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    posted a message on Archimedes' Ships v1.7 - Banking ships!

    Yeah, having similar issues here. The crate is way too greedy with letting the trapped entities go.

    For the Dev:

    A simple fix I just thought of would be to just make the crate respond to redstone. OFF would trap, ON would make it passive and let go of any trapped entity? It would solve the issues that some are having without interfering with previous constructions.

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    posted a message on A New Approach To How Ores should be handled
    With the implementation of the upcoming new stone-types I have decided to share this idea I have had for a very long time. It is essentially the idea of un-binding ore to a specific block and instead make ores generate as an "attribute" to pre-existing blocks in the world.

    -The idea is to make ores instead of a separate block appear as an additional texture overlapping existing blocks, essentially enabling ores to generate in all the new types of stone without the texture being in the way, since it currently only matches with one of the existing stone-types, namely "stone".

    By doing this the new stone-types wouldn't have to be bound to exist in the form of "dirt-type"-pockets due to unmatching textures, and instead maybe be biome-bound, meaning different stone-types for different biomes? This would flesh out the need for exploration a bit, and greatly favor greater mining-expeditions. We could then have full-scale Granite-caverns and the likes, without the ore-generation ruining the appearance.

    And one wouldn't have to stop there. This could lead to Ores appearing inside dirt-pockets, gravel-beaches, even in the base of desserts, with proper balancing of course.

    This could over time be a very worthwhile implementation if there exists a good way of implementing it. This is why I need feedback and comments, so we can figure out how or whether it is possible.

    EDIT: I realize that I forgot to mention this, but a block containing ore could drop both the ore and the block itself, post below what you think?

    EDIT2: Maybe we could have gravel get its own texture for when it contains flint? It shouldn't be able to appear in the inventory as it would cause separate stacking, but when you place a block of gravel instead of it having a random chance of dropping Flint instead have it a random chance to be placed with visible traces of Flint and a guaranteed drop if so. Tell me what you think below.
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    posted a message on Making that helmet on your skin real, but not normally on your head
    Quote from wolfboyft

    No, a texture pack that other people see for your equipment. Linked to minecraft.net.
    I have been thinking the same thing. A texture-folder provided by Minecraft.net that enables other people to view your personal armor( and maybe even sword?) is something suggested similarly before, but I still support this.

    Some will say that the biggest issue is that one could easily trick other people on PvP-servers by swapping textures of say leather and diamond, sure, this could be frustrating, but also one more reason to stay on your toes. Personally I think that variety, and before all, customization and characterization of such vast proportions weigh way more heavily than the marginal problem of confusion. I can't begin to imagine how horrible my skin for example would look in others eyes that aren't using my texturepack.

    One more aspect in favor of this suggestion is a solution for all those suggestions about fleshing out avatar-customization. Some funky ideas of additional "limbs" like tails and even wings. This idea, the ability to have no less than 5 different outer layers for the entire body (and maybe swords or bow) would remedy almost all those needs, along with the implementation of non-symmetrical limbs of skins (And armor) one could do almost anything with their Minecraft character!

    The only real difficulty and maybe even problem with implementing this would be the vast preassure this would force on Mojang's skin-handling servers. But I would prefer to view it as an opportunity for them to catch up with their already severely overburdened servers which sometimes even crashes.

    One thing to take note of for you, wolfboyft, would be to reformulate your OP. Right now it focuses a little too heavily on personal needs, when this idea could easily benefit the entire community. If implemented right this could allow you to alter the texture of say a diamond-helmet to that of your mining-helmet, but so that all can see it.

    EDIT: You might want to change the title to something less vague, for publicity's sake.

    I sincerely hope that these ideas will be added in the nearest possible future, since the topic of character-customization seems long forgotten by Mojang.
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    posted a message on Sideways Cactus, Different Cactus Shapes And More! (Changing The Way Deserts Are, 70+ Supporters!)
    With the current system this would be impossible. That is why I suggest not only that this is implemented, but also that the placing-restriction on cactus is lifted. Thus it would not only allow for aesthetics like this one, but more interesting defenses and builds over all as you could now finally build solid walls out of cacti. One more suggestion to add to this list of improvements would be the ability to push the cacti with pistons. Then we would for all practical purposes have the "spike-pistons" that we were promised back and beta.

    Though I wish to see all of these ideas added as well at some point, good job on this suggestion, I have been thinking in the same direction for quite some time now, glad someone finally decided to give it a topic.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Quote from CptSpaceToaster


    I've been working on and off for several weeks now.
    This looks absolutely incredible!
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    posted a message on Combat Tweaks [No more spam-clicking]
    I would like to start off by criticizing those that decline this idea with the argument that Minecraft is a game focused on PvE and singleplayer. You can't get much more wrong than that. Minecraft is a game for everything, hence the name, (Sandbox?) and thus I think it is unfair of people focused on building to deny players that prefer PvP an actually interesting PvP-engine. Instead of always favoring one aspect, more blocks and aesthetics, how about some more intricate game-mechanics? PvP haven't been expanded upon since beta, that is if you don't count the nerfing of blocking, which was the epitome of nerf even at implementation-day and haven't really served a purpose since while practically ALL other aspects of the game has been improved since with the exception of skin-management.

    And as much as I would love to see things like throwable slimeballs and firecharges, not to mention a more varied arsenal, we must prioritize the basics, as there currently are none.

    I think that out of all the PvP-enhancements we have seen around this sub-forum recently, this one is the cleanest as well as the clearest way to improve combat in Minecraft, be it PvE or PvP. I sincerely hope that this will be acknowledged by Mojang and incorporated into the game, as it practially screams for change at this point. I support this wholeheartedly.
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    posted a message on More types/colours of Stone
    This is an excellent idea. And the negative critic is completely irrelevant for all cases. The idea is not for the addition of colored blocks, it's for a more varied world-generator. This would give much more variation to exploring the underground, without the use of new ores. And the stone types could make for much more detailed and complex stone-buildings.

    I view this as a good suggestion as it both implements more content for the creative player to play around with, as well as providing a new factor for diversity in the Minecraft environment.

    I support this.
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    posted a message on Drugs? shading textures?
    What is this even-..... NVM.

    Is there ANY point to this idea whatsoever that is not immature and completely irrelevant to the game we are talking about? No? Then go figure. Minecraft is, as everyone else has already made clear, a game for all ages. Drugs are ideally for no ages, especially children.
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    posted a message on Improving trees and player behaviour around trees v.2
    On second thought, the reason I wanted a slowing effect was because my original thoughts on this did not involve the branches. However, when bringing that into the equation fully transparent leaves without slowing but instead a random chance to contain a branch seems much more forgiving to the player. And yes, the idea of crouching to negate descension is something I really enjoy with vines. Just thinking of being able to traverse massive quantities of leaves in the same manner, having to dodge branches at the same time seems even better! It has a lot of potential for both nightly exploration of dense forests as well as escape-routes for PvP.

    To me this is one of those few really amazing ideas on the forums. The potential is far greater than the additions alone. Minecraft doesn't really need that many more blocks, what it needs is more solid and advanced concepts and mechanics, and this idea certainly fits that description.
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    posted a message on Improving trees and player behaviour around trees v.2
    Didn't I already post on this topic? Darn!

    I must say that after re-reading through all of it I must admit this looks like a really solid idea, and most definitely suited for vanilla. I had a similar idea at one point that leaves should have similar properties as the ones you described, but with a somewhat slowing effect, not nearly as slow as that of cobwebs, but enough to make up for the increased forest-moblity. Maybe if you held down crouch while inside leaves you would not descend, just like with vines?

    This suggestion would make for some really interesting forest-traversing, as you could climb your way right through it, and not just jumping from tree to tree but from actual branch to branch.

    I am all in favor of this idea. It would give much more depth to the aspect of trees in Minecraft, something that I did not think was necessary up until I read this thread. If you would add me to the supporter-list I would be honored.

    Looking forward to hearing Jeb's or Dinnerbone's opinions on this one!
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