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    posted a message on Improved Sneaking, Assassinations, Daggers
    Question: Would the mob's line of sight be based on what way the head is facing, or what way the body is facing?

    But, support. This has been done in the AdventureCraft mod, but I'm pretty sure that's super outdated at this point. This means that it is possible for Mojang to do.

    Also, for the backstab animation... maybe the body would go flying forward as a TF2 reference? No? Alright.
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    posted a message on Medic villagers
    Quote from GateFox

    I would only support this if medics did not heal players, but villagers, particularly during sieges.

    I agree. It's just, would the medic villagers use the stock Medi Gun, Quick-fix, Kritzkrieg, or Vaccinator?

    Anyways, support. I like the idea, but the medic villagers should only heal a player with high reputation. I mean, if I were you, I wouldn't heal someone who just murdered 5 people.
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    posted a message on Minecraft trading cards !
    Quote from dirtminer6

    Your Level 10 creeper is no match for my Level 50 bedrock wall....

    Oh yeah? Your Level 50 Bedrock Wall card is no match for my Level 82 Giant Slime!

    Eh, no support. As clearly demonstrated by these two posts, this would more become a joke than anything else.
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    posted a message on Nether Brick Chests
    Maybe it'd have more blast resistance to make it unique? Strong enough to survive a direct creeper blast, at least?

    Support. Light brown + dark red = so much contrast that it looks bad.
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    posted a message on Donkey Spawn eggs
    Quote from Roadsguy

    An adventure map? Most map-makers use spawners, first by setting up a mob wearing/containing whatever they want, then make a spawner out of it in MCEdit. Spawn eggs are impractical because you can't customize them beyond nametags.

    Then again, you might not be able to make a spawner spawn just donkeys. I haven't tried. Either way, if spawners can't do it, they should add your idea and add the functionality to spawners.

    Well based on the fact I've been working on that map that at this rate will never be finished, I can confirm you can make a spawner that spawns only donkeys. But yes, spawn eggs are impractical.

    But anyways, I support. It'd be nice if spawn eggs could spawn in that one rare data value for horses. Maybe the same for charged creepers, too?
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    posted a message on Tropical Islands
    With Jeb talking about how 1.7 will improve oceans while in the Dreamhack livestream, I thought this would be a good time to put out this idea.

    I was thinking that in oceans, there'd be about 3 small islands (or less, no bigger than 100 by 100) for every 1,000 by 1,000 space in an ocean. These islands would usually only be 50 by 50, and 'round', but could span up to 100 by 100, and can be uneven. Meaning an island could be 63 x 47. The islands would be a sub biome, known as "tropical island" or just "island". They would have grass as their main ground, with a color similar to that of a jungle's grass. They'd also house a new type of tree, palm trees. These trees would have bark similar to that of birch, but with no black pattern. They'd produce a color of wooden planks that's darker than birch, but lighter than oak. The islands would also house something new to ocean biomes: Villagers.

    One out of 3 islands would have villages built upon them. The islands with villages would be different than an empty island. An empty island would be covered in palm, with a chest hidden on the island. The chest could contain 0 - 5 emeralds, 0 - 4 diamonds, 1 - 2 gold ingots, 0 - 3 iron ingots, 2 - 6 bones, and 4 - 8 raw fish. The chest would either be hidden under a palm tree, or on the shore of the island, under the sand. An island with a village would be bigger than a normal island, able to be 175 x 175, with the minimum being 100 x 100. The islands would also be of the sub biome "(tropical) island". One main different is that the villages would have a thick seawall surrounding the island made of palm trees, with a few openings that a player or testificate can fit through. The islands would have 1 - 3 small farms, that grow wheat, carrots, or potatoes. Most of the homes would be what the wiki calls "Dirt Huts", but using palm wood rather than oak wood. However, there'd rarely be a church. There'd be 2 - 5 dirt huts, and 0 - 1 churches. The paths on the islands would be made from sandstone, and the well with cobble. The wells would be the same as they are in any village.

    The islands would have a circumference made of sand that'd be 3 blocks thick that sinks into the ocean. testificates would have their AI changed not to go into water for 30 seconds or more when an escape is possible (meaning they'll go into water, but if they can get out, they will in under 30 seconds. If they can't get out, they accept getting their robes wet.) The inhabited islands would also have chests, but they'd be in a dirt hut. However, their loot wouldn't be as good. 0 - 3 emeralds, 0 - 1 diamonds, 0 - 2 gold ingots, 0 - 2 iron ingots, 1 - 4 bones, 2 - 5 raw fish.

    And as always, I hate it when something I've written doesn't have a proper ending, but whatever. If you have any comments/suggestions, post them in the comments. I'll likely read over them within 8 hours (about how often I check the suggestions forums). Well, anyways, bye. I guess. I've never known how to properly end a suggestion.
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    posted a message on Let's Talk About Strongholds
    I like it...

    But how did the ancient peoples activate the portal if they needed blaze rods...?

    Maybe this with a 25% chance of spawning in a stronghold?

    (Just pretend it's centered)
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Cape Upload on Profile Page (minecraft.net/profile)
    No support for reasons stated above. I do think, however, that there should be more capes given for different things:
    • Buying the game in Alpha or any version before
    • Having a suggestion implemented into the game
    • Being a staff member for Curse at some point in time
    Of course, if the people who did those things suddenly started their game and didn't like their cape, they could turn it off. That option is even already in game for those who were being banned from servers for "hacking a cape onto their player".
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    posted a message on Nether Quartz Tool! (The Rotator)
    Hello there! The new snapshot, 13w01a, introduces a new ore to the Nether: Nether Quartz. This ore is already very useful, being able to make redstone compararators and daylight detectors. However, I think there's something useful this ore could be used for: a tool.

    I'm sure most of you were expecting a white tools and armor, but that isn't the kind of tool I'm talking about. That'd look cool, but I'm talking about a tool like shears or a fishing rod. It has a single tier and isn't used for breaking blocks or combat.

    This tool is the Rotator. As the name suggests, this tool involves rotating. It is used to rotate blocks such as pistons, logs, etc.

    This tool is mainly for the times when you accidentally place down stairs upside down, or a piston with the arm facing the wrong way. This tool rotates blocks in a certain order. Let's say you placed a block, in this case a log, and it was upright. It would work like this:

    Quote from Badprenup

    I like the idea, but the forced order for placing things seems rather silly and would waste a lot of uses. Instead of that, I would rather be when you right click and hold on a block you want to rotate, and then you rotate it with WASD (temporarily locking the player into place). A and D rotate it around the Z axis and W and S rotate it around the X or Y axis, whatever one is closest to the player. Things like Signs cannot be placed upside down, so the W and S simply do not work. With the current system, you could be using it several times just because Stairs were placed upside down.

    Also, with this system, if the block was facing the same direction as before you right clicked on it, the tool does not lose durability. That prevents people from accidentally right clicking and wasting uses.

    Note that rotating is done by holding shift and then right clicking, meaning you won't accidentally do this and have to keep rotating the block so it's in its first position.

    Blocks this works on: Chests, Furnaces, Stairs (all types), Slabs (turns them upsidedown), Pistons (both types), Redstone Repeaters, Redstone Compararators, Logs, Mob/Player Heads, Pumpkins, Jack O' Lanterns, Dispensers, Lily Pads

    It has about 512 uses due to being made of the strong material, Nether Brick, and Gold.

    Now, I haven't gone over the way to craft it. I have one idea in mind for crafting and how it should look. If you have any ideas for it, feel free to tell me or make an image for it. Make sure it involves Nether Quartz!

    *Note that the rotator's icon is larger than 16 x 16 due to my OCD wanting it bigger to fit the box

    If you think anything should be changed, just say so. If I agree, it'll probably be changed.


    -Added Rotator
    --Made with Nether Quartz, Nether Brick (item) x2, Gold Ingot x2
    --Rotates blocks that can be placed facing in different directions
    --Has 512 uses
    -Changed rotation method to Badprenup's rotation method. It'd work better and use less durability.
    -Added poll for 'wrench vs rod'

    If this gets enough support, I'll probably go on to make a banner, and possibly add a "We love this post" to the bottom of this post.
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    posted a message on Changing Mushroom placement back!
    Hello, Tom Riddle here, and I have something against the current mushroom placement.

    In 1.1, me and a friend had been playing Minecraft a lot. We had an amazing house in an Extreme Hills, which we had surrounded with trees of all types, jack o' lanterns, tall grass, flowers, and large mushrooms. After that, 1.2 came out, and the game was changed a bit. One of the more notable things was mushrooms not being able to be placed where they can't be, meaning we couldn't grow large mushrooms, which made it uneven as we expanded our garden.

    There's only one small change I'd like: Mushrooms being able to to be placed at any light level, surviving for 600 ticks (30 seconds), then dying out if not on mycelium, or at a dark enough light level. This would allow mushrooms to be grown into their larger forms, but also prevent mushrooms to thrive in a spot they shouldn't be allowed to survive in.

    Thanks for reading, guys. Put any thoughts you may have in the comments section.
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