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    Quote from _Deidara

    This is a really cool mod, I would want to join the team, but I do not anything about modding...
    Anyway, I have some item suggestions for future updates

    -Akatsuki armor
    -Tobi's mask
    -Regular kunai and possiblely explosive kunai
    -Leaf, stone, sand, cloud, and mist shinobi armor
    -Deidara's scope (used as a tool to magnify areas and possibly counter nausea and blindness)
    -I think Hidan's sythe was a good idea...
    -Randomly generated shinobi villages
    -Deidara's ultimate art (when he blows himself up)
    Well thats all I could think of for now, I'll try and come bad with more suggestions later, but the mod looks really good so far. Especially the clay bombs, seeing that Deidara is my favorite Akatsuki <3

    Deidara-sempai! Tobi already said Tobi wanted to see those things too. Madara-san(Yazeed) said some of them won't be put in until later. c1-c3 is made, c4 is made, but not released.
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    Automated smeltery. Why make arrows one by one? Why not make a factory for them?
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    really? Redstone blocks? Its not that cheap, but not really expensive... try regular redstone. And I don't think all those blocks will fit onto one helmet... :SSSS:
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