am working on right now. I'll let you know if I find a reliable solution.
    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Pig Statue
    It's been done many many many many many many (etc.) times. Just look it up. You're bound to find at least 5000 satisfactory results.
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    posted a message on Things to do in Minecraft when you've done everything.
    Quote from Deacon_Blue

    You haven't. There's always a bigger and better building. There's always a more efficient/aesthetically pleasing/interesting farm. There are always improvements you can make.

    True words spoken.

    But I know where you're coming from.
    Although Minecraft is a game where it's literally impossible to do everything, many players do get to a point where they get in a rut. 'I could do that, but I just don't have the motivation.' Contrary to popular belief, Minecraft does take a lot of work. Sometimes we don't want to do that work, sometimes we just want to see and do new stuff.

    If that's your issue, I personally suggest trying an Adventure Map or Mod, or even a custom server. If you think that you've done everything in SSP, it's about time you open the world of the Minecraft Community. It's hundreds times bigger, growing hundreds times faster and has limitless things to do.
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    posted a message on What do you guys think of my multiplayer base?
    Simple, but beautiful. I like what you did with the lighting under the leaves.
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    posted a message on Uses for Pumpkins
    Quote from Tonix

    I'd also really like Pumpkin Pie. The idea I've been pondering recently is just pie on minecraft in general. Things like Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie would make a great addition to the 'cake style' of food that is placed.

    Sorry to bring a dead thread back but... I totally called it. ^^
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    posted a message on faster minecraft..?
    Quote from SmurfyDoess

    thank you so much Tonix!!!! okay well I kind of do that fraps thing.. I have it installed on my 500gb hard drive but the movies themselves are being saved on my actually computer, so same thing just opposite basically. And thanks also for the guide, I'll check it out!!! Oh and I don't have any fragmentation (well 2%) so that's all okay now.
    Thanks again Tonix :)

    (Late Reply, Sorry)
    No problem. It's really nice to see that you appreciate it. :D
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    posted a message on 1 touch block destroy is annoying
    It's technically not 1 touch. It takes about 1 tick for the block to actually get destroyed after you start hitting it. If it wasn't like this then whenever you clicked it would break every block in reach that you're aiming at. THAT would be annoying.
    Also this is a horribly written topic and it's not even a suggestion.
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    posted a message on faster minecraft..?
    Quote from SmurfyDoess

    Hey everyone!

    Um..could I get some help..? I need help on how to get better fps and stuff in minecraft WHILE RECORDING cuz it's lagging like hell and its just ugh.. And be warned, I have a pretty bad computer..

    computer name: Samsung RV511-A04AU 15" display
    Intel Core i3-380M 2.53GHz CPU
    2GB RAM
    320GB HDD
    Intel HD Graphics Shared Memory
    (hope that's all you need to know)

    I run minecraft at around 30fps but recording drops to 25fps and yes, I am using optifine!! Please don't suggest that!!!!

    Here is the F3 thingy it might help idk haha

    Please help guys!! I really needa make this run faster so I can record better!!! Thank you even if you read this, means a lot :)
    THANKS!!!! <3333

    This is a very common question. First few things you should know, NOT ALL COMPUTERS CAN RECORD. Just in general, no matter your specs, some computer can't record some games. It's a very hard task on a computer and therefore often not possible at over 5-25 frames without upgrades.

    You honestly can't just 'get' better frames when recording like your question asks. If your computer can't handle it, it can't. When it comes to Minecraft optimization, Optifine is the best you can do, so keep that up. Other than that you need to know how to run Fraps.

    Check this guide - Viper's Fraps Guide

    A few things. Don't record in full screen if you're lagging. Most computers generally can't record in full screen as recording in your computers full resolution is a big task. If you want to record in full screen, or a large screen at that, try using Optifine to change your full screen resolution to something lower, then record at that. I tend to use Optifine with a lower resolution Full Screen and then set my fraps to record at half size and on Youtube it looks just fine. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure your videos are being saved to another hard drive.
    If you have the videos being written to the same hard drive you record on, you're going to have a bad time. I personally use an external hard drive, hooked up through USB. It puts a lot less stress on your computer and therefore lets the game run much faster. I know there's ways to hook up laptops to desktops and have videos record onto those, but I'm not sure how so look that up if you want to do something like that. The guide I linked has this info more indepth, and many many other tips that should help you out. Have fun recording.
    Gimme a little + if you want.
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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2
    Banned for not evolving.
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    posted a message on SymetricCraft Texturepack! [1.4.7]
    Is there any reason why this looks just like an outlined version of oCd? Looks good either way.
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    posted a message on Which button should replace the texture pack button?
    Ah! Well, firstly they should continue what they're doing to fix achievements and statistics, and make a button for that. That seems fitting.
    Quote from TheElbling1

    I think they should add three things to it. Mods Button,Friend List and Language.

    Language is already there.
    Quote from Epicness1324

    I just want it back there. Keep it in the options so we can change the packs in-game, but also have the button back on the title screen.

    Yeaah. Good plan.
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    posted a message on Bite-Sized Minecraft - An Animated Series
    Element Animation has always worked very well with Sethbling, I'm glad they're continuing to make this cool stuff. :lol:
    I find it funny that the Minecraft Forum's News area has mostly consists of snapshot announcements and videos by or about Sethbling, Hypixel or Bebopvox... It's been that way for a while now too. :P
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    posted a message on Will Minecraft ever get a social aspect?
    Quote from Chaostech

    This game has been running for years. And although the game has gone a far way, the multiplayer has not.
    It's been improved. It's still buggy, but it's a lot better. But it needs more. Minecraft needs a social aspect. Give me your username for Minecraft. What does it get me? Where does it get you? Nowhere. It doesn't mean anything. Sure, it's a handle to represent yourself, but that's it. It stops short. There's not even a friend list.

    You tell me your username and I should be able to search it, find your profile, what your skin is, if you're online, if you're on a server, what that server ip is, your favorite servers, and maybe a description or bio of sorts.

    Why don't we have this? Multiplayer revolves around multiple players. It evolves around your friends and what you build together. There's no way to put yourself on display. There's no way to meet people, no way to find out where these friends are playing, and little source of identity. Your skin and handle is all you have.

    So what do you think? Is this a good idea? Why? Why not?

    Many people agree with this. I personally think all that really needs to be done is a friends list with a private messaging system. I've also ALWAYS thought that they just make a one click setup worldwide server. I hate to bring Call Of Duty into this, but the way their servers work is someone's game creates a server hosted by their system and internet, and people are able to connect to it. That's a smart way of doing things as it means that it's simple to make but doesn't require Mojang to buy a million servers to host. But what I'm getting at is if you were able to do this 'one click server hosting', Mojang would easily be able to build the server into the game, which means much better possibilities of things like 'Your friend has opened a Survival server, click here to join!'... You know, notifications like that. And also things like the ability to just click to invite people to your server, the ability to add the server to a public list of servers accessible from the Main Menu and full of options such as joining the server, looking at a description of the server, seeing who's on it and having a link to their website and a way to message the owners and, well, there's tons of possibilities! Of course there can also be a 'feed' like facebook and whatever where you can update your status... But that's not really necessary. I know I've given a lot of ideas but it's all very simple and could really be a great addition, and it doesn't even have to effect servers that are already set up. People would still be able to purchase servers from businesses in order to have 24/7 servers without stressing your computer... Bukkit would still work... Everything would still work. Sure thinks can go wrong, but things go wrong in every minecraft update, and I think that this would prove to make things better in the long run.

    GG - Dronre
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