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    Would you consider letting someone take it up to continue the pack? It's understandable if you're tired and would like a break from it but I'll be that guy and push for a continuation of some sort. Before this pack my main was Faithful.
    I was tired of it, and I did need a break, but I'm working on it again. I might have an update within a couple weeks, maybe later, but it will def happen. It will be a big one too - including all of the work I did before I got tired(but never added in an update). Sorry for the gap in usability.
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    July 2, 2013

    MC 1.6 is out, but there are still a few kinks in the conversion of texture packs to the new resource packs system. I'm waiting to convert mine until Kahr perfects MCPatcher's conversion tool. So my update to 1.6 compatibility, along with a plethora of texture additions and changes, is going to come later. Mojang needs to stop changing pack formats. >_<

    A reminder: You must be using MCPatcher(even if you only check the Better Glass option) for your glass to be visible. This will be fixed soon.


    Update Log

    v30 Changes

    •new grass top
    •new tallgrass
    •new gold ingot
    •new gold nugget(will be renamed to gold coin once the ability to change item names is added)
    •new iron tools
    •new diamond tools
    •stonebrick revert to older version to be more unified with cobble
    •stoneslab change to be more unified with stonebrick and cobble
    •forest biome reworked
    •plains biome reworked
    •new gui
    •added depth to oak logs

    Primary(v30): Download at Planet Minecraft
    Alternate(v30): Mediafire(through adf.ly)
    Alternate(v30): Mediafire(direct)
    Alternate(v30): Dropbox(direct)

    1. Download the pack from one of the links above.
    2. Place the downloaded .zip file in your texture packs folder.
    You can also get to this folder by opening Minecraft and clicking 'Open texture packs folder' in the Texture Packs menu.

    3. Download and install the latest MCPatcher HD Fix. (Do this before you install any other mods)
    4. Run Minecraft, select the pack in the MODS AND TEXTURE PACKS menu, load a world, and enjoy.

    To get a banner just copy the code below and paste it into your signature.

    Inspiration by TobiwanK3nobi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This means I'm not allowing distribution of modified or 'remixed' versions of the pack or of the individual textures unless you get permission from me first, and even then I'm asking that you give proper credit in your original post, along with a link back to this thread. If you use any of my textures in a pack you upload for others on this forum, and you haven't first asked and received permission or given due credit, you are breaking the forum rules and the law. Sorry. If you're serious about using my textures in a pack, just message me.

    Also, it is strictly forbidden to include any of my textures in your pack if you plan on making money from it, whether by asking for donations or by making use of 'adf.ly' or any other money-making method. This license doesn't forbid redistribution of the unmodified pack, but I would like to ask that no one do that, regardless. I've put far too much work into this to let it be handed out willy-nilly on random websites around the internet. I want this thread and the Planet Minecraft post to be the only place this pack is available for download. By downloading this texture pack from any of the provided links, you acknowledge that you agree to these conditions.
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    Quote from masterchiefruled

    Are you gonna add extra random textures to it? <3 all the random textures on your pack.

    Btw, i saw on one of your streams that you have a big texture sheet of all the stone textures you made, is it possible that i could maybe get an image of that? I won't use the textures for other purposes than private use.

    I can understand if you don't want to give out the image publicly :D

    Yeah I plan on doing more random textures. Here's ALL of my texture resources. I hope you can open .psd files. In the first folder is where most of my backup sheets are, like Textures 32x32, Stones, Flora, etc. The '0ld Method' folder is the previous pack format from before 1.5, and the other folders are all duplicate stuff from my actual pack. I edit from these folders and then toss the final saved .pngs into the pack zip. But I included them as well because many of them contain .psd files which have layers of textures that may or may not be in the other texture sheets.

    So there ya go. Good luck sorting through that texture dump. ^_^ Hell, even I can't find what I'm looking for in it sometimes.
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    Quote from masterchiefruled

    Hey, really like the pack, just installed it again after some time with the default.
    Love the wood <3

    Only one issue. The biome borders of the grass (i mean the color difference) isnt smoothed out. It looks like the biome abruptly changes.

    Thanks, glad you like it.

    That abrupt change at biome borders is a compromise I chose. Usually grass, leaves, and other vegetation are just greyscale images in texture packs and are colored in-game by a color map - the game reads this other file, and through that determines what color the grass block will be.

    But I chose to do the opposite: I made the color map greyscale and colored the grass texture myself. Now the grass isn't being colored by the game. This has two effects: the downside is that biome borders are more obvious because the color map isn't doing it's usual blending effect, and the upside is that I can make the grass many different colors if I want to.

    For example, I could add brown mud puddles here and there in the swamp biome, or a maybe a few yellow flowers in the grass in the plains biome, or maybe some scattered rocks in the grass in the mountain biome. Normally, these little extra details would all have a greenish tinge because the color map would be interfering with their color.

    Of course, I haven't gotten around to adding these little features yet. They will be part of the rolling biomes revamp I'm going to do for the next few updates, a couple biomes per update.
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    Quote from SharkyGAMER

    When will nether quartz ore be done? Sorry for being impatient :D

    I'll try to do that next update(v31), along with a full nether revamp - netherrack, netherbrick, soulsand, and glowstone.

    v30 is coming today, just finalizing it, making sure I didn't miss anything.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    Updated the pack to v29.
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    Quote from TheJurrieneter

    Hey Tobiah I love your textures but when I make big builds like castles I still aways go for photo realism texture packs...
    Just a bit of feedback regarding to the subtitle 'a texturepack for architects'


    Your preference, I guess. I've never seen a 'photo-realism' pack that didn't look like garbage. The textures don't tile well, there's often little depth to them, they have tons of noise, the colors are wonky, and they don't match similar textures in terms of brightness and contrast. Just bad art. I know some of my textures might match this description, but usually they're the ones I haven't touched in ages, since before I got better at this. Hopefully I can get them all worked out and change your habits. :)
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    Quote from Psychyn

    Figured I'd toss in my cents as well!

    I'm not sure which I like more. V.26 or V.27. The first few screens of V.27 are superior then the other one, I really love the clean look instead of the bricks; The font is nice as well. Easy to read.

    To me, the Stone-brick went from flawless/intact to more broken and heavily used. Here's a comparison shot.



    There's cracks everywhere, dents which I personally don't really like but tastes differ per person. I'm leaning back to the old version myself, but will make up my mind after using it some more.



    One of the wood pieces also went much darker, though bear in mind the slight time difference there. It isn't that dark as the screenshot shows, but it's still a good bit darker then what it was. To me, it went from "Bright and Clean" to "mid-bright-leaning-to-dark and used."

    Dirt changes? Love it. Absolutely great. Diamond ore block change? Fantastic. It's just drawing me towards it whenever I see one glowing in the dark.

    All in all, I love most changes (I have yet to compare it all). I'm just not convinced by the new stone-brick / wood texture change you went with. The windows I can adjust to, though I would have enjoyed it if those connected like they did in v.26. I think I'll end up mixing the two after a while, but I've only used it for fifteen minutes or so now. V26's cobblestone/stone also takes my preference.

    Edit: The connected glass seems to be an option on my side. My bad. Silly tekkit launcher.

    Thanks for the feedback. Looking at those comparison screenshots makes me think that maybe the new stone brick is a little too contrasted. I may have gone a little overboard in my enthusiasm to start creating deeper textures. I'll fiddle around with it, but I definitely think I'm sticking with this new stuff in one form or another. I was planning on using that smoother stone brick to make new nether bricks.

    The cobblestone change was requested somewhat vocally by a good number of people who didn't like that weakly contrasted old stuff. We'll see how it is received, and as usual I'll keep polishing it until it's good.

    The wood changes were an impulsive one. The dark one I think you're talking about is spruce. I made it quite dark because many people like to build with very dark woods. Might need some tuning. Until I see builds that give me a good idea of what these textures look like in action, it's hard for me to know whether they're right yet or not.
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    Quote from Psychyn

    Feared that. I don't suppose you got a pre 1.3. image still laying around? (Logic: 1.3 is too new, use older image? No idea if that's a valid thought.)

    Yeah, here's an old allitems.png. It's the old gui, but at least you'll have a proper inventory. I hope.

    Quote from Schwyzerminer

    Hey :)
    Just wanted to ask, if you have an approx. date for 27 :) I Can't wait! That transparent glass is really kind of weird looking on my medieval buildings haha :)

    Today. Just have one texture left to make good before I update.
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    Quote from Psychyn

    So, to return with the promised news. It's not working out. Restored the game folders after each install.

    Tried manually patching with Optifine, no changes what so ever. Game still runs fine. Tried it with the HD versions (all of them for 1.2.5. Smooth, AA, etc )Not sure if any of the other versions matter. (Used the 1.2.5 version since Tekkit still uses 1.2.5 MC)

    Tried patching through MCPatcher:
    - HD Texture, HD font, Better skies, Custom colors = Crash. Upon logging in it turns to a blue screen and refuses to load on apart from a few pixels.
    - HD Texture, HD Font, Better skies = Working game, still same error in the background.

    Shame, I really loved this pack but the messed up window in creative mode makes it hard to use. :) Perhaps it'll work again in the future when something on Tekkit's side changes; I got no idea, but one can hope.

    Edit: Oh, and the link to the MCPatcher on the first page is dead. Found it manually though:

    Edit2; I ended up fiddling with the pack, and just resorted to deleting the 'Allinventory' picture in the GUI folder, making it resort back to it's basic menu. Now it works. Funny stuff. I'll tinker on. With that discovery; Can I rename any file or replace it with the one it should be to solve the bug? (Instead of having the default menu?)

    Copied list_items.png out of the creative_inv folder , renamed it to allinventory.png ; No success. That one looked like what it should be. Still using the default menu.

    Well there's your problem: 1.2.5. I didn't know you were playing on an old MC version. That file for the creative inventory tabs used to be the creative inventory, I think. I had to redraw it as tabs when 1.3 or whatever came out.

    Quote from RMike

    Noooooo! What happened to the beautiful glass between snapshot version 26G and 26I?
    I loved the glass in snapshot 26G :(

    As Schwyzerminer mentioned above me, that glass doesn't look good with medieval builds, and since that's what most people build, I'm changing it. This isn't its final form though. Going to try to figure out some really good stuff later.
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