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    posted a message on Minecraft Surpasses 10 Million Sales, 1.6 Feature Spoiler Alert
    All the recent updates have been okay... Redstone update was huuuge and game changing making things get even more technical, and I personally think that's the furthest they should stretch. I think they should be done with Survival updates for a while, and instead they should add on to customization of the creative side of Minecraft. For example, allowing us to customize what blocks are breakable in Adventure maps and giving us more possibilities with Command Blocks... And Minecraft Realms seems like a great idea as well.

    I don't think they're adding Horses. They made it look like it here, and I may be wrong, but I think they're attempting to fool us once again. I also hope they don't add Horses, because it's simply NOT Minecraft. It just doesn't fit. Riding a Pig? Perfect. We don't need any more than that.

    The Tinted Glass is also a fantastic idea. All that would be is a recoloring of an already in-the-game block, just like they did with wool. It won't break anything.

    I'm just a little scared. Think about how Counter-Strike works... They worked on that game until 1.6 where it was finally claimed 'perfect'. After that they left it there. Because adding something, tweaking something, buffing something, nerfing something, ANYTHING, could imbalance the game and take it from its perfect state.

    Here are some things that I personally think they should do to change Survival without ruining Survival.
    Firstly, new game mode. Things must be harder. I really liked the idea of a Super Hostile Game Mode that REALLY makes things hard:
    The mobs won't do any more damage than Hard Difficulty, but there will be much more of them and a much higher chance for them to have armor. They will spawn randomly, even sometimes in daylight and they also often spawn in groups that are like 'tribes' or 'packs'. Food is scarce, and other resources won't be found often either. You will not find ANY ores underground unless you look in specific locations such as Abandoned Mineshafts and maybe some newly added Abandoned Mines that can be rarely found at the surface. Things die over time. If you're lucky enough to spawn with animals near by for food, your farm will require more than just putting some cows in a pin. You will need to feed them over time or they will get sick. Farming is much harder. Many crops will end up rotten after all the time you've spent waiting for them to grow, and they will only grow efficiently without fertilizer in certain biomes/locations.

    There are many 'suggestions' for Minecraft that are far fetched. You go on the Suggestion Forums and see people introducing entirely new ores and mobs and things that would change Minecraft in a way that many people wouldn't like. One of those things is Horses. Mojang needs to be smart about not letting the things that create ruin what they have already finished, because we like what Minecraft is now.

    Mojang, please be smart.
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    posted a message on Most Ores in One Glorious Picture?
    That's a cool goal... I think I might join in on this. I'll post pics soon. :D
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] Pet Penguin Mod

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    posted a message on How important are diamonds?
    You must be newer to Minecraft. Welcome to the community. :)
    Diamonds are obviously end-game content.
    With the right strategy and some luck, they can be easily obtained within the first couple of days. But having a lot of them doesn't happen quickly.

    It really doesn't take THAT long to find them if you do it right. Make a mine shaft. Press F3 and go down the mine until the Y coordinate says 10-13 (arguably the best layers to mine at) and then just dig one direction. That is the fastest way to find your first diamonds. Mine until you get 5. Use 3 of them for a diamond pick, mine 4 obsidian with it and use the last 2 diamonds with the obsidian to make an enchantment table. Now you're going to want to enchant your pick with at least 20 levels. By the time you have dug to get diamonds you'll probably be past level 30 anyway (if you haven't died). Sadly this will take time as well as you need books. Don't bother looking for diamonds until you have enchanted that pick. If you get efficiency and/or fortune, you should now go look for more diamonds. Even if you don't get those enchantments keep looking. Once you've found your first diamonds, it becomes a much faster process using the diamond tools you get, especially when enchanted... No matter what, if you continue to play Minecraft Survival you WILL need more resources and you WILL need to go mining. So whenever you do mine, just make sure it's at diamond level and you'll end up coming across them without trying.

    When you don't have diamonds and never get them you miss out on:
    Enchantment Tables which make everything much more faster and efficient using enchantments, and without them you can literally waste HOURS when working on big projects.
    Fastest tools and best armor in the game which of course will make things much faster and allow you to get obsidian.
    Beacons as they require obsidian to craft. They're awesome.
    Jukebox music is always fun.
    Diamond Blocks woopdeedoo.
    Ender Chests a very cool thing to have. Also require obsidian.

    What I'm basically getting at is this...
    Do you plan on playing on this Survival world of yours for a while? Because playing Minecraft Survival is about collecting resources, and no matter what you will get to a point where not having diamonds makes it either boring or slow. Spending 10 minutes finding your first diamonds and in total about 3 hours of mining with an efficiency and fortune pick to get about a stack will save you a LOT of time on projects in the long run.
    Quote from Prince_Deity

    The major ones would have to be, as nearly everyone has said, the enchantment table, and kind of the nether. You could just construct ones with lava and water. Even all that though only really requires 1 or 4 diamonds.

    Of course diamond armor has great defense and diamonds swords have the best attack power. Diamonds also have a higher enchantability than iron, so you'll get better enchantments off of them. Honestly I don't find diamonds all that hard to get. Just get your basic 4, then get a lot of levels, then enchant the pick. I seem to get fortune 3 a lot when I enchant diamond picks, and once you have a fortune 3 pick diamonds are never really a problem anymore.

    Quote from Tragri

    You can make a nether portal with buckets of water and lava, you don't need a diamond pick

    That's what he meant by frames...
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    posted a message on This one has me baffled, random dispensers not getting power?
    I'm going to start with stupidly obvious things, forgive me.
    Are you sure the power reaches all the way from the source to the dispenser that's not being powered?
    Also, try making it in Creative and showing us that way. It makes it easier to observe, and you might end up finding the problem on your own.
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    posted a message on Your favorite pet
    I have an obsession with pigs... And bacon.
    I tend to keep a pig and a zombie pigman. Pig named Bacon, zombie pigman named Zombacon.
    Of course calling a pet pig bacon is extremely inhumane... But I just lie to the vet.
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    posted a message on diamonds?
    Do you mean through multiplayer? This is very vague.

    Quote from ben_ballad

    want a diamond in 1 minute... its called nodus.. hehe

    You are a bad person.
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    posted a message on 8 bytes of RAM
    I'm terrible with this type of thing, but it looks pretty good from what I can tell. One of the most compact I've seen.
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    posted a message on How To Create A Command Block Shop That Uses XP As Money
    Very good guide. But Xeadin is right, and that can be an issue.
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    posted a message on Around the World - Speed Challenge
    Sounds like fun. I suggest posting a seed you want us to do it on though. Some spawns may be better than others making it unfair.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Lags Terribly
    This happened with my brother, he was getting horrible lag and graphics issues.
    I suggest upgrading graphics cards and Java. Try reinstalling Java completely as well.
    Also, are you using the official version of Minecraft from minecraft.net? There are lots of other sites that allow you to download the game as well but they are not legitimate and can often be dangerous.
    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Pixel Reality: realistic visuals at default resolution - Still Lacking But Better Than Nothing!
    This looks fantastic. I'd be terrified of those Creepers though.
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    posted a message on [32x - 128x] ☠ vonDoomCraft ☠ [Mar 30: Updates and stuff!]
    This is one of my favorite texture packs and I haven't even used it yet! O:
    Amazing work, and very well displayed on your thread as well. That shows dedication. Awesome job.
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    posted a message on (1.4.6) (Survival) (Adventure) The Guardian's Land Adventure Map [6000+ Downloads]
    Very interesting concept. I look forward for trying this.
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    posted a message on have mobs have a higher chance of dropping iteams they have spawned with
    (I haven't read every post, sorry if I'm repeating something)
    They do drop the items they are holding sometimes, and just enough that it makes it a cool, rare appearance. Also, does Minecraft look like a realistic game to you? Just saying.

    I don't support.
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